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An Overview of Workforce Modeling Feature in Oracle Fusion Application
Introduction Before we start with detailing the steps required as well as the impact of the same let-us try to understand What Workforce Modeling is and Why is it Required. Workforce Modeling as the name implies is a way of rearranging your team members in a specific design. Workforce modeling provides managers and human resource (HR) specialists with the ability to plan, model, and execute workforce changes using a graphical tool. One can perform the following actions on workers and manager...Read More
Oracle Form Personalizations Training
The Form Personalization feature allows you to fundamentally alter the behavior of the product that Oracle ships and access any and all data. Since this feature allows you to change and alter Forms-based screens, including changing properties, executing built-ins, displaying messages, and adding menu entries, this feature should only be made available to trusted users. After completing this course you should be able to work with GLOBAL variables, understand Oracle Forms Query-by-Example(QBE) mod...Read More
Oracle Building Interfaces with ADF I Training
Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) is a new and groundbreaking Java EE development framework that is supported and enabled by Oracle JDeveloper 11g. Oracle ADF simplifies Java EE development by minimizing the need to write code that implements the applications infrastructure. It allows developers to focus on the features of the actual application. Java EE is a standard, robust, scalable, and secure platform that forms the basis for many of todays enterprise applications. This ...Read More
Introduction What is ERP ? , comparison of Oracle Apps with other ERPSTypes of Roles , Types of projects, AIM documentsOracle Apps file structure, database structure and 3-tier architectureApplication Object LibraryLevels of Oracle Applications, Creating users, WHO columns, Creating responsibilitiesMenu construction, Defining concurrent programConcurrent program with parameters, Creating Value sets, incompatibilitiesScheduling concurrent ...Read More
Oracle Fusion Financials - The Enterprise Structure, Location, and Legal Jurisdiction
This tutorial deals with Oracle Fusion Financials, and how it functions. In this tutorial,we look at the definition of the enterprise structure in Oracle Fusion. Defining the Enterprise Structure One of the most critical decisions for any project is the enterprise structure. As discussed before, the Enterprise is on top of the structure. There can be only one enterprise for a project in Fusion. The next step after the creation of an implementation project and implementation users is to config...Read More
Oracle Fusion Financials - Implementation Users
This tutorial deals with Oracle Fusion Financials, and how it functions. In this tutorial,we look at the creation of implementation users in Oracle Fusion. Creating Implementation Users Implementation users are the ones who view, access, and manage the implementation projects in the Fusion application. To create implementation users, follow the steps detailed below: Go to the required implementation project by clicking on its name from the Manage Implementation Projects page. Expand ...Read More
Oracle Fusion Financials - Implementation Projects
This tutorial deals with Oracle Fusion Financials, and how it functions. In this tutorial,we look at the creation and management of implementation projects in Oracle Fusion. Manage Implementation Projects The next step to be undertaken after selecting the offerings in Setup and Maintenance is to manage the projects in which the offerings are being implemented, i.e. the implementation projects. What Is an Implementation Project? An implementation project is the list of setup tasks that need t...Read More
Oracle Fusion Financials - Overview of Functional Setup Manager
This tutorial deals with Oracle Fusion Financials, and how it functions. In this tutorial,we look at an overview of the Functional Setup Manager (FSM) in Oracle Fusion. The Functional Setup Manager (FSM) The Functional Setup Manager (FSM) in Oracle Fusion is a centralised place where configurations are done for the user. It is also called as the Setup and Maintenance work area. The Oracle Fusion Functional Setup Manager enables rapid and efficient planning, implementation, and deployment of O...Read More
R12 Financial Over View Training
In this course, you will learn the basics of the Oracle Financial Applications, which includes General Ledger, Purchasing, Payables, Fixed Assets, Order Management, Accounts Receivables, Cash Management, and Projects. Learn the core concepts that are integral to these applications, such as Suppliers, Customers, and Items. Additionally, learn how they work together in different flows to suit your business needs. Business flows include Procure to Pay and Order to Cash Flow. You will also be able t...Read More
Oracle Fusion Financials - Fusion Apps User Interface (Part 2)
This tutorial deals with Oracle Fusion Financials, and how it functions. In this tutorial,we look at the interface of the Fusion applications. Fusion Apps User Interface (continued from Part 1) The Navigator Menu The Navigator menu has got several sub-divided sections. These sections depend upon the role of the user who has logged in to the application. Fig, 1 - The Navigator menu The items in the navigator menu are shown in the screenshot above. Since the user that has logged in is the...Read More

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