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Purchase Requisitions in Oracle Apps R12

Purchase order module allows creating requisitions to buy or procuring goods from external supplier or from the inventory. In order to fulfill demand you can create pre request and auto create respective purchase order or internal sales order.
Basically, requisitions are of two types:
1)    Internal requisition and
2)    Purchase requisition

Internal Requisitions are created if the Items are to be obtained from one Inventory location to another location within the same organization. Here the source of the requisition would be INVENTORY. There is no approval process for internal requisition.

Purchase Requisitions are created if the goods are obtained from external suppliers. Here the source of the requisition would be SUPPLIERS. The purchase requisitions are sent for approvals.
Purchase Requisition is a formal request intended to procure/buy something that is needed by the organization


Navigate to Responsibility
Purchasing, Vision Operations> Requisitions> Requisitions




A purchase requisition typically contains the description and quantity of the goods or services to be purchased, a required delivery date, account number and the amount of money that the purchasing department is authorized to spend for the goods or services. Often, the names of suggested supply sources are also included.
It is created and approved by the department requiring the goods and services.
Here status of the Purchase requisitions is Incomplete.


Click Distributions Button


Click Approve button


Click ‘OK’ button to send the Approval notification to the concerned person.  Approval Hierarchies are used to route the documents to the concerned person for Approval. The document can be ‘approved’ or ‘rejected’.
You can always check the ‘Status’ of your ‘requisition’ by navigating to ‘Requisition summary’. Here you can get your ‘requisition’ details by entering your requisition number.


Requisitions> Requisition Summary



Here, requisition is approved. You can also view the ‘Action History’ of the requisition by navigating to Tools>> Action History.



Here the sequences of the steps are (1) who has submitted the requisition, and (2) who has approved/ rejected the requisition.
Based on requisition document type request is responsible to process further and fulfill the demand here type is Purchase requisition hence its responsible for create auto Purchase Order ( About Purchase Orders ) for mentioned item, quantity, source details. If the Document type is Internal Requisition it is responsible for create Internal Sales Order (ISO).


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  • Guest - gSelvam

    Good explanation.<br />I have question.<br /><br />Can i use 'Internal Requisition' to get order from supplier. Because all approval quotation selection process are handled in another system. We just want to process PO only

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