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In the previous article we saw how personalizations were used to embed attachment functionality into standard self service OA Framework pages.  In the Part 1, we uploaded attachments against the Employee via "Update Employee page". Lets say that now we want to make those attached documents visible from the Employee search page. We know that every attachment can be identified using an Entity Name and Primary. The entity name in this example is XXFT_EMP_ATTACHMENT. The image below depicts how the attachments from Part-1 exist in the database. The subsequent image shows where the attachments will be displayed when performing search on employees. Effectively in this video demo you will learn the steps for displaying the attachments within a tabular region against each record, by performing OA Framework personalizations. 

The first step will be to go to personalization and then add a new item of type attachment image. This new item will be added via personalization to a region that displays records in tabular format. Therefore the attachment item will be created inside the tabular region itself. Each record displayed in this tabular region will have a reference to the Employee Id of that record. The value of the Employee Id can be reference via the corresponding View Object attribute for Employee Id. 


Important-Double click on the video below to navigate to youtube.

For best results, you should view this video in High Definition mode as shown in picture below

First video below is the analysis phase, whereby you analyse where the attachment will be added and which view object attribute will give us the primary key value for Employee Id
The outcome of the analysis phase will be that you will know where to add attachment item within search results table and which view object & attribute can be used to identify the attachment

The second video below shows the actual implementation steps to achieve the desired results.

Analysis phase video - Double click on this video to open in youtube, and then select high definition as shown in image above

Implementation steps video - Double click on this video to open in youtube, and then select high definition as shown in image above

Anil Passi


0 #1 Vanitha 2010-03-02 04:19
I have a requirement where in I need to personalize the page(Worker Status change) which goes for approval to manager as attachment. How can we personalize the attachment ? Please help.
0 #2 User123 2010-03-14 03:45
I have attachment table on page1 in editable format and am attaching docs on this page and then I'm moving to page2 with retaining AM and on page2 I have attachmnet table in non editable format to show the summary what I haved attached on page1.
I am facing one issue
If I visit Page2 once and then go to page1 and attach doc and come back to page2 then newly attached doc is not displaying in attachment table on page2.I checked in back end FND_ATTACHED_DO CUMENTS is updated with doc info.

If I remove retain AM then its working fine.But I have to retain AM. Please help on this ASAP.

0 #3 Rachna 2010-03-17 06:12
Not able to see these Videos. Please help. Its very Urgent.
0 #4 Chandra Thangavelu 2010-04-15 10:39
Hi Anil,
I followed the above steps to add functionality to add attachments on a SIT screen. But I can see only the text Upload Memos which is set in text in Attachment Table item style. I am not see Add Attachemnt button down there. Please let me know how to fix this issue.

0 #5 catch123 2010-12-15 02:12
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0 #6 sailaja_rachakonda 2011-03-15 04:59
We have a custom attachment type to be added in the attachment table item apart from standard Text, long Text, URL and File.
How can I achieve this.
0 #7 windshield replacement san francisco 2012-05-09 09:21
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0 #8 ORacle OAF 2015-06-22 10:59
I add 2 attachment to AP invoice screen.But only the last attachment in visible in the link and it does not show the first attached document.since i am new to OAF can u help me to fix this.
0 #9 commentfdnev826 2021-06-10 06:18
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