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After having installed the SOA Suite, lets install the Companion CDs. I am listing the steps that I undertook and the steps that I skipped in this process.
The URL for downloading Oracle SOA Suite Companion CDs is Link Here
You should install the SOA Suite prior to installing Companion CDs. Link for SOA Suite is click here
There are three files that you need to download. For this, I created following Directory Structure.
c:\bpel\soa_windows_x86_companion_101310_disk1 , disk2 and disk3

Extract the three zip files into respective 3 subdirectories.

Install Apache 2.0 http server
Navigate to c:\bpel\soa_windows_x86_companion_101310_disk1, and click on setup.exe
Selected the option to Install Apache Server as prompted, in default path C:\product\\companionCDHome_2
Once installed, you will get a message
The following information is available in:
Use the following URL to access the Oracle HTTP Server and the Welcome Page:

Install Oracle Containers for J2EE
Again from Companion CD1 itself, I Selected this option, and installed. Took few seconds.

Install TopLink 10g Runtime and Developer
Again from Companion CD1 itself, clicked on setup.exe and then I Selected this option, and installed. This tool approx 30 seconds.
The homepage for TopLink was created in location file:///C:/product/

Companion CD2
Next, navigated to C:\bpel\soa_windows_x86_companion_101310_disk2\asg\Disk1\install
Clicked on Setup.exe, and noticed that Disk2 contained Application Server Guard, which I did not need. Hence I skipped this step.
Note: Companion CD2 delivers jDeveloper as file jdevstudio10131. This is where BPEL diagrams will be developed.
I had downloaded this separately anyway to install/extract on c:\jdev

Companion CD3
Next, navigated to C:\bpel\soa_windows_x86_companion_101310_disk3\failsafe\install
Clicked on Setup.exe, and noticed that Disk3, contained Oracle Fail Safe, that which I did not need. Hence I skipped this step too.

This completes the install of SOA Suite on my PC. Its all there to be played around with now.

Anil Passi

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