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Oracle Configurator Articles
Oracle Configurator Article- Part I - Oracle Configurator Overview
Oracle Configurator Article- Part II - Oracle Configurator Developer-Repository & Structure
Oracle Configurator Article- Part III - Configuration Rules
Oracle Configurator Article- Part IV - Configurator Extensions Using Java


Oracle Order Management
Oracle Order Management Overview

Advanced Pricing in Oracle Order Management


Concepts of Item Master in Oracle Inventory
Oracle Service Contracts


Anil Passi

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People in this conversation

  • Guest - ROHIT VATS

    Its a very nice and sincere effort made by you.It has helped alot in making Apps easier to understand and to resolve ones queries.Hats off to you.Keep it up.

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  • Guest - sumit m

    Hi as a new visitor i found the the media is best suit for technical and some part of functional area.
    it would be best if you could post some PO,INV related document as well as FAQ.

    best wishes

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  • Guest - Bhavya

    hello sir
    i learned so many concepts through your tutorials and today i am sucessfully working in Oracle apps. hats off to you and your help. god bless you forever.

    best wishes

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  • Guest - Raj Velu

    The configurator articles with screenshots is well presented.

    Thank you,

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  • Guest - Kumar Mayank

    Hi Anil,

    These articles are indeed very informative but would love to see more articles on supply chain planning,purcahse and other manufacturing related topics.


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  • Guest - Renganayaki


    I would like to start of with Oracle Process Manufacturing Module. Can someone suggest me suitable materials or link to start of with this module?

    Short URL:
  • Guest - Sudhir Ganti Naga

    Dear Anil Passi,

    Need your help in getting ASCP & Demantra Fundamental concepts where in I can gain knowledge.
    Request you to help me in this concern.


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  • Guest - Bharoocha Housna

    Hi Mr Passi,

    is there any supply chain courses for functional people.

    thanking you


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  • Guest - KUMAR3333

    hi anil,i am new to OPM , could you please provide OPM implementation documents

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  • Dear Anil, i am supporting a Upgradation project where the client upgrade from 11i to R12, the problem is In the item master table, the items status field is grayed out , neither i can active or inactive the items, is there any script to make all the items active from backend? client have only one inventory organization.

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