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I would like to touch base upon an important topic "How to build Master Detail Screens in OA Framework?"

Hence I will cover this topic in a series of articles. In this first part, lets do some comparison vis-a-vis D2K [Oracle Forms].


One of the most common data entry screens used in business is of type MASTER-DETAIL.


We know that is simple to build a master detail screen in D2K Forms or in Apex. It isn't too difficult in OA Framework either.


Lets begin with a high level comparison between Forms(D2k) and OA Framework, for a master detail screen.

Create the base table/view

In case of D2k, the blocks are based either on tables or on Database Views.

In case of OA Framework, both the master and the detail regions will be based on View Objects.

Both these View Objects will be based on Entity Objects, if the data in both Master & Detail regions can be modified.

Oracle Forms D2K

OA Framework

Create a database view(or table) for master block and a detail block.

Create an entity object and view object for both master and detail region

Create a relation between the two blocks/regions

In Oracle Forms, we create a relationship between the "two blocks". This relation gets created by means of a join.

However in case of OA Framework, the relation does not exist between two regions.

Instead the relationship exists between the two Entity Objects[Association] and also the two View Objects[via View Link]

Oracle Forms D2K

OA Framework

Create relation between the Master Block and the Detail Block

A) Create an Entity association between both entity objects.

B) Next create a view link between both the view objects (This view link can be based upon the Entity Association)

C) Attach these view objects to Application Modules

Note: In this case, by default 3 View Object instances will be created against the Application Module.

1. Master VO Instance

2. Detail VO Instance

3. "Detail VO Instance" attached to "Master VO Instance"

The records in third View Object instance are always kept in sync with first View Object. This synchronization is managed automatically by OA Framework engine.

You will find the details in Audio-Video presentation on this topic, in future parts of this article.

Commit Data

Oracle Forms D2K

OA Framework

You do not need to add a button to commit data.

"File Save" or Control-S will save changes to database.

You need to add a Submit Form button that submits the form, and then issues a commit call via AM.

How does OA Framework manage to keep child records in sync with Master record?

Detail View Object  keeps listening to the changes in master record navigation.

At any given point in time, there can be only one single record in Master ViewObject, that will be flagged as CURRENT RECORD.

Whenever the current record changes in Master Region, the Child/Detail view object gets Re-Queried.

This is made possible by means of Observer Pattern, please see link for details

In D2K, we can use Key-UP or Key-DOWN to change the current Record in block. Is something similar possible in OA Framework?

I am afraid not [at least for now]. To the master region, you will be adding a "Single Selection Item".

"Single Selection Item" is nothing but a Radio Button against each record in Master Region.

Now to recap:-

1. Master detail screens can be built using Advanced Table of OA Framework.

2. You will create a radio button field on master region.

3. The record for which you select the radio button in Master Region, should be flagged as the Current Record.

In the next article, we will see how to create

    a. Entity Objects for both master and detail tables

    b. View Objects for the above Entity Objects

    c. Create associations between entity objects of Master and Detail

    d. Create link between Master & Detail view Objects



Anil Passi


0 #1 thirumalai 2007-08-22 03:17
hellow passi sir,
I am new in oracle apps now am joined in company like yantro s/w ltd before one month so how to develope in my apps knowledge from basic.
0 #2 Aniket Mahajan 2007-08-25 20:50
Dear Anil

I liked your site. I would like to get a clearer picture of how to initiate an API for Order import. Should it happen from a form/report/PLS QL? Suppose I have the data which has to be entered in an Excel file, then how should I go about?

0 #3 Pratap 2007-08-29 04:38
Hi Anil,

Is there any way to add frames in OAFramework? What I want to achieve is display some data in a region, which would cover just some portion of screen, and if the data is more, there would be scroll bars to scroll down , to see content of that frame region.

Thanks in advance

0 #4 Anil Passi 2007-08-30 05:55
Hi Puja

Not that I am aware of
You cant implement vertical scrollbars in OAF, as yet.

An il
0 #5 Amjad Shaik 2007-09-01 16:30
Hi Anil,
I want to know is there any API to do adjustments to existing offer lines in Trade Management.As of now i am using ozf_offer_pub API to upadate existing offers. But not able to end date the existing offer less than the current date. Please advice.

Thanks ,
Kishore M.
0 #6 Pavan Kumar 2007-09-09 09:10
Hi All,

I need some help on cash management - Bank Statement Inbound Interface

Scen ario:

Payables outbound interface is populating bank statement related information into a custom table from there we are picking up the data and loading into open interface tables of cash management.

T he data is getting inserted into open interface tables but when we run the bank statement import program the data is not getting loaded into base tables.


The statement number is still being show an "Negotiable" when i navigate to cash management super user ressponsibility and check in "Payments" function.

I need some information like:
> What is the mandatory data that is required to be passed to Bank Statement import program.
curren tly i am passing P_option,bank_b ranch_name and bank_branch_id

Please help regarding this...
0 #7 Pravin 2007-09-10 13:01
I find ur site very helpful...Thank s a lot.

Sir request you plz if we can get the next article on Master-detail Screen(detail article).

Tha nks
0 #8 Pravin 2007-09-11 14:23
Hi Anil,
Thanks for all your article.But i have one request....can u plz show one demo (say downloading one xml file and customizing it and uploading the same) using OA Framework.

Th anks
0 #9 prudhvi 2007-10-10 13:26
Hi Anil,

Thanks for the information on Master Detail relation ships in OAF.
But can you please clarify me a bit more on this.

Here is my requirement.
le ts say we have two tables ( EMP , DEPT ) and deptno is the common column in both the tables.

Requirement is :

I need to build a OAF page that displays all employees of the same department in a single row as differnt columns.


DEPT table

deptno dname
10 comp
20 civil
30 testing

EMP table

empno ename deptno
101 mike 10
102 john 10
103 ram 20
104 krish 20
105 bal 20
106 gopi 30

Desired Output

Deptno empno ename empno1 empname1 empno2 empname2
10 101 mike 102 john
20 103 ram 104 krish 105 bal
30 106 gopi

Can you please help me on this ?
Is this kind of output is possible with OAF ?
if so can you please explain how we can acheive .

krish na
0 #10 Anil Passi 2007-10-11 08:24
Hi Krishna

You can create a view object on a SQL that returns records from a FUNCTION

For example, see the steps below

emp_id INTEGER,
emp_name VARCHAR2(100),
emp_id_1 INTEGER,
emp_name_1 VARCHAR2(100)
) ;

CREATE OR REPLACE TYPE xx_emp_tables AS TABLE OF xx_emp_records;

RETURN xx_emp_tables
loop_variable_e mp_id INTEGER := 1000;
loop_variable_e mp_name VARCHAR2(100) := 'Anil';
loop_variable_e mp_id_1 INTEGER := 1001;
loop_variable_e mp_name_1 VARCHAR2(100) := 'Passi';
--LOOP for specific dept id
PIPE ROW(xx_emp_records(loop_variable_e mp_id, loop_variable_e mp_name,loop_variable_e mp_id_1, loop_variable_e mp_name_1));
END xx_get_emp;

FROM TABLE (xx_get_emp(CUR SOR (SELECT d.deptno, d.dname
FROM scott.dept d)))

Now your view object will be based on the above select statement.

You will haev to agree upfront for the number of records that you wish to display horizontally.

If you want to have unlimited[in theory] number of columns, then I suggest you create a RawText item, and programatically build HTML to create the desired columns.

Thank s,
Anil Passi
0 #11 prudhvi 2007-10-15 12:31
Thanks a lot anil.
+1 #12 Natraj 2007-10-18 19:01
Hi Anil,
It would be nice,if you can post an Audio-Video version of Master-Detail screen.
0 #13 tk 2007-12-07 05:24
Hey, Anil,

I want to thank you for your session. It is very helpful. I have an opposite request from prudhvi's. Here is my assignment.

I have a master table like transaction and two detail tables, payment_method and transaction_fee s. The record is as the following.

Tra nsaction table
id, transaction key
1, 111
2, 112
3, 113

payment_me thod
transactio n_fk_key, method_name
1, visa
2, mastercard
3, cashcheck

tran saction_fee
tra nsaction_fk_key , seller_fee, buyer_fee, shipping_fee
1, Y, N, Y
2, N, Y, Y
3, N, N, N

I need to display the master/detail with radio button to display the detail record by chosen master record as the following.

mas ter...
1 visa -- picked
2 master
3 cashcheck

deta il ...
transaction id:1
buyer_fee Y/N (Message Choice)
seller_ fee Y/N (Message Choice)
shippin g_fee Y/N (Message Choice)

I am new to OA framework. I am not for sure if the detail record could be converting to an arry from a row record. Can you give me some direction? I shall very appreciate your helps.

+1 #14 ksivasan123 2007-12-15 14:28
Hi Anil,

Excellen t Work.

Can you please tell us the Master Detail OA framework with Insert/Update/D elete using PPR.

K umar
+1 #15 james 2008-02-22 18:26
any plans on posting an Audio-Video version of Master-Detail screen creation steps. your website and input is appreciated.
ja mes
0 #16 Munish 2008-07-26 11:48
Hello all,
I am new to Oracle application as well as OA framework.I have an assignment.
I want to show the data like

Header (advance table)
-------d ata
-------Deta il region
-------- --lines (advance table)
-------- ----data
------ ------Detail Region
-------- --------Deliver ables (advance table)

i am able to show the data up to lines (advance table)
but when i click on the show link of lines (advance table), i got this error
java.lang .ClassCastExcep tion
at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.event.OAAdvan cedTableEventHa ndler.handleDis closureEvent(OA AdvancedTableEv entHandler.java :773)
at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.event.OAAdvan cedTableEventHa ndler.handleEve nt(OAAdvancedTa bleEventHandler .java:167)

ca n any one suggest me why i am getting this exception or

the hierarchy i want to get is it really possible or not....
+1 #17 Krishna Nand 2008-09-19 09:46
I am new for jdeveloper .i am using jdev 9.0.3.
I am implementing the Master-Detail form in jdev
by using viewlink.

My viewlink has cardinality 1 to *
and i have selected generate accessors for both source and destination
with both options.
In View Object
In Entity Object

Now about VO

My Master VO and Detail VO are based on EOs.

For UI:

I have two region in my Page Region A and Region B of Header Type.
Region B is Child of A
Following properties I set for Region A.
Child view instance: MasterVO Instance
Child view Attribute: Primary Key For master VO
View Link Instance: MyViewLink Instance
And For region B
Child view instance: Detail VO Instance populated by View Link
Child view Attribute: Reference Key(Common in both Master and Detail VO)
View Link Instance: MyViewLink Instance
Page coming like:

Master Record
Detail Record.
Detail Record.
Master Record
Detail Record
Detail Record.

Problem: When i try to update detail record attribute,It's not being update in

Please Help Me to solve this problem.

Thanks in Advance,

0 #18 Anil- 2008-09-19 09:47
Hello Krish

Please raise on our forum

+1 #19 Akila 2009-05-29 10:33
Hi Anil,
Could you please provide the link for Master-Detail screen in OAF Part II.

I am new to OAF and I am trying to create a Master-Detail Page.
I followed the steps you provided in Part I and I could see the data from Master Region. But once I include the detail region, I do not see any data even in the Master Region.
I am not sure what I am missing.

It would be a great help if you could post the second portion on creating the Master-Detail OAF page.

Your articles are simply superb and thanks a lot for all your efforts.

Regar ds,
0 #20 Sanju 2009-09-01 11:06

Has someone implemented Advanced Table in Advanced Table in OAF. I need detail disclosure implemented with view links since my child table is from a different view object. Please send some reference code if you have.

Basicall y i tried using the dev guide and facing an issue. My page's look anf eel is as expected but when i click on Show on any of the row in the master table, the detail query does not fire and it says " No serach conducted". I made some changes to the view link etc etc..and now i am getting an error OAAdvancedTable Helper.updateIn nerTablePropert ies. But the system does not tell me which inner table properties are missing.

Can you please help. I have posted the same request in another thread as well - not sure of how this website works but have heard tht its very helpful.. Kindly assist.

Thank you,
+1 #21 KPrem 2010-09-09 17:34
Hi Anil,

Your site is very helpful. Excellent work Anil.

Also would appreciate if you could come up with a Video tutorial of "Master Detail Screen In OA Framework".
Pls let me know if any plans.

+1 #22 exboy 2010-09-17 03:43

Thanks for this tutorials it has been very helpful, but i want to inquire of the possibility of getting an Audio visual tutorial for Master Detail screen for Customer Transactions in the bank, do you have any that can help or a sample.

Thank you
+1 #23 Derrick 2011-11-04 00:41
Hi Anil,
I'm new to you OAF. I just want to ask do you still have the part 2 of the master detail screen in OAF?
I can't find it under your OA Framework Technical Articles anymore.


Regard s,
+1 #24 aollakshmi 2012-02-28 10:36
Hi anil,

Please add the part 2 for master detail screen topic in OAF.
it will be very helpful. I ned it very urgently.

Than ks.
+1 #25 bhuvan 2013-07-02 15:09
URGETN !!!!!!!!! PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!Can I add a 'WHERE' clause to filter detail tables in a MASTER-DETAIL page, after the master VO.executeQuery is fired ? I am looking to restrict the records fetched by the Child table by passing a parameter.

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