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When doing extensions to OA Framework, it is always encouraged that you build up your jDeveloper environment on desktop, so that the OA Framework pages can be run from jDeveloper itself. In this article, I will show you the steps involved in running OA Framework application pages from within the jDeveloper. Once you grasp these steps, then you will find that doing extensions to OA Framework is a very simple task.
Note:- I think these steps are quite easy to follow, however if I get time, I will produce a video demo of the same.

Why should I bother being able to run the Application from jDeveloper?
1.    You can use the debugger within jDeveloper. This makes fixing your bugs very simple.
2.    You can test all your extensions within jDeveloper itself
3.    No need to bounce the apache or mid-tier on the server when doing recursive testing.
4.    No need to FTP files again and again to the server during development.
5.    No need to run xmlImporter again and again, in case you have build custom pages that integrate with standard OA Framework pages
6.    Optionally, you can simulate the login of any business user when running OA Framework pages from jDeveloper, by using their username and password****Do not reset their passwords on production system*****.

What are the steps to prepare your desktop environment to run OA Framework pages?
1.    FTP the .class & .xml files from $JAVA_TOP to your PC, into jdevhome/myclasses
2.    Copy contents of my classes into myprojects
3.    Delete all the *.class files from myprojects
4.    FTP files from $PRODUCT_TOP/mds to myprojects, for example from $ICX_TOP/mds
5.    Create a OA Workspace and OA Project in jDeveloper
6.    FTP the .dbc file from $FND_TOP/secure to <jdevhome>/dbc_files/secure
7.    Setup jDev project properties for runtime connection. For this you will use the dbc file, FND User Name and its password. You will also specify the responsibility key and responsibility application short name.
8.    Ensure that the user specified in jDeveloper project runtime property has access to the responsibility specified in previous step.
9.    Create a DB Connection from jDeveloper. The jdbc connection details can be picked up from jDeveloper or by using tnsping or by reading the tnsnames.ora
10.    Include all available libraries into jDeveloper project.

Please note that it is important to ftp .class files in binary mode and the .xml files in ascii mode.

Why am I copying files[excluding .class] from $JAVA_TOP into myprojects directory of my PC?
This is required to facilitate extensions to BC4J components.
If your intention is merely to run the OA Framework page from jDeveloper, then you do not need this step. The reason for this step however is to make the .xml files for VO, EO & AM to become available in myprojects. In case you wish to extend any of the BC4J[vo,eo,am] components, then these xml files must be present in myprojects directory of your desktop. Without thee xml files being present underneath myprojects, you will be unable to extend those BC4J objects.

Why are .class files not required in myprojects?
.class files are required for runtime only environment.
In fact even *.xml files from $JAVA_TOP are not required in myprojects, unless you wish to extend the given BC4J object.

What exactly do .xml files from $JAVA_TOP contain?

These xml files contain the design/structure/meta-data [call it what you want] of the View Objects, Entity Objects and the Application module. Unless these xml files are in myprojects, you will not be able to extend these BC4J objects.

Why do we place .class files into myclasses?

myclasses is by default included in the CLASSPATH of your OA jDeveloper project. Hence, these classes are available for the runtime engine of OA Framework engine.

Assuming I am extending iProcurement, don’t these classes depend upon FND classes? Why aren’t we FTP’ing files form $JAVA_TOP/oracle/apps/fnd/* to our PC?
When you download the jDeveloper patch from Metalink, it comes bundled with relevant version of FND Libraries in a zipped file. This zipped file is available in the default classpath/library for every OA Framework project.
In fact, for this very reason, you must download the right version of jDeveloper patch from Metalink, depending upon which version of Cumulative Upgrade patchset you are on.

Anil Passi


0 #1 Kunal 2007-12-04 11:21
Hi Anil,

I am new to this field and so pardon me for some really elementary questions.

Few questions that I have:
1. FTP the .class & .xml files from $JAVA_TOP to your PC, into jdevhome/myclas ses
--Are we talking about the .class and .xml files ONLY from $JAVA_TOP or from the subdirectories as well?
4. FTP files from $PRODUCT_TOP/md s to myprojects, for example from $ICX_TOP/mds
-- Just the files or the subdirectories as well?

0 #2 Ramkumar.ch 2007-12-05 05:26
hi Anil,
without EO can we create VO.
In which situation we create VO based on EO
In which situation EO is not necessary

Rega rds
0 #3 Anil Passi 2007-12-05 06:54
Hi Ram

If your VO is for read-only operation like LOV, then please do not create EO.
Your VO will be based on EO in cases where you wish to modify the data

A nil Passi
0 #4 Tenny 2007-12-06 02:46
Hi Anil

Very good web site, I have to say.

I downloaded the class files from Linux server to a windows machine using binary mode. However, after I extend the class and try to compile the project. I got an error saying the class file could not be found, but it actually exists.
I used the WinSCP to download the class file.
Hope you have some ideas

0 #5 Anil Passi 2007-12-06 03:13
Hi Tenny,

You need to FTP all the dependent classes, perhaps you are missing some of them.
I will do a video tutorial this weekend on this topic-for ease of understanding.

0 #6 Ramkumar.ch 2007-12-06 07:43
hi anil
i downloaded all the files.and while ruuning page in jdev iam facing the following error.

oracle. apps.fnd.framew ork.OAException : Could not load application module ...
0 #7 KK 2007-12-07 21:06
Hi Anil,

I carried out all the steps as mentioned above.
One interesting thing-All XML objects corresponding to the AM,VO amd EO are also present in the same myprojects directory.On the action pallete, on clicking on the list of value for the Application module, no values could be retrieved.
Can this error be because I FTPed the XMP files in the binary mode?

0 #8 Srinivas Thatikonda 2007-12-07 23:56
Hi Anil,

I am Srinivas Thatikonda working as a Oracle Applications Technical Consultant for one of the US based client. i am working on sales order conversion and the requirement is importing orders where some of the order lines CLOSED and some with OPEN status and the order header status is BOOKED.

I would like to have your advise on how to deal with the above scenario.

Tha nks & Regards,
Sriniv as.
0 #9 kk 2007-12-08 10:09
Hi Anil,

What is the significance of copying server.xml from the Instance into myprojects? Is it a mandatory step when modifying BC4J objects?

Thank s in advance,

regar ds
0 #10 Mohammed 2007-12-10 18:41
This is regarding the "Costing of Payments" functionality available in PF_K_RUP1

Scen rario

1. I have employees who are paid either thru (i) Cheque or (ii) Direct Deposit
2. Created two different payment methods and attached to payroll as valid payment method.
3. For both the above payment methods i have attached the bank and entred the information related to Clearing A/C, Error A/C etc in the GL tab.
4. I have attached the above payment methods to two different employees
a) One employee is attached Cheque payment method
b) The second employee is attached to Direct Deposit
5. Run the Payroll
6. Run the prepayment process
7. The payment status for both the employees is displayed as "UNPAID"

1) The "costing of payment" process only picks up the payments that has the status as "PAID"

No w the question is

a) I belive the payment status gets changed to "PAID" when you run the "Check Writer" for Check payment method and "Deposit Advice" for Direct Deposit payment method. - Kindly confirm if my understanding is correct.

b) As there is no seeded "Deposit Advice" or "Check wirter" process available for UAE localization. How is this handled?

c) How can i change the payment staus to "PAID" in UAE localization so that these records are picked up by Costing of Payment process?

Regar ds
Ganeshan Rajagopal
0 #11 Ramkumar.ch 2007-12-11 08:04
iam having one sanerio,
if the user logon by giving his username and password.how to check whether his user name and password is valid or not.after checking the user name and password the enduser clicks on function say example myinformation,t hen it has to display his Information like his name,address,mo bile number just like a read only page.can you give any suggession for this.

0 #12 Habeni 2007-12-11 22:33
Hi Anil,
This is my first time checking this site out. It is very informative and I am overwhelmed by all the interesting ideas and guides U giving to people, your site has been an inspirattion for me. Please, I am in process of taking oracle exam IZO-232 for 11i sys administration fundamentals, is there any help you can guide me through or provide I've been studying for months now but don't know what to read any more.

Thanks and best regards :)
0 #13 Saurabh Sharma 2008-01-09 18:43
Error while running PG.xml from Jdev

Hi Anil,

I have downloaded the entire Oracle folder from $JAVA_TOP to myclasses.
Crea ted package inside myproject. C:\Jdev10g\jdev home\jdev\mypro jects\XXTJX\ora cle\apps\per\se lfservice
Under this, I have common & newhire two folders.
I have put the PG.xml files from $PER_TOP/mds to below location.
C:\Jd ev10g\jdevhome\ jdev\myprojects \XXTJX\oracle\a pps\per\selfser vice
ewhire\web ui

I created OAWorkspace and a project. Made Oracle Application RUNtime connection and business component connection. Added all Libraries.
Successfully built the Application(wit h few warnings though).

But while running the "CreatSrchNewHr PG.xml" in Jdev it errors out. As pasted below. Please help. Thanks in Advance.
------ ---------------
Error Page
Exception Details.
oracle.apps.fnd .framework.OAEx ception: Could not load application module 'oracle.apps.pe r.selfservice.c ommon.server.Co mmonAM'.
## Detail 0 ##
JBO-30003: The application pool (socaxs3er03.xg lbsnet.comTJXEB DV11522oracle.a pps.per.selfser vice.common.ser ver.CommonAM) failed to checkout an application module due to the following exception:
orac le.jbo.JboExcep tion: JBO-29000: Unexpected exception caught: oracle.jbo.JboE xception, msg=JBO-29000: Unexpected exception caught: oracle.jbo.NoDe fException, msg=JBO-25002: Definition oracle.apps.per .selfservice.co mmon.server.Com monAM of type ApplicationModu le not found
## Detail 0 ##
oracle.jbo.J boException: JBO-29000: Unexpected exception caught: oracle.jbo.NoDe fException, msg=JBO-25002: Definition oracle.apps.per .selfservice.co mmon.server.Com monAM of type ApplicationModu le not found
## Detail 0 ##
oracle.jbo.N oDefException: JBO-25002: Definition oracle.apps.per .selfservice.co mmon.server.Com monAM of type ApplicationModu le not found
JBO-30003 : The application pool (socaxs3er03.xg lbsnet.comTJXEB DV11522oracle.a pps.per.selfser vice.common.ser ver.CommonAM) failed to checkout an application module due to the following exception:
orac le.jbo.JboExcep tion: JBO-29000: Unexpected exception caught: oracle.jbo.JboE xception, msg=JBO-29000: Unexpected exception caught: oracle.jbo.NoDe fException, msg=JBO-25002: Definition oracle.apps.per .selfservice.co mmon.server.Com monAM of type ApplicationModu le not found
## Detail 0 ##
oracle.jbo.J boException: JBO-29000: Unexpected exception caught: oracle.jbo.NoDe fException, msg=JBO-25002: Definition oracle.apps.per .selfservice.co mmon.server.Com monAM of type ApplicationModu le not found
## Detail 0 ##
oracle.jbo.N oDefException: JBO-25002: Definition oracle.apps.per .selfservice.co mmon.server.Com monAM of type ApplicationModu le not found
at java.lang.Threa d.run(Thread.ja va:595)


Copyright (c) 2006, Oracle. All rights reserved.
0 #14 Anil Passi 2008-01-09 18:59
Hi Satya

Please search for CommonAM* within myclasses?
Also , were class filed FTP'ed in binary mode?

Anil Passi
0 #15 Saurabh Sharma 2008-01-09 19:06
Hi Anil,

Thanks a lot for your reply.

1. I have CommonAM.xml & CommonAMImpl.cl ass inside C:\Jdev10g\jdev home\jdev\mycla sses\XXTJX\orac le\apps\per\sel fservice\common \server

2. I have downloaded the files using Winscp. As automatic mode in winscp downloads .txt, .xml ...etc mode and .class files in Bin mode.

Please suggest.
Thanks -
_ Satya
0 #16 Anil Passi 2008-01-09 19:10
Hi Satya

You have copied Oracle's files underneath myclases-xxtjx

C:-Jdev10g-jde vhome-jdev-mycl asses-XXTJX-ora cle-appspe-rsel fservice-common -server

Instea d these should be underneath myclasses-xxtjx

Only your custom code must be underneath myclasses-xxtjx

Anil Passi
0 #17 Saurabh Sharma 2008-01-09 19:24
Hi Anil,

I have downloaded the files and kept under JDEV_USER_HOME- myclasses-xxtjx -oracle-apps-.. ..
I mean as the directory structure we find in unix, i have create in similar fashion inside my myclasses folder. Hence all the files are under their respective folder name. Like all files of self service are under JDEV_USER_HOME- myclasses-xxtjx -oracle-apps-pe r-selfservice.. ..

As per your reply, do i need to put all .class files JDEV_USER_HOME- xxtjx-ALL .class files here?
And where shall i put the other files(like .xml)

Similarl y what will be structure of myprojects.
I'm working in Jdev and Apps 12.0.2.

If you have any video for this please share with me.
Please suggest.
Thanks -
- Satya
0 #18 Anil Passi 2008-01-09 22:05
Hi Satya

You Standard Oracle Java files are under JAVA_TOP/oracle /apps

Hence, they must not be copied to myclasses/xxtjx /oracle/apps

I nstead they should be copied to myclasses/oracl e/apps

Think of myclasses being JAVA_TOP

Thank s
0 #19 Saurabh Sharma 2008-01-11 14:34
Hi Anil,

Thanks Very Much. The AM error is resolved. Meanwhile running the page, the page pops up and renders. But after sometime errors out saysing
"The selected action is not available. The cause may be related to security. Contact your system administrator to verify your permission level for this action. Click Home menu or choose a different menu option to navigate out of this page." The good thing is that now I can see the page in Oracle Apps enviornment. But, not able to determine the error reason from Jdev. The Self-Service responsibility is attached to my user and I can open "HIRE" page in APPS enviornment. But not able open through Jdev. Please suggest.

Thank s -
- Satya
0 #20 Saurabh Sharma 2008-01-17 23:27
Hi Anil,

I'm trying to run (N)Manager Self-Service > Hire(CreatSrchN ewHrPG.xml) from Jdev. While running the page from Jdev it throws an error "The selected action is not available. The cause may be related to security. Contact your system administrator to verify your permission level for this action." But while running HireDetailsRN.x ml page shows that particular region. Thought you might have come across this error. Please help.

Thanks -
- Satya
0 #21 Saurabh Sharma 2008-01-18 19:04
Hi Anil,

Do i need to download server.xml to myprojects? Though the entire Oracle/apps/... structure is built up in my myclasses/oracl e/apps..

Pleas e help!!!
Thanks -
- Satya
0 #22 Jay Patwa 2008-01-30 20:57
Hi Anil,

My client runs Oracle Apps on Windows.
In that case, do i need to worry about ftp mode? I would just be copying files from one folder to another...Am i right?

Also, do we need to do anything with server.xml. I do not see it in the steps you mentioned.

Tha nks in advance!
0 #23 Anil Passi 2008-01-31 06:08
Hi Jay

In your case, yes simple file copy is all that you need.

Regardin g server.xml, it will be needed only if you wish to extend a bc4j object.
this file will be in /server directory

You do not require server.xml for running the page.
But you do need it for extending bc4j object.

In some cases, Oracle does not provide server.xml. In those cases you can create a server.xml manually too

An il
0 #24 Saurabh Sharma 2008-02-01 02:10
Hi Anil,

Do you have a VIDEO to share for running Self-Service pages from Jdev?
Please share. Not able to run the page from JDev yet. It's still throwing error.
Please help!!!
Thanks -
- Satya
0 #25 Abdalaziz Hani Alayooby 2008-02-23 11:52
Hi Anil.

Could you place some videomaterial for this article (for all steps in this article) ?
0 #26 Amit Singh 2008-03-20 18:30
Hi Anil,

Could you please do some video tutorial for downloading classes?

Than ks
0 #27 Bala 2008-05-19 10:39
Hi Anil,

I am working on 11.5.10 RUP5. I am about to extend a standard oracle package oracle.apps.pa. structure.serve r

I have started doing the mentionned instructions, in order to be able to run the standard page from jDev before I start.

I have then added oracle.apps.pa. structure.serve r and oracle.apps.pa. structure.webui to my project.

I have not de-compiled the .class files.

However - when I expand the oracle.apps.pa. structure.serve r node in jDev, it also contains the .java files - even though there are no .java files in the folders.
And when I compile the project, it gives tonns of erros like:

Error: can't read: C:\Oracle\jdev- 11510-rup5\jdev home\jdev\mypro jects\oracle\ap ps\pa\structure \server\EditHGr idStructVOImpl. java

One such error for each "missing" java file.

Any idea how to solve this error?

I should mention, that I have also tried de-compiling all the .class files and place those java files in myprojects sub directories - that solves the "missing java file" errors, but throws many other compilation errors instead. :-/. So that does not seem to be the solution.
0 #28 Anil Passi-- 2008-05-19 11:04
Hi Soren

You haven't mentioned if you are able to run the page.

To begin with,

1. ftp files from java top and put them into myclasses.
2. ftp files from $PA_TOP/mds and put them into my projects.
Run the page...does that run as expected?
do not proceed further until you have succeeded in steps 1 and 2

3. next, ftp the files from oracle.apps.pa. structure.serve r into my projects.
4. Decompile the java files
5. open the server.xml

if above does not work for points 3/4/5, then
3a . edit the server.xml to retain only those VO's that you wish to extend.
do this only on the PC
4a. remove objects that you are not extending from myprojects...se rver
5a. decompile the objects of your interest and open the project

Let me know how this goes

An il
0 #29 Bala 2008-05-19 11:45
Hi Anil,
Thanks for taking your time to reply. Still a bit confused, though. :-)
a ) How can I run the page from Jdev after step 1 and 2. At that point my project in Jdev is still empty.
b) Your step number 3 looks redundant to me, as the package files in oracle.apps.pa. structure was already copied as part of step1 and 2, right?
0 #30 Anil Passi 2008-05-19 11:49
Hi Soren

Please see this URL.
To run the page in jDev, you do not need anything other than MDS pages in myproject.

See this link below

Click here for video demo

Anil Passi
0 #31 Bala 2008-05-20 11:01
Hi Anil,
Thanks a lot for your help, it is working now.
Step 1, 2, 3a, 4a, 5a did the trick.

Again, thanks a lot for helping out.

Best regards,
0 #32 Anil Passi-- 2008-05-20 11:27
Hi Soren

Good to hear that, and thanks for taking time to come back to this page and update with the details.

Cheer s
0 #33 Wilson Hendrawan 2008-09-10 14:46

First, I'd like to thank you for this great site. I have found a lot of answers to my problems from this site.

I'm currently encountering a problem with extending ViewObject for an iReceivable page and wondering if you might be able to help.

The VO I'm trying to extend is CustomerSearchR esultsVO. I have followed the steps in both the dev guide and other guides. Here are the steps I took:

1. Created a new VO xxcsg.oracle.ap ps.ar.irec.comm on.server.xxcsg CustomerSearchR esultsVO that extends oracle.apps.ar. irec.common.ser ver.CustomerSea rchResultsVO
2. Added a new attribute and modified the query that populates the VO.
3. Specified the substitution in "Edit Business Component Projects" and verified that the .jpx file has been updated.
4. Added Java Options "-Djbo.project= OACSG0" in the Runner option of my JDev Project Settings.

I am getting the following error when I'm trying to run the search locally:
Message not found. Application: FND, Message Name: FND_VIEWOBJECT_NOT_FOUND. Tokens: VONAME = xxcsgCustomerSearchResultsVO; APPLICATION_MODULE = xxcsg.oracle.apps.ar.irec.common.server.XxcsgCustomerSearchAM;

I have verified that the xml and classes exists and are generated correctly in /myclasses/ directory.

Do you have any advise as to what may have caused this problem? I am running JDev for

Pre viously, I have successfully extended the AM for this customer search function (XxcsgCustomerS earchAM) and was able to step through the custom method in debug mode.

0 #34 Anil Passi 2008-09-10 19:37
Hi Wilson,

Where is the reference being made to xxcsgCustomerSe archResultsVO?
Did you create a new item using personalization that has its View Instance pointing to xxcsgCustomerSe archResultsVO?
In that case, please change the VO Instance point to CustomerSearchR esultsVO, as substitution will take care of the rest.

Anil Passi
PS- We have an OA Framework forum dedicated to extensions and personalization.
Its easier resolving issues there, as it allows everyone to upload their code for inspection.
0 #35 Joselfmp 2008-11-24 06:18
Hello Anil and all,
I have the same doubt as Kunal.
I'n mew with OAF and try to follow all tutorials of this web, but... main doubt in all (I couldn't find a video tutorial what describes exactly the process ) is:
What files to FTP?
i. e. I work with R12
Imagine you want to extend or modify.... some screen.. i.e. Customer Search or one of iProcurement (whatever) .. to add a new field in result table or whatever...
You said that first of all is to download by FTP in $JAVA_TOP the .xml and .class files... And download them directly in my jdevhome/myclas ses directory but.. I don't have any .xml file in my $JAVA_TOP and .class are not a lot... (only 16 class files: ApplyPatch.clas s, AppUpdate.class , CheckUpdate.cla ss,...)
I've seen in several video tutorials that you have the package (classes) structure downloaded to your PC.. and that appear in your JDeveloper... but.. I don't see an explicit example of how and where to download
Here you say as example to download files of $ICX_TOP/mds.. but.. in that directory I don't have any files... I only have 5 direcotries ( icatalog, lov , punchout, profile, por)
SO.. I'm a bit lost.
Of course.. appart from this.. when I'd get to change or extend something.. then.. I'll need to upload it to the server... but that will be a next chapter for me..
Any help with this please?
0 #36 Mitchell 2008-11-24 16:47
Anil and team,

Love the site...great resource. I am banging my head on the desk right now because I am trying to do a simple VO extension. I have included all relevant files (/oracle/apps/. ..) in both the myclasses and myprojects directories on my local machine. After creating my project and package, I then "Import Business Components" (/oracle/apps/p er/irc/candidat eSelfService/se rver/IrcCandida tePerInfoVO.xml ). It then gives me a warning:

Unabl e to find referenced object.
Object= oracle.apps.per .irc.schema.ser ver.IrcCandidat eSearchCriteria EO

This object does exist in that directory on my local machine. I click ok and all the other business components are successfully imported from the same directory.

So, then I try to create the view object in my custom package, extending the IrcCandidatePer InfoVO. I can select it from the list in step 1, but then when I try to go to step 2, I receive an actual error:

Unable to find referenced object.
Object= oracle.apps.per .schema.server. PerAllPeopleFEO

I am not able to continue after this. I made sure to transfer the xml files in ASCII and classes in binary. I have done several extensions and custom regions so I have a fairly good grasp on the framework, but I am dumbfounded here. Why would it seem to recognize some files in a directory, but not others? Any ideas?

Thanks for your help!
0 #37 Anil Passi- 2008-11-25 02:05
Hi M

You need to FTP $JAVA_TOP/oracl e/apps/per to myclasses, which you have done.
But some of these objects depend upon objects in $JAVA_TOP/oracl e/apps/pay
And pay objects might depend upon on other objects of other applications too.

Instead of FTP'ing the entire lot, you can simply edit server.xml

See the article in this link

Anil Passi
0 #38 Mitch 2008-11-25 15:37
That makes sense. I'll give it a shot. Thanks!
0 #39 Mitch 2008-12-03 11:38
Anil and team,

I tried taking the approach of modifying the server.xml to exclude other objects that I will not be modifying. But, really the issue is that in the object that I am trying to extend (/oracle/apps/p er/irc/candidat eSelfService/Ir cCandidatePerIn foVO.xml), there are EntityUsage elements which jDev is trying to include when importing the VO. The first one is erroring when loading (PerAllPeopleFE O). If I remove that from the VO, then the next one errors as well (FndUserEO). I have the files in the proper directory. I am stumped.

My apologies if this is not the proper place for this discussion. Should I be putting this in the forum somewhere?

Her e is one of the EntityUsage elements in the VO.
0 #40 Mitch 2008-12-03 11:41
Didn't display the EntityUsage because I think the page is trying to render it.
0 #41 atul verma 2009-02-19 01:03
i made a project using oracle9i Jdevloper.It is running fine..but now i need to deploy this project on server.(differe nt system) :'(....
please give me steps to deploy it....
what are the basic requirements needed for server to support this project....!!!
please help me out..........!! !!!
atu l
0 #42 AnandHyd 2009-09-23 06:48
Hi Anil
Can you please tell me the cases where we cannot test OAF customizations from jDeveloper (i.e. local system) ?

One case is where if we are not able to pass all the parameters required by the page.
Are there any other cases ?
0 #43 Nagasai 2010-05-13 20:30
Hi Anil and team ,

oracle.apps. icx.por.reqmgmt .server.ReqMgmt AM has an invalid View Instance AllReqsVO.

In 11i there were customizations in iproc in which the ReqMgmtAM has been extended and some methods have been coded .Now I am working on porting the changes to R12 instance and wanted to redo the changes R 12.1.2 jdeveloper version

Th e extended AM in R11 has two overriden methods getGroupVOName, bindSummaryQuer yInnerWherePara ms to call two extended VO objects .
Now in R12 Jdeveloper when I am trying to extend the ReqMgmtAM it does not allow me mentioning oracle.apps.icx .por.reqmgmt.se rver.ReqMgmtAM has an invalid View Instance AllReqsVO.

How should I go ahead .
0 #44 Kerry-Ann P 2015-09-18 14:06

I have successfully extended the PONotifSummaryV O and is experiencing some issues.

When no updates were made to the xml file, the custom VO business component is visible.

However, when I add some columns to the SQL, regenerate the JAVA files, the below error is displayed:

oracle.apps.fnd .framework.OAEx ception: oracle.jbo.NoDe fException: JBO-25002: Definition oracle.apps.po. notifications.s erver.PONotifAM of type ApplicationModu le not found

The custom VO files are found in: sandals.oracle. apps.po.notific ations.server

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