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In good old Oracle Forms, we have this lovely feature called folders, whereby end users can create their own custom search criteria.
One simple example could be, lets say the Payables manager needs to view all the outstanding invoices greater than USD 50000.
In OA Framework, the equivalent to folders is User Level Personalization.
In this audio-video based article, you will see a quick video demo of how you can educate your end users to create folders equivalent
in OA Framework within a matter of few minutes.

Folders functionality has been around for the past 8years, hence there is a very good awareness of Form Folders Functionality
within the Oracle eBusiness Suite community. This article is an attempt to spread similar awareness of User Personalization feature
in Oracle eBusiness Suite.

Before we jump onto the video tutorial, lets do some Q&A

Question:- Do I need to set any profile options so as to facilitate end-users to create User Level Personalizations?
Answer:- Not really. However, a result region[where results of query are displayed] may or may not be eligible for User Level
Personalization, depending upon the value of a specific property in the region. The screenshot for the property is shown below.

Question:- Lets say USER1 creates a Automated Search Criteria using User Level personalization.
                Will the USER2 accessing the same OA Framework page see that personalization?
Answer:- Not really. User Personalizations done by USER1 will be visible only to USER1.
This is exactly the same as in Oracle Forms Folders.

Question:- Can this USER1 create multiple personalizations against the same region?
Answer:- Indeed this is possible.
If a given user has multiple user-personalizations, they can pick one of the existing user-personalizations via a dropdown list.
This means, that once all the desired user personalizations have been defined, the end user can quickly pick one of those from drop down list.
        Invoices more than USD 50K
        Invoices from GE Corp [biggest supplier]
        Pending invoices on 7Day Payment Terms        
Hence, the business benefit is time saving, whereby the user does not have to re-enter their favourite query criteria each time.

Question:- What if we wish multiple users to leverage this personalization?
Answer:- In that case, you can create admin based user-level personalization at responsibility level
[NOTE:- You need to have profile option “Personalization Self Service Defn set to Yet]

Question :- Are these personalization upgrade/patching safe?
Answer:- These personalizations are as safe as any other type of personalizations.

Please see audio-video link below that demonstrates how you can define user level personalizations.
In the above link, you will also see how to define second personalization for same region. Important thing here is the copy/duplicate functionality. DEPENDING UPON RESOLUTION OF YOUR PC- YOU MAY HAVE TO USE VERTICAL SCROLL IN BROWER

Once a given user has two user personalizations applied against a Page, they can henceforth pick the personalization changes they wish to apply.

What if we need to create similar personalizations for all the users that access this page via a specific responsibility?
In order to create such shared personalizations, you must first login as a user that has profile option “Personalize Self Service Defn” set to Yes.
We shall see this in the next article.

Anil Passi


0 #1 Atul Sinha 2008-06-03 05:19
Hi Anil,

It seems that we can enable/disable this feature by setting User Personalization property be TRUE/FALSE. (?)
But we have try to personalize the iExpense Report search Page, we set the User Personalization property to FALSE at site Level but the "Save Search" button still existed.
And in customer/standa rd search page, we set the "User Personalization " property to TRUE at site Level but there is still no "Save Search" button.

Best regards,
Zhxian g
0 #2 Atul Sinha 2008-06-03 23:04

If the "Include View Panel" property of the query region is FALSE, then there is no "save search" or "views" buttons.
There is no View Panel in customer/standa rd search page, so we can't find the "save search" and "views" buttons even we have set "User Personalization " property of result Table to TRUE.

Is it right?

Thanks in advance.
Best regards,
Zhxian g

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