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There are various ways to embed a custom region/section or external HTML contents into an OA Framework page using either personalization or
extension or a combination of both. If your requirement is to embed a custom OA Framework region [stacklayout] into another standard OA Framework
page, then use the approach detailed in this link [has video demo]. You will use listed stacklayout approach only when you wish to embed dynamic
contents, i.e. commonly displaying/changing data from database. However, sometimes your requirement is very simple. Your business requirement
could be to embed a fairly static HTML page into your OA Framework page of existing application. You can achieve this requirement by means of
simple OA Framework personalization. However there are different techniques of doing such personalization.
Each such technique has its own pros and cons and is discussed in this article, with some video demos.

How do you do this personalization?

There are two approaches.
Option 1
Use personalization to create a new item of type Raw Text.
In this case, you can embed a HTML section by simply creating a new item of style "Raw Text" using personalization.
For video demonstration of adding Raw HTML Text using personalization see this link

Option 2

Use "URL Include" styled item to include a HTML page deployed in $OA_HTML directory on mid-tier.
Using this approach, your steps will be
1. Ensure that a page named lets say xxAppsPONews.htm exists in $OA_HTML
2. Personalize the OA Framework page into which you wish to embed xxAppsPONews.htm
3. When personalizing, click on create new item of style "URL Include"
4. In the Source URL Property, specify OA_HTML/xxAppsPONews.htm
The benefit of this approach is that you do not need to modify the underlying OA Framework page.


Option 3
Use "URL Include" to include/embed contents of an external HTML page that is deployed on some external website/server.
Using this approach, your steps will be
1. Ensure that a URL exists lets say that the URL is

2. Personalize the page into which you wish to embed this xxExternalNews.htm
3. When personalizing, click on create new item of style "URL Include"
4. In the Source URL Property, specify http://www.apps2fusion.com/training_demo/anilpassi/html-using-personalization/oaf-1/xxExternalNews.htm

To see the video demo of this URL Include option, use this link
As per the above URL, the contents of external HTML page will be embedded within OA Framework page.

Option 4
Add a new item, i.e. Formatted text which points to a message dictionary message.
This message text can have HTML tags embedded within itself.
The item style "Formatted Text" will reference FND Message Short Name, to display its text.

Give me one business example of how this can be used?
Lets that you have implemented iProcurement and you wish to embed important purchasing policy on top of iProc home page.
If your purchasing department wants flexibility to change the contents of that announcement or PO News, then we can let
them maintain an html page on their purchasing portal. Next, personalization of type "URL Include" in OA Framework will reference
the page that is maintained by your purchasing department.
The contents of that Purchasing HTML page [xxExternalNews.htm] will get embedded into your OA Framework page.


Will this external Purchasing News page reside on Mid-Tier of eBusiness Suite or can this html page reside on any external server?
Both these options are available, as evident from Option 2 & Option 3
If your external page
However, if your external page resides in
http://www.apps2fusion.com/, then "URL Include" item should have its "Source URL Property" set to
the complete URL http://www.apps2fusion.com/training_demo/anilpassi/html-using-personalization/oaf-1/xxExternalNews.htm

What are the benefits of URL Include over other options i.e. Raw Text and Message Dictionary Text
Advantage 1

Once your URL include is implemented, no further changes are required to OA Framework personalization.
Advantage 2
As in this example, purchasing department can independently maintain the contents of sub-section of OA Framework page without any dependency on your IT Department.

In case you have implemented Custom Look and Feel, then your external pages must also be be changed as per look and feel of OA Framework pages.


Any drawbacks of URL Include approach?
There have been known issues with display of URL Include html contents when SSL has been implemented.
This can cause SSLException: SSL handshake failed: X509CertChainIncompleteErr
Instead of trying to resolve this issue, you should rather use other options listed in this article.

My client wants different HTML contents depending upon the language of the user's session?

In this case, I suggest you use Option 4, as messages are multi-lang enabled.
If your message text is very big, then consider splitting your html contents into multiple FND Messages.


Do I need to have < head>, < html> & < body> tags in the external html page?
It makes no difference whether you have those tags or not in the external page.
For this demo, xxExternalNews.htm had no head or body or html tags

Can I use Form fields/input fields in my external HTML content?
You must not use forms or input fields into the external HTML Contents.
Reason being that if your external html performs "form post", then it is OA Framework page that gets submitted.
The fields values within external html page will not be captured within page Context of OA Framework page.


Anil Passi


0 #1 Vipul Tewari 2008-07-15 04:59
Hi Anil,

This issue is not related to this article but posting here...as this one is on the top of article stack...

I am trying to create a tree in OAF and I am facing a strange issue.
1.I am trynig to create a page to represent the PO hierarchy.
PO header
->> Po LInes
->> PO Distributions

Q1:Can we use tree to represent different type of objects( a header,a line etc?)

If Yes...

I created a parent node and a child member for the parent I have the Header Vo
and for the child I gave the View LInk accesor of HeaderVo and LinesVO

Q2:I am not able to see the data in the child node label,I can see three grapical lines for the 3 lines that are there for the PO

Any help on how to solve this issue will be appreciated and of great help!!

0 #2 Gauri 2008-07-16 03:11
As per my understanding on HGrid, Hgrid is used to show hierarchy of data.
So hgrid will have a column to navigate down/up the hierarchy and other columns to display the common properties.

In your case u want to show line and distribution within header record. The columns in Header is not going to match with the columns in lines or distribution. Hence u cannot use Hgrid.

You should use a Show/Hide advance table. The advance table will show the Header records. When you expand the header records u can see two tables showing the line and distribution. To do this will have to create viewlinks between header and lines and header and distribution.

Hope this helps you.

Please post your future doubts in OA Framework Extensions and Customizations forum in http://apps2fusion.com/forums/
0 #3 harikiran 2009-02-09 07:27
I have a peculiar requirement.
I'm creating a new Message Text Input field (say msgInA) using personalization in a table as a new column.
This field is populated by the processRequest in Controller.
Then i shall add a link as another column to the table using personalization . Can i use the value in the msgInA field in the destinationURL of this link?

I'm doing this as a workaround to extend a standard page.
0 #4 muhtre 2009-05-21 09:53
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+1 #5 Sreedevi 2009-10-19 04:26
I have the following client requirement :
Client has Siebel page and on click of the url, the oracle apps login page needs to pop up. After authentication the Transaction Page (an oaf page from Customers Online) with the data needs to be displayed. The parameter partyId would be passed in the url.

I have built the following url:

This works as expected but the IDs(function_id ,resp_id,resp_a ppl_id) would change from instance to instance. Hence this cannot be exposed to the client.

Please let me know the solution for the same.

0 #6 Tim 2010-05-28 05:52
I am trying to skin the iRecruitment visitor homepage that includes some custom HTML.
The HTML is held externally and when I implemented it the page loads about a third of the page and then hangs. The personalization link (which I need to reset the page will not load at all (returns no HTML). Any idea why this is the case? Would it be necessary to reset this on the database itself?
Any help appreciated.
Th anks,
0 #7 Niraj.shah 2010-09-23 01:59
I am facing similar problem

i have 3 frame page

1. topframe page ( passing parameter from here to start framepage)
in the 1 region i have 2 independent items linked to lov which popluate the search criteria for user.
in another region i have 1 submit button and in the destination url property i m pasing startpage frame + parameters as url
2.start frame page (which has tree)
3.center frame page (which displays the tree link data)

its same like employee 3 frame turotial

the problem is it calls the startframe page but it doesnt shows a null parameters. I have tried to investigate the issue but not able to find it.
Any help in this case is appretiated

Th annks & Regards
Niraj Shah
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0 #14 Ranjeet Kumar Bhatia 2012-08-06 01:26
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Please guide me step by step with example.
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