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When doing extensions of View Objects, Entity Objects or Application Modules, it becomes necessary to import the substitution information into the database. The substitution information is stored in a file with extension .jpx in your JDEV_USER_HOME/myprojects. jpx file can either be imported from your desktop or from the server. Once the jpx file has been imported into the database, the information is then stored in the MDS repository. Therefore once you have loaded jpx on development instance of eBusiness Suite, you can simply export and import personalization to move substitution information from one instance to another. It must be noted that location of jpximport utility in jDeveloper 10g for R12 is different than its location in jDeveloper 9i for Release 11i.

The details of this difference can be found from this link below



Additionally please note that there is no need to load jpx file when testing BC4J extensions from jDeveloper itself.However you will have to change the runner property in jDeveloper as shown below, again, stes differ in 11i and R12


Testing BC4J extensions from JDeveloper 9i for Release 11i

To test the substitution directly from JDeveloper, change the project property in Oracle Application/Runner Tab, by appending line -Djbo.project=<name of jdev project goes here> , where <name of jdev project goes here> is the name of JDeveloper project.


Testing BC4J extensions from JDeveloper 10g for Release 12

In order for BC4J extensions to be tested from JDeveloper, within project  properties, select ‘Run/Debug’. Now click on ‘Edit’ to modify the default Java Configuration. A new window will pop up. In the field “Java Options”, scroll to the very end and append following entry -Djbo.project=xxicx01. In this case, xxicx01 is the name of the JDeveloper Project.


Anil Passi


0 #1 Cornell Sternbergh 2014-09-16 14:50
After the jpx is imported, it basically becomes a personalization , at the site level. This causes the substitution to affect all instances of the seeded VO, EO or AM. If one were to change the level, for example, to a responsibility; would the substitution then only occur for that responsibility, or do substitutions only work at the site level?

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