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Sometimes you get runtime errors in OA Framework self service pages due to some unwarranted personalizations.

For example, someone can create a text input accidentally as a message link or someone might add a controller class that is not yet deployed.
The issue becomes intriguing because a custom component can be added to an OA Framework page at various levels of personalization. 
Also, even if you know the name of the page where the error occurred, yet that page might consist of several nested regions, and one of those regions might have the culprit personalized component at one of the personalization leves.


This article presents a simple example in pursuit of finding the controller class which exists in personalization layer.
This can be applied for any OA Framework component in MDS. All you need to do is to run a simple SQL statement to query MDS Repository in JDR tables.
Let us assume that user sees an error as shown below

In this case, the controller is not found. The page can have dozens of shared regions, and we may not know which region and at which level does this controller exist.

Run a SQL , for the error component xxa2fSetupDetailsPageCO

SELECT jdr_mds_internal.getdocumentname(ja.att_comp_docid) AS customized_document, 
  FROM jdr_attributes ja 
 WHERE att_value LIKE '%xxa2fSetupDetailsPageCO%';

This will show that the custom OAF component in question exists against page SetupDetailsPG at site level
To confirm this fact, see the controller from the application.

Anil Passi


0 #1 ASaharya 2010-10-05 09:38
I need to move the record navigation Link (Previous / Next) from right side of the page to the left. How do I do that?
0 #2 Thanhnd 2010-10-26 05:44
Hi Anil
i have some problem about customize in OAF, i have already read some your tutorial about OAF but i didn't see it. Can you show me some example about customize in OAF.
I hope receive your email


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