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Dear Friends,

Firstly I am grateful for your continued encouragement and the constructive responses that I have received from you in past.

Sharing the knowledge and views via a Blog is a great idea, and I intend to continue my work on this.

However, taking the next step  forward, I will be delivering a face-to-face training seminar on Oracle Applications development and its best practices.

This seminar will take place on 1st June 2007 in Copenhagen[Denmark]
I will be trying to squeeze all my experience into that single day event.

This training seminar will be about day-to-day activities in Oracle Apps development, its challenges, best practices, and various troubleshooting tricks and techniques. Most part of this training seminar will be driven by presentation.

Also various Question and Answer sessions will be embedded within the seminar.

In case you are based in Europe, then you may consider attending this training event.

Link to the registration page for this Seminar

This training seminar will cover various topics like
    OA Framework Concepts & Extensions
    Workflows and business events and their various usages.
    Various Debugging/troubleshooting techniques that can be used for  day to day troubleshooting
    Forms extensions
    New features in R12
    ..........and much more.

Anil Passi

Anil Passi


0 #1 Omkareswar 2007-04-21 00:00
Hi Mr.Anil,
Thanks for giving the info about seminar, but Im unable to attend the seminar becoz Im working as Technical Consultant in India.

0 #2 ajaysinghoracle 2007-04-22 00:00
i m not in europe . so very sad i can not attend the seminar
0 #3 pam 2007-04-22 00:00

Can u record ur seminar and
pload it on ur site
0 #4 VENU 2007-04-22 00:00
Are there any possibilities for viewing the seminar online.
thank u
0 #5 chandra sekhar 2007-04-23 00:00
Hello Anil
a suggestion. organize similar event in india as well. make it fees based so that you can recover your travel and boarding expenses and also something for your time. Pl include functional topics also. Remember in india earnings are not at par with west.God bless you with prosperity and intellectual stamina
Warm regards
Chandr a Sekhar
0 #6 Anil Passi 2007-04-26 00:00
Thanks for all your ideas.

I am afraid that the copyrights for this seminar is held by Oracle, hence I will not be in a position to upload that seminar in public domain.

Organizatio n of seminar in India is a good idea, something that can be worked upon, provided logistics can be arranged for.

Please email me on anilpassi [atthrate] gmail [dot] com with any ideas.

Thank s,
Anil Passi
0 #7 Pradip 2008-02-18 07:58
Hi, Mr Anil
We are very thankful to u done such a great job,why don't u put that seminar topics and description,wha t u used to exactly there?

Regards ,

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