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Please find a list of OA Framework & Java [in APPS] related articles.

OA Framework Related

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Audio Video Demo - How to Embed a Custom Screen into OA Framework Screen

Contains Video Tutorial for steps to develop custom screen and also the extension steps

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Entity Objects :- Where do they fit into our Forms/D2K model

Implement Entity Object using PL/SQL API, in OA Framework

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OA Framework page on web

Is extension of Controllers in OA Framework Safe? [Some Pointers]

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A Brief History of OA Framework - Presentation

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Extend OA Framework in R12

Personalizations with Audio-Video Demo

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User Level Personalizations by Admin- Shared Folders

How to move personalizations from one environment to another

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Audio-Video Demo- How to run Oracle Apps pages from jDeveloper - Example iProcurement

Enable Personalizations -Why is it important to use Functional Administrator to set Profile Options

Defaults in OA Framework - Concepts and practical approach

OA Framework Interview Questions

Add Picklist/Dropdown list field to OAF Screen using extension/Personalization
Testing OAF Extensions after deployment- When to bounce what?
Add Submit Button Programatically - Concept

Sample Code- Add Submit Button Programatically

Java in Oracle Apps
How to write Java Concurrent Programs in Oracle Apps?

Another usage of Java Concurrent Programs

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Hide or change Copyright and Privacy Statement in OA Framework
Creating custom Web ADI Integrators
Embed HTML into OA Framework Page- URL Include and other options

Anil Passi


0 #1 sanjeev sadhwani 2007-01-11 00:00
too good stuffs.. keep up good work.. master.
0 #2 sanjeev sadhwani 2007-01-11 00:00
too good stuffs.. keep up good work.. master.
0 #3 pavan 2007-01-19 00:00
hi anil

I have doubt abt entity object, what is exact difference between java EO and pl/sql EO? please clarify my doubt with small example.
thank ing you
0 #4 pavan 2007-01-19 00:00
hi anil

I have doubt abt entity object, what is exact difference between java EO and pl/sql EO? please clarify my doubt with small example.
thank ing you
0 #5 Anil Passi 2007-01-20 00:00
Hi Pavan

Yes, Oracle Apps lets you have EO in Java form or PL/SQL API.
If your EO will use multiple table update/deletes or if there exists an API for re-use then you can use PL/SQL based entity object. An example is whereby you want an entity object to create FND_USER. In this case pl/sql fnd_user_pkg could be used.

Please see article http://www.google.com/search?q=site:apps2fusion.com+plsql-entity-based-oa-framework-oaplsqlentityimpl-2

Anil Passi
0 #6 Anil Passi 2007-01-20 00:00
Hi Pavan

Yes, Oracle Apps lets you have EO in Java form or PL/SQL API. My personal choice is pl/sql.

I will publish some example to demonstrate that.
Please give me a weeks time,

Cheers ,
Anil Passi
0 #7 Sai Bala 2007-02-26 00:00

I stumbled upon this site searching for a workflow customization example, and I have to say this is an awesome site. Thanks a bunch...

0 #8 pavankumar 2007-04-17 00:00
Hi anil

1)How to register new selfservice form?
2)Breif introduction about personalization ?Give me one example?
0 #9 Ajay Singh 2007-07-05 12:24
good work
ajay singh
0 #10 Malini 2007-07-13 10:01
Hi Anil,

Thanks for this fantastic site. I have learnt such a lot on customising and working with OA Framework.

Is it possible to open a new window and display an external link like say http://news.bbc.co.uk from a link within an OA Framework page?

I tried this on one of the tutorials, converted an ietm to a link and put the destination as http://news.bbc.co.uk, and it worked fine when I ran it from JDeveloper.

I am now trying to do something similar, but the destination URL does not get formed correctly, it becomes http://tolkien.uk.tnsofres.com:8035/OA_HTML/&file_name, file_name is my VO item and I'm currently retrieving the value http://news.bbc.co.uk in there.

Your help will be greatly appreciated.

K ind Regards

0 #11 Anil Passi 2007-07-13 19:53
Hi Malini

You can use staticStyledTex t as shown below

In case you wish to achieve this programatically , then use below approach in controller

imp ort oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.beans.* ;
public void processRequest( OAPageContext pageContext, OAWebBean webBean)
super.processRe quest(pageConte xt, webBean);
OAStaticStyledT extBean ost = (OAStaticStyledT extBean)webBean.findChildRecursive("item1") ;
ost.setLabel("C lick here for my website");
ost.setDestinat ion("http://ani lpassi.com");

PS: item1 is the item with style staticStyledTex t.

You may also use Raw text to achieve the desired results. < a href="http://ne ws.bbc.co.uk" >http://news.bbc.co.uk< / a >

In case you are modifying the standard page, then use personalization to create new item of type staticStyledTex t

Anil Passi
0 #12 Sourav 2007-08-07 06:43
Hi Anil,
First of all thanks for all the articles you have written, you are doing a great job.
i had a query ,how can we change the custom home page of apps, as you must have seen in the custom home page i.e the OA.jsp page the message comes like ,Logged in as "XYZ" where xyz represents the login id of the employee which he entered in the login screen,but i want to replace thet messaage by a message Welcome ABC where ABC is the username fetch from the database.Is it possible if yes then how?
0 #13 Anil Passi 2007-08-07 16:48
Hi Sourav

First you need to find the fnd_message which is responsible for displayinng this.

-- ------------ --------------- ---------------
283 CN_LOGGED_IN_AS Logged In As &USER

I have shortlisted 3 for you. Howver to be 100% sure, you need to run debug log after setting that to Yes at statement level ,for the site.

Anil Passi
-1 #14 silpa 2007-08-27 09:55
Hi Anil
I have a query about the naming convention for the BC4j packages when we create an OA form...

Thanks & Regards
0 #15 silpa 2007-08-27 09:56
Hi Anil
I have a query about the naming convention for the BC4j packages when we create an OA form...What should be the naming convention?

Th anks & Regards
0 #16 Shoaib 2007-08-31 02:29
Hi Anil,
Its really nice of you to have this site setup. thanks buddy for all the info.
I need a little clarification in regards to SubTabLayout and Table region.

For subTabLayout, the problem comes when the user click on the go for search criteria again, the navigation doesnt get transfered to index 0. I have tried stSelectedIdex property, and my intialindex is set to 0 aswell.

For Table region,i want to pass a value from a table cell to populate another table
(similar to master-detail knid of thing) when user clicks that particular value.

Any suggestion will be highly appreciated.

R egards,
0 #17 anil passi fan 2007-09-03 06:44
Hi Anil,

Stupendo us job. Its become my hobby going through your posts.
I would like to know if R12 OAF documentation is relased or are we required to use 11.5.10 OAF for R12 as well. Also is there any changes in the 11.5.10 & R12 relase w.r.t OAF.

Mo hd
0 #18 krithika_gv 2007-09-03 19:05
Hi Anil,

Thanks for all the time that u r spending sharing ur valuable knowledge.Thank s a lot once again.Got a chance to learn a lot from the very good articles on OA framework on this site.

I have got a requirement and need some pointers that can guide me.
Requirement is changing the color of a button. As i am not familiar with applying css using OAF and i couldnt get much help from OAF dev Guide. Can u plz give me some pointers which guide me in completing my requirement.

T hanks,
Krithika .
0 #19 Anil Neema 2007-09-21 12:45
Hi Anil,
I want to implement data security in custom pages. This could be done in standard web applications like iSupplier portal by defining the security attributes at the USER and the RESPONSIBILITY level. But when tried on custom pages the same approach doesn`t works.
Please Help
+1 #20 Radhika 2007-09-28 07:06
I am implementing iRecruitment.Th ere is a Requirement in iRecruitment--- Client wants interview schedule form to be available in iRecruitment Manager.So i enabled the schedule button near status.But the problem is
1.When we click on the button, again i have to find the applicant name.Is there anyway , so that i can get the applicant name directly in the find screen
2.After scheduling the interview, when i am closing the form, i am getting the home page.But i need to be in the page where i created the schedule button.

Could you please help me by giving the solution for these two points.

Regard s
0 #21 debashis 2007-10-03 08:29
Hi Anil,
i have been following most of ur articles those esp on OAF.truly it had been of great help.Thanks You. :)
Can u please help me out in implementing file upload/download in my custom OAF page.
1. What to write in "File View Attribute".
I have created a table with BLOB data type and my VO attribute column has been mapped to the messageDownload field

The problem is that instead of showing the File name as the "Download" link the whole contents of the file is displayed as a link.
0 #22 shobhit 2007-10-04 10:39
while deploying the search page to the oracle apps after successful completion of all steps when registering with apps we are getting an error page showing following error
oracle.apps.fn d.framework.OAE xception: Could not load application module 'xxt.oracle.app s.ak.xxperson.s erver.xxPersonA M'.
Pls suggest ..
0 #23 Swapnil 2007-10-05 05:54
Hi Anil,

First of all thanx for making available such user friendly tutorials especially useful for novice developers...
We were trying to deploy search application in oracle apps 11i(
using Jdeveloper9i patch p6012619_11i_GE NERIC we are facing the following problems:

1. The deployment guide(anjani pandey) available at ur portal has a differnt file structure mentioned( myproject exits in jdevbin whereas in our case it is located inside jdevhome)

2. well, after executing the script mentioned for import(C:\p6012619_11i_GE NERIC\jdevhome\jdev\myprojects\xxt\oracle\apps\ak\xxperson\webui\xxPersonMainPG.xml -username apps -password apps -rootdir C:\p6012619_11i_GE NERIC\jdevhome\jdev\myprojects\ -dbconnection "(DESCRIPTION=( ADDRESS=(PROTOC OL=tcp)(HOST=19 RT=1521))(CONNE CT_DATA=(SID=TE ST)))"
it does shows import successful but when we try to accesss the page through Oracle apps (after registering, of course)we get following error messages:
(i) oracle.apps.fnd .framework.OAEx ception: Application: FND, Message Name: FND_NO_REGION_D ATA. Tokens: REGIONCODE = /apps/oracle/te stcomn/java/ora cle/apps/ak/xxp erson/webui/xxP ersonMainPG;
(ii) We even changed the HTML call required in apps but every time it shows similar msgs..

We even bounced the Apache server..

Plz suggest a way out...( Kindly also provide explanation i.e logic of import statement)
0 #24 Naveen Sreeramoju 2007-10-05 06:08
Hi Anil,

Working in implementation of irecruitment module. Client wants a requirement as below

A grid arrangement of checkboxes is required to allow candidates to indicate their capacity to work at different times of the day on the different days of the week. This should look like below

Morning Hours Evening Hours Not Available.

There should be check boxes, so that applicant can let us know the exact availability of a day.

Can you throw some ideas on this ... or do we have any standard bean component to get this done..?

Regard s,
Naveen S
0 #25 Anil Passi 2007-10-07 07:16
Hi Naveen

You could try TableLayoutBean /Rowlayout bean.
Each checkbox will go into a cellformat.
For the first column of the header, its cellformat will contain a spacer. You will need to optimize spacer for its horizontal width.

Anil Passi
0 #26 Naveen Sreeramoju 2007-10-17 09:22
Hi Anil,

Thanks for your ideas .. I have used combination of stacklayout and avancedtable to design the grid.

I have few doubts ..
1. Can we change the layout style of a standard page. The client requirement is to move defaultsinglela yout (Standard Look and feel) to defaultDoubleLa yout. This is basically to accomodate space and add custom region to the standard one without having scrollbar.

2. If I have added custom region to standard region ... The controllers for standard and custom region will be different... so .. how to commit my transaction in this senario ??

For eg .. irecruitment module have a train of 4 pages, and i have to add custom region in 3 page of the train... controller for my region will be different .. so how can i commit my transaction...?

3. I have to build a new page which facilitates user to send Bulk emails to job seekers... how can we accomplish email functionality in OAF..

Thanks in advance for all your support..

Rega rds,
0 #27 Naveen Sreeramoju 2007-10-17 12:02
Hi Anil,

I have a quick question ... In your demo we were able to add Flexiblelayout region to standard page and then U have given full path for the stacklayout there.

But when I am trying to add a region .. I am unable to see such options lie (Stacklayout,Fl exible layout ... etc). On what basis the options over here will get changed...

Reg ards,
Naveen S
0 #28 Anil Passi 2007-10-18 05:28
Hi Naveen

1. Changing from Doublecol to SingleCol, at runtime,
perhaps you could try ((OADefaultDoub leColumnBean)oa webbean).setNum berOfColumns(1) ;
I haven't tried doing this at my end, hence can't be 100% sure if this is going to work.
2. Nested Controller will be called and within that events generated from train can be captured.
In the nested controller[the one against stacklayout], you can use pageContext.get RootApplication Module() and then invoke the commit within the root AM.
Additionaly another option, if your custom region is attached to a Custom AM, then you can invoke a commit from custom region
3. Use the code provided in scripts4oracle.blogspot.com/2006/12/self-service-hr-script-3-to-allocate.html for sending mass emails from Oracle EBS
4. Once Flexiblelayout has been created, personalize that item which you have created and withinn that click create to add stacklayout region

Anil Passi
0 #29 shobhit 2007-10-18 12:39
you have created a great site for the starters like us.thanks a lot.i need to do some customizatio as per the requirements of the project.for that i need to create a new jsp n call an exsisting jsp in the oracle apps.also i need to pass parameters from my new jsp to the inbuilt jsp of apps so that it can populate values there.how can i do this?pls give some solutions.
0 #30 Naveen Sreeramoju 2007-10-19 10:56
Hi Anil,

Thanks for all your support ....

I have a doubt as how to catch the parameters for a standard page. I have attached a custom region to standard page and when i am trying to query for a static value it is working fine.
But I couldn't able to trace out the the parameter name which is storing the value. I have tried by enabling diagnostics option too.. but no luck ..

Na veen S
0 #31 Anil Passi 2007-10-20 15:44
Hi Naveen
You can find out the list of all the parameters in a controller, by using a method named pageContext.get ParameterNames( ). This returns Enumeration type object, using which you can iterate over the list of parameters.

So me pages [for example in Oracle Student System] use Session Variables as well.

To analyse Oracle classes, simply decompile and study them.

A nil Passi
0 #32 Run OAF from Home 2007-10-21 11:23
Hi Anil,

Can I run a OAF page from Home without having apps installed on my syatem.
It asks for Responsibility key and application user name and password in the project property.

Plea se let me know if it is possible

Thank s a lot
0 #33 Anil Passi 2007-10-21 13:05
Hi Pramil

You will require access to APPS Database before you can run the OAF Page

A nil Passi
0 #34 Manish Neupane 2007-10-24 16:09
Hi Anil,

I'm a newby in OAF development. Over the past 5 days I've managed to go through the Hello World and couple of other tutorial projects and managed a way to implement a new page for the payroll module. Everything so far has worked out pretty good after migrating the new page from my local development into an actual app server, except for a slight issue with the "setRedirectURL " command.

On the server it gives me an error that a forwarding pages needs to be a JSP or HTML, when in fact that is the case. The only way i've been able to get around this issue is to execute the setRedirectURL with the full URL like ("http://xky.se rver.com/OA_HTM L/payslip_temp/ file1.html") when before i was only passing in the relative path ("payslip_temp/ file1.html"), as it worked without any issues on the local machine.

I would like to make the first part of the URL dynamic ("http://xky.se rver.com/" right now it's hard coded and we would have issues once the code is moved to the another environment) so is there a way to reterive it from the pageContext object ? . I've looked at the getCurrentURL, and number of other similar function but none of them seem to return the full URL.

Your input into this would be greatly appreciated .


Manis h
0 #35 Naveen Sreeramoju 2007-10-25 06:22
Hi Anil,

How r u ? Thanks for your inputs.. It was very helpful for me all the time..

1. I have personalized standard pages and added custom region to it.. now how can we migrate them to other instance.
2. When I have compiled project in JDEV, It will create classfiles in myclasses directory which also contains RN and PG files. So, what i am doing is move them to $JAVA_TOP and import the PG / RN. But Do we have to create directory structure in $APPL_TOP and move all PG and RN files there ? Is this a repository where we are saving / is there any other purpose ? ..
3. Is there any way to findout the depended objects on a particular region. For example, I have created custom region and now I want to know what are all pages where I have added this ..
4. Can you thorw some ideas on how to change the standard region style eg : defaultSingle layout to double layout.. I have tried your suggestion ((OADefaultDoub leColumnBean)oa webbean).setNum berOfColumns(1) , but i couldn't get any solution for that...

Thank s ,
Naveen S
0 #36 Chandramouli K 2007-11-14 21:26
Hi Anil,
I am new to jdev ...
In this application which i am working it requires changing the copy to cart functionality ..in case of any items expired copy to cart gives error message ..and business need is to over ride the error message giving the new item reference picked from a custom table ...this mandatorily need not add new item to cart but new item desc should be put on the screen .
Now I was trying to open the ShoppingHomePG which has already some extensions on it
I ftped the custom folders in the custom path and added to my jdeveloper .
As mentioned i have imported the server.xml and available class,xml files too to the jpr .
But when i tried to run the home page ..its giving message stack .

oracle.apps. fnd.framework.O AException: Could not load application module 'oracle.apps.ic x.por.req.serve r.RequisitionAM '.
at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAJSPApplicat ionRegistry.reg isterApplicatio nModule(OAJSPAp plicationRegist ry.java:279)
at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAJSPApplicat ionRegistry.reg isterApplicatio nModule(OAJSPAp plicationRegist ry.java:78)
at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAPageBean.pr eparePage(OAPag eBean.java:1177 )

## Detail 0 ##
JBO-30003: The application pool (sea-ax0022.dav ita.comFINTEST1 527oracle.apps. icx.por.req.ser ver.Requisition AM) failed to checkout an application module due to the following exception:
orac le.jbo.JboExcep tion: JBO-29000: Unexpected exception caught: oracle.jbo.Cust omClassNotFound Exception, msg=JBO-26022: Could not find and load the custom class oracle.apps.icx .por.req.server .RequisitionAMI mpl
at oracle.jbo.comm on.ampool.Appli cationPoolImpl. doCheckout(Appl icationPoolImpl .java:1619)
at oracle.jbo.comm on.ampool.Appli cationPoolImpl. useApplicationM odule(Applicati onPoolImpl.java :2366)
at oracle.jbo.comm on.ampool.Sessi onCookieImpl.us eApplicationMod ule(SessionCook ieImpl.java:427 )
at oracle.jbo.http .HttpSessionCoo kieImpl.useAppl icationModule(H ttpSessionCooki eImpl.java:214)
at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAHttpSession CookieImpl.useA pplicationModul e(OAHttpSession CookieImpl.java :473)
at oracle.jbo.comm on.ampool.Sessi onCookieImpl.us eApplicationMod ule(SessionCook ieImpl.java:398 )
at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAJSPApplicat ionRegistry.reg isterApplicatio nModule(OAJSPAp plicationRegist ry.java:208)
at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAJSPApplicat ionRegistry.reg isterApplicatio nModule(OAJSPAp plicationRegist ry.java:78)
at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAPageBean.pr eparePage(OAPag eBean.java:1177 )
at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAPageBean.pr eparePage(OAPag eBean.java:502)
at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAPageBean.pr eparePage(OAPag eBean.java:423)
at _OA._jspService (OA.jsp:40)
at com.orionserver .http.OrionHttp JspPage.service (OrionHttpJspPa ge.java:56)
at oracle.jsp.runt imev2.JspPageTa ble.service(Jsp PageTable.java: 317)
at oracle.jsp.runt imev2.JspServle t.internalServi ce(JspServlet.j ava:465)
at oracle.jsp.runt imev2.JspServle t.service(JspSe rvlet.java:379)
at javax.servlet.h ttp.HttpServlet .service(HttpSe rvlet.java:853)
at com.evermind.se rver.http.Servl etRequestDispat cher.invoke(Ser vletRequestDisp atcher.java:727 )
at com.evermind.se rver.http.Servl etRequestDispat cher.forwardInt ernal(ServletRe questDispatcher .java:306)
at com.evermind.se rver.http.HttpR equestHandler.p rocessRequest(H ttpRequestHandl er.java:767)
at com.evermind.se rver.http.HttpR equestHandler.r un(HttpRequestH andler.java:259 )
at com.evermind.se rver.http.HttpR equestHandler.r un(HttpRequestH andler.java:106 )
at EDU.oswego.cs.d l.util.concurre nt.PooledExecut or$Worker.run(P ooledExecutor.j ava:803)
at java.lang.Threa d.run(Thread.ja va:534)

How should i go ahead ..please help .

Cha ndramouli
0 #37 someone 2007-11-16 08:13
I have found out that OADefaultSingle ColumnBean is deprecated and its alternative is OAMessageCompon entLayout. So there is a method in OADefaultSingle ColumnBean called setHeaderDisabl ed() but its equivalent is not there in OAMessageCompon entLayoutBean. i need that method. Please help me .Thank you
0 #38 rajesh.s 2007-11-16 13:49

what are the table and column changes in interface tables in finance modules.

Thanks in advance for ur response.

Than ks
0 #39 Adeloye Adeyinka 2007-12-05 13:29
Hi Anil,

I am working as Oracle apps techincal cosultant,i started learning OA frame work.
I went through your tutorial,its helping me alot.I got an error while developing page i got the following error Error(13,8): class xxt.oracle.apps .per.xxperson.s chema.server.xx PersonEOImpl should be declared abstract; it does not define method setLastUpdatedB y(oracle.jbo.do main.Number) in class oracle.apps.fnd .framework.serv er.OAEntityImpl

colud u tell me why this error came.
can i download this tutorial? how can i download please let me know.

0 #40 Ajaya Yaratha 2007-12-14 13:24
hi Anil,
Please can you provide highlights on "HTML DB and OA framework comparison"
bas ically
1) when one should use OA Framework -- is it only related to Oracle apps extension or any general project?
2) For any general project, is HTML DB is better or OA Framework ?
0 #41 Muzafar Jatoi 2007-12-17 23:19
Hi Anil,

Thanks for this great site.

Is it possible to open a new window and display an external link like say http://www.oracle.com from a link within an OA Framework page?

I created a new item of type Static Styled Text but the url opens up in the same window. I am trying to add a link to another page.

Thanks for your help.

0 #42 Muzafar Jatoi 2007-12-18 13:31
Used this as the destination URI to open a new window.
javascr ipt:void window.open('ht tp://www.oracle .com')

0 #43 sumo 2008-02-06 13:00
Hi Anil,
Why didn't you give us a trainig on creating a tree.
Pls give a training on it.
0 #44 Vijay A 2008-02-06 21:48
Anil, Can you offer Weekend online OA Framework Training. we are highly motivated and dedicated 4 members interested to learn on lIne via skype etc.
We are at Houston Tx
please reply.

0 #45 Ahmed Shalaby 2008-02-12 14:59
Hi! Anil,
Thanks for all information you have posted on your website.
Could you pleas provide correct method to use with example?

- Alok.
0 #46 Anil Passii 2008-02-12 21:24
Hey Alok

-------- -----
createWeb Bean(OAPageCont ext pageContext, String style)

-------- -----
createWeb Bean(OAPageCont ext pageContext, String style, String dataType, String itemName)

Having said so, even Oracle's FND internal classes continue to use old creaeWebBean, feel free to decompile and check those out.
There are over 200 instances where oracle haven't migrated their code to new API [as per 11.5.10CU6]

T hanks
0 #47 raja anu 2008-02-13 13:33
Hi anil.
Thanks for this great site and the help you are providing.

we have a small problem while calling a standard oracle form from OAF page.

we tried to open the menu form using the following syntax.


Its opening successfully, but when we are trying to pass some values to
Menu & User Menu name fields, with the following syntax and values


it is erroring out like

can you please help us in calling oracle form from the OAF pages by passing values to the form.
ra ja
0 #48 ram raju 2008-02-15 14:15
Hi anil,

Can you please reply to the above query(Opening a standard oracle form with parameters from OAF page)

It's very important for us to resolve this as early as possible.

Than ks
0 #49 Anil Passi 2008-02-15 14:33
Hi Ram

I have'nt done this in past.

However, I notice there is a java class named RunFunction
Thi s class has a method named getRunFunctionL ink to which you can pass in responsibility, Function as parameters.

On ce you get the URL, you can assign this value to a link bean.

You can also consider invoking oapagecontext.r unFunctionURLRe direct(linkStri ngFromPrevFunct ion)
I am yet to use this myself, hence you can use this suggestion to initiate your investigations.

0 #50 Paramita Sanyal 2008-02-21 11:19
Hi Anil,

I would like to know how to implement radio button in a page. Could you please help me regarding this?

Thank you,
0 #51 subbareddy 2008-03-10 06:10
Hi Anil,
I'm very new to OFA, im trying to configure JDeveloper as per the details given in your tutorial. But receiving "Io exception: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection". Not knowing how to resolve this problem. Using Vision instance in my system and JDK not installed.

Pls tell some solution how to come out from this problem

0 #52 Mahmoud Assem 2008-03-13 11:40
Dear All,
Please can anyone provide me with a tutorial of adding an attachment region and how to view it.

Ma hmoud Assem
0 #53 sai krishna aravapalli 2008-03-16 03:13
Sir to my knowledge ur the genius who are intendending to help new ones on oracle applications
this work would be really appreciated
0 #54 sai krishna aravapalli 2008-03-16 03:15
Hi i am new to oracle applications could anyone forward me ppts and video totorial links
which would help me a lot
u can mail me at
help would be really appreciated
Thanks & Regards
0 #55 Manav Manocha 2008-03-16 19:22
Hi Sir,
i need your advice on one issue i have to work on
Here's the detail
In OIE.K, when a delegate tries to enter an expense report for an employee following error message pops up "Approver: The specified approver is not defined as a user of the application. Please enter another approver, or select one from the list of values." This occurs when the supervisor of an employee for whom expense report is entered either has an end dated User Record in Oracle or does not exists as an Oracle User (they are only entered as an employee). The Oracle standard functionality is to classify this as an invalid approver.
The request is to research and apply a customization to bypass this validation and proceed with the expense report entry even though the supervisor is not a valid supervisor.

This is related to OA framework jdeveloper
Can you please advice as to how i should proceed .i'll be really greatful to you
0 #56 Anil Passi 2008-03-16 20:47
Hi Manav

Usually, we must not bypass such validations.
Th is validation is there for a good reason.
If your approver does not have an FND_USER account, then how will they ever Approve the expense report.
How will the workflow send them notifications, as they do not have access to application to logon.

What you should be looking to do is to create default FND_USER accounts for all the employees.
All this can be quite easily scripted.

Anyw ay, in answer to your question, you can extend view object oracle.apps.ap. oie.server.Appr oversVO
When you extend the view object, you need to override the method below

-------- ----------
public OAException validateUserAcc ount(Number number)
boolean flag = true;
flag = hasValidFNDUser AndWfAccount(nu mber);
return new OAException("SQ LAP", "OIE_ENTRY_APPR OVER_NOT_USER") ;
return null;

------------ ------
public OAException validateUserAcc ount(Number number)
//do not call super.validateU serAccount(numb er) ;
return null;

Anyway , I hope you convince your business analysts to not to proceed with this extension.

Th anks,
Anil Passi
0 #57 Usha Ananthakrishnan 2008-03-17 14:06
I need your help to solve the following issue .
The issue is:
I have entered the Amount(25.00) in Non-catalog request in IProcurement the item type is "Goods or services billed by amount" and I filled the required field then click "Add to Cart button" we can see the shopping cart detail on left side. When we click the "view cart and checkout button" we will see the "amount(25.00)" in "Quantity" field.Price is 1.00 USD but the Amount will display in "Price" field. Amount is misplaced in quantity field. How can I resolve this problem. Please guide me?

Usha Ananthakrishnan .
Technical Developer.
0 #58 Anil Passi 2008-03-17 14:39
Hi Usha,

Sounds like you are facing issue on standard iProc functionality,
Hence please raise SR via metalink

Thank s
+1 #59 adv 2008-03-19 07:16
Hi Anil,

we have created an SelfSecured OAF page. this page when loaded on server will work if profile:fnd function validation level =none but when we change this profile option to 'Error' it is not working. where as we have few other SelfSecured pages(log is given below) which are working fine for profile value 'Error'. in Production we are not suppose to change the value to None. so can you please suggest us what could be the issue. below are the log files of our solution and other solution(which is working fine).
Our solution:

[437 ]:STATEMENT:[fn d.framework.web ui.OAPageSecuri ty]:Page Securing Expression = ${oa.Funct ionSecurity.XXA T_POACCL_GUEST_ FUNC}
[437 ]:STATEMENT:[fn d.framework.web ui.OAPageSecuri ty]:Current Page SelfSecured = true
[437]:STAT EMENT:[fnd.fram ework.webui.OAP ageSecurity]:Cu rrent Page matea data securing function = XXAT_POACCL_GUE ST_FUNC
[437]:P ROCEDURE:[fnd.c ommon.WebAppsCo ntext]:oracle.a pps.fnd.common. WebAppsContext. getFNDGlobal(): BEGIN
[437]:PRO CEDURE:[fnd.com mon.WebAppsCont ext]:oracle.app s.fnd.common.We bAppsContext.ge tFNDGlobal(): END
[437]:PROCE DURE:[fnd.commo n.WebAppsContex t]:oracle.apps. fnd.common.WebA ppsContext.getF NDGlobal(): BEGIN
[437]:PRO CEDURE:[fnd.com mon.WebAppsCont ext]:oracle.app s.fnd.common.We bAppsContext.ge tFNDGlobal(): END
[437]:PROCE DURE:[fnd.commo n.WebAppsContex t]:oracle.apps. fnd.common.WebA ppsContext.getF NDGlobal(): BEGIN
[437]:PRO CEDURE:[fnd.com mon.WebAppsCont ext]:oracle.app s.fnd.common.We bAppsContext.ge tFNDGlobal(): END
[437]:STATE MENT:[fnd.frame work.webui.OAPa geSecurity]:MAC validation status = false
[437]:STA TEMENT:[fnd.fra mework.webui.OA PageSecurity]:R equest parameters validation status = false
[437]:STA TEMENT:[fnd.fra mework.webui.OA PageSecurity]:S ecurity Level = ERROR
[438]:STA TEMENT:[fnd.fra mework.webui.OA PageSecurity]:P age Securing function = XXAT_POACCL_GUE ST_FUNC

Other Solution:
[40]: STATEMENT:[fnd. framework.webui .OAPageSecurity ]:Security Level = ERROR
[40]:STAT EMENT:[fnd.fram ework.webui.OAP ageSecurity]:Cu rrent Page SelfSecured = false
[40]:STAT EMENT:[fnd.fram ework.webui.OAP ageSecurity]:Cu rrent Page matea data securing function = null
[40]:PROCE DURE:[fnd.commo n.WebAppsContex t]:oracle.apps. fnd.common.WebA ppsContext.getF NDGlobal(): BEGIN
[40]:PROC EDURE:[fnd.comm on.WebAppsConte xt]:oracle.apps .fnd.common.Web AppsContext.get FNDGlobal(): END
[40]:PROCED URE:[fnd.common .WebAppsContext ]:oracle.apps.f nd.common.WebAp psContext.getFN DGlobal(): BEGIN
[40]:PROC EDURE:[fnd.comm on.WebAppsConte xt]:oracle.apps .fnd.common.Web AppsContext.get FNDGlobal(): END
[40]:PROCED URE:[fnd.common .WebAppsContext ]:oracle.apps.f nd.common.WebAp psContext.getFN DGlobal(): BEGIN
[40]:PROC EDURE:[fnd.comm on.WebAppsConte xt]:oracle.apps .fnd.common.Web AppsContext.get FNDGlobal(): END
[41]:STATEM ENT:[fnd.framew ork.webui.OAPag eSecurity]:MAC validation status = true
[41]:STATE MENT:[fnd.frame work.webui.OAPa geSecurity]:Req uest parameters validation status = false
[41]:STAT EMENT:[fnd.fram ework.webui.OAP ageSecurity]:Pa ge Securing function = null


0 #60 Swati Gupta 2008-03-24 01:26
Hi Anil,

I am learning OAF from past 4 months.
I came across the topic of Attachments in OAF.
Can you please provide some information on that.

Thanks in Advance
0 #61 Satish Mavuri 2008-04-04 13:35

When I try to Create New Person from your tutorial. First the ManagePersonPG do not show up. GIVES some application id error.

Solved it by giving the path

/xxt/oracle/a pps/ak/xxperson /webui/managePe rsonPG" ---"There was no XXT in your path"

But now when i click "Create New Person" it goes to "ManagePersonPG " but the last record in the table is AUTOMATICALLY POPULATED in the ManagePersonPG Page ?

Is it Some buffer problem, why it is retaining the last record?
0 #62 Satish Mavuri 2008-04-04 15:23
Hi Anil

where exactly we need to initialize Vo sothat it points to New record in memory.?

where exactly we need to initialize Vo sothat it points to New record in memory?
0 #63 Ashwini 2008-04-22 09:16
Hi Anil...

Please guide on how to call a Oracle Form from a OAF screen. You have shown Oracle Form calling OAF page but will vice versa take place?

And also let me know how tough is to start with Jdeveloper 10g. I had worked for 2-3 months on Jdeveloper9.0.3 version.

Pleas e guide me on what all I need to look into this tutorial as a beginner.

Than ks
0 #64 Rakesh 2008-04-23 11:35
Hi Anil,
I have to extend few page of iSupplier Portal. I am really trying hard to run the page from my local machine. I have gone through your article on how to setup JDeveloper to run page local.
I have got confusion. You have mentioned about step10. Include all available libraries into jDeveloper project.

What exactly libraries are you talking about?
How can i add any ****PG.xml file which i found using personalization link in project?
Can I just open xml file using open under file menu to include into OAProject?

Wha t is the Import option available under file menu? I am able to use this only for server.xml file.
There is one more option available "Copy files to project Directory". I could not find any help regrading this.

I am completely stuck at xml file which i have downloaded from mds directory..
please guide me how to run any page which we download from mds. I have seen your video to setup jdev to run page on local machine.
There 10gJdeveloper has automatically included all the files under project. I am currently using 9iJDeveloper for 11i10 RUP5. This does not include file automatically.

I can send you screen shot of all steps which i have done. Please help me on this. Its really urgent.

+1 #65 kishore Ryali 2008-04-27 22:57
Reference Link: http://www.google.com/search?q=site:apps2fusion.com+extend-vo-in-oa-framwork

During VO extension, after creation of new view attributes for task_num, award_num etc. you entered the query based on new view xxicx_pa_projec ts_expend_v.
Do es that mean if during patching original view pa_projects_exp end_v changes, those upgrades are not propogated to the extended VO.
So is it not breaking the sanity of going for safe VO extensions?

Re gards
Kishore Ryali
0 #66 Anil Passi- 2008-04-28 00:53
Hi Kishore

You are right, for VO's that are created in expert mode in Oracle, run this risk during the extension.

Tha nks,
Anil Passi
-1 #67 Manikanth Pedapudi 2008-04-28 05:42
I just got a question with pageContext.set ForwardURL(),I see there is something different between r11 and r12. (I use JDeveloper 10 in R12),But when i followed the sample "OA Framework Training Tutorial 03 " ,i found that the jdeveloper tell me there is an complain error with setForwardURL() ,the parameter did not matched!
0 #68 Manikanth Pedapudi 2008-04-28 21:20
When i rebuild the sample i got a error about:
Error(62 ,25): method setForwardURL(j ava.lang.String , byte, null, java.util.HashM ap, boolean, java.lang.Strin g, byte) not found in interface oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAPageContext
Who can tell me?
0 #69 Manikanth Pedapudi 2008-04-28 21:24
Thank you ,I have find my answor.
0 #70 Manikanth Pedapudi 2008-04-30 04:30
Hi,I have find a bug in the sample. After i followed the sample(the video),I find that i can not create a new person in "managePersonPG ".In fact,i create it in the page,but it no reflect to DB,(I can not get my new person in DB).
And,I already get the why. In the managePersonCO. java file, in the "processFormReq uest" method,like:
== ===========
if ( pageContext.get Parameter("save Person") != null )

personam.invoke Method("savePer sonToDatabase") ;

pageContext.set ForwardURL(
"OA.jsp?page=/o racle/apps/ak/x xperson/webui/x xPersonMainPG"
, null //not needed as we are retaining menu context
, null //not needed as we are retaining menu context
,null // no parameters are needed
,true //retain AM
,OAWebBeanConst ants.ADD_BREAD_ CRUMB_NO
,OAWebBeanConst ants.IGNORE_MES SAGES);

============= =========

if I change the "pageContext.get Parameter("save Person") " to " pageContext.get Parameter(EVENT _PARAM)", than the problam solved.!!!!
0 #71 Muhammad Sajid farooq 2008-04-30 05:14
Thanks for letting us know
0 #72 Rajas N Jayawant 2008-05-14 17:05
Hi Anil,

How to find WHO column details in a OAF page?

0 #73 Gopik 2008-05-18 04:29
Hi Anil,

I need Jdev 9i software, but it is not available on the Oracle site, I searched through the net but didn't find it.
Can you pls help me? Where can i download it? Other wise, can i use app11.5.10. 2 with jdev 10? Pls giv give me a suggestion.
Gop i
0 #74 Anil Passi 2008-05-18 05:51
Hi Gopi

You need to download apps version of jDev from Metalink.
In your case, you need to download patch 4573517 to get the right version of jDeveloper for 11.5.10 CU2

See the metalink note below
--------- --------------- ---------------
Subject: How to find the correct version of JDeveloper to use with eBusiness Suite 11i or Release 12
Note:416708. 1

Release 11i
OA Framework 5.10 patch JDeveloper 9i Patch
ATG.PF.H (patch 3438354 or Oracle Applications 11.5.10) Patch 4045639 9IJDEVELOPER WITH OA EXTENSION ARU FOR FWK.H
ATG PF CU2 (patch 4125550) Patch 4573517 Oracle9i JDeveloper with OA Extension for 11.5.10 CU2
11i.ATG_PF. H RUP3 (patch 4334965) Patch 4725670 9IJDEVELOPER WITH OA EXTENSION ARU FOR 11i10 RUP3
11i.ATG_PF .H RUP4 (patch 4676589) Patch 5455514 9IJDEVELOPER WITH OA EXTENSION ARU FOR 11i10 RUP4
11i.ATG_PF .H RUP5 (patch 5473858) Patch 6012619 9IJDeveloper With OA Extension ARU FOR 11i10 RUP5

11i.ATG_P F.H.RUP6 (patch 5903765)
Release 12

ATG Release 12 Version
JDevelo per 10g Patch
12.0.0 Patch 5856648 10g Jdev with OA Extension
12.0. 1 (patch 5907545) Patch 5856648 10g Jdev with OA Extension
12.0. 2 (patch 5484000 or 5917344) Patch 6491398 10g Jdev with OA Extension ARU for R12 RUP2 (replaces 6197418)
12.0.3 (patch 6141000 or 6077669) Patch 6509325 10g Jdev with OA Extension ARU for R12 RUP3
12.0.4 (patch 6435000 or 6272680) Patch 6908968 10G JDEVELOPER WITH OA EXTENSION ARU FOR R12 RUP4

Anil Passi
0 #75 Gopik 2008-05-19 02:43
Hi Anil,

Nice hearing from you. Now I got the clear picture of Jdev Version and compatibility with Apps.
Thank you very much for your time.

0 #76 Cyril PHCAR 2008-05-20 08:40
Hi !

I encounter the following error :

## Detail 0 ##
java.lang.In stantiationExce ption
at sun.reflect.Ins tantiationExcep tionConstructor AccessorImpl.ne wInstance(Insta ntiationExcepti onConstructorAc cessorImpl.java :30)

Can anybody help me ?

Thanks by advance !

(from France)
0 #77 Cyril PHCAR 2008-05-21 05:37
Hi !

I have found the cause : my specific table didn't have Who Columns.

Thank s !

0 #78 ShShSar 2008-05-24 18:05
I am getting the following error when I was trying to compile the Impl.java files of my EOs,

Error(14, 8): class xxch.oracle.app s.fnd.schema.se rver.XXQAEOImpl should be declared abstract; it does not define method setLastUpdatedB y(oracle.jbo.do main.Number) in class oracle.apps.fnd .framework.serv er.OAEntityImpl

Can you please tell me what I am doing wrong?
0 #79 ShShSar 2008-05-24 21:36
Table UserInfo:
===== =========
Colum n NameIDPkNull?Da ta TypeDefaultHist ogramEncryption AlgSalt


Table Questions:
==== =============
C olumn NameIDPkNull?Da ta TypeDefaultHist ogramEncryption AlgSalt


Tab le QA:
Column NameIDPkNull?Da ta TypeDefaultHist ogramEncryption AlgSalt


Able are the columns in my tables. I am having trouble creating EOs and VOs such that user will enter his userid, pwd, email,mobile and choose all 3 questions and enter answers for them. Thanks in advance.
0 #80 Anil Passi- 2008-05-25 02:38
HI Shsh

To overcome this issue, simply copy past the below lines into your EOImpl
public void setLastUpdateLo gin( oracle.jbo.doma in.Number n ) {}
public void setLastUpdatedB y( oracle.jbo.doma in.Number n ) {}
public void setLastUpdateDa te( oracle.jbo.doma in.Date n ) {}
public void setCreationDate ( oracle.jbo.doma in.Date n ) {}
public void setCreatedBy( oracle.jbo.doma in.Number n ) {}

0 #81 santhosh kumar 2008-06-06 14:37
why Oracle changed direction from Oracle Forms to OA Framework and need of oa framework.plz explain me in detail becz i'm new to oaf

0 #82 Anil Passi 2008-06-06 15:52
Hi Santosh,

It isn't Oracle that changed the direction, the industry itself changed the direction.
Howe ver, if you are keen to know the reasons, I request you learn the possibilities of OA Framework extension, and then you will find the answer by yourself.

Than ks,
Anil Passi
0 #83 krishna.roshan 2008-06-06 16:35
HI Anil;

Thanks once again for all your help you have provided to me . I have one more question on Form Personalization . We are on OIE.K and i have a req . from one of client t that they want to SORT credit card transactions in IExpense . I know the steps in order to enable this feature. What i am doing right now is i have assigned my self as a delegate to that user and on Credit Card Transaction page.i am personalizing. However,i want to know is there any way i can personalize this page from any Admin responsibility ,i mean without assigning myself as a delegate to that user and simply personalize (enable sorting order) at site level.

0 #84 Anil Passi- 2008-06-06 16:49
Hi Manav

For OA Framework screens, if you wish to personalize without going into that screen, first find the full path of that page using "About this Page". Next you can also use Functional Administrator to personalize that page, by creating seeded user level personalization . There is a video demo for the same on website.

In case yours is a D2k screen, then you will have to go to that screen itself and change the default where clause using personalization .

Anil Passi
0 #85 Joseph 2008-06-27 08:34
Hi Anil,

I would like to develop a page that has two list boxes. List box A, on the left of the form that contains all valid items, and List box B on the right that will include selected items from list box A. Two buttons will be placed between the list boxes. One will be used to move the selected items from list box A to B. And one to move items from B back to A.

List box A will be loaded with items depending on a text field and a combo box. For example, if text field is period "May-08" and combo box action is "Close", in list box A I want to display those companies that have "May-08" period open in their accounting system.

Is this possible with OA framework? If so, can you please give me some tips on what I should research on?

Many thanks
+1 #86 Gauri 2008-06-27 09:13
OA framework has a inbuilt comopnent called Shuttle that performs your Ui requirement.
It also allows to UI for the search you are looking for.

Please read the developer guide chapeter 4 : Implementing Specific Ui features -- > Shuttle

Hope this helps you.

0 #87 vijay sharma 2008-07-02 08:17
oracle.apps.fnd .framework.OAEx ception: java.sql.SQLExc eption: ORA-01653: unable to extend table ICX.ICX_SESSION _ATTRIBUTES by 16 in tablespace APPS_TS_TX_DATA
ORA-06512: at "APPS.FND_SESSI ON_MANAGEMENT", line 1367
ORA-06512: at line 1
0 #88 Rahul Minocha 2008-07-04 05:59
Hi ,

I am having this problem of inserting data simultaneously into multiple tables.....And also the concept of View Link
Can anyone help.....

Than ks
0 #89 krishna 2008-07-15 11:36
Hi Anil, I tried your tutorial for update person and I encountered a minor issue and would be glad if you could answer this.
When I click in update icon in a row, it takes me to managePersonPG with the correct record to be updated. I enter some details and I click commit data, it takes me to the xxPersonMainPG with the updated record displayed in the query field, where as it should be blank.
I think when the page renders it takes that updated record to be shown in the query field.
what am I missing here ?
0 #90 krish 2008-07-23 13:37
Hi Anil,
Thank u for ur guidence.plz clarify my doubt.
can u tell the difference between customization and extensions. plz explain with an simple examples.
both r same?. i didn't find any thing on customization in these tutorials.i need clear idea on customization ie, in which scenerio we go for customization.p lz clarify it.

Thanking u,
0 #91 Shweta Sinha 2008-10-31 00:14

I am having problem in setting multiple indexes when a Page Renders in Dyanamic List Box.

can anyone help me....

0 #92 Nirmal 2008-12-03 19:17
Hi Anil,
I get the following error when i run the Page.
"http://1 8988/OA_HTML/ru nregion.jsp
App lication Not Found"
What could be wrong. Plz help.
0 #93 A.Malar Selvam 2009-01-29 01:06
Dear Anil,

I am having one problem, kindly guide me how to overcome this.

In a Controller Class ProcessRequest( ) function i am creating new row and initializing values to some attributes to my views through Application Module Implementation Class as below.

SalesHeadersVOI mpl shi = getSalesHeaders VO();
Row r1 = shi.createRow() ;
r1 = shi.createRow() ;
r1.setAttribute ("SaleOrderHead erId", headerid);
r1.setNewRowSta te(Row.STATUS_I NITIALIZED);

LinesVOImpl lvo = getLinesVO();
Row r2 = lvo.createRow() ;
r2 = lvo.createRow() ;
r2.setAttribute ("SaleOrderHead erId", headerid);
r2.setNewRowSta te(Row.STATUS_I NITIALIZED);

A fter that I am getting Inputs from the User for the Remaining View Attributes.

No w my problem is while doing getDBTransactio n().commit(), i have to assign some values manually to the View Attributes. How can i Achieve this?
Presently I am doing as below, but the values are not committed in the database.

LinesVOImpl lvo = getLinesVO();
SalesHeadersVOI mpl shi = getSalesHeaders VO();

shi.setProperty ("SaleOrderNumb er",getOADBTran saction().getSe quenceValue("XX POS_SALE_ORDER_ NUMBER_S"));
lvo.setProperty ("SaleOrderNumb er", shi.getProperty ("SaleOrderNumb er"));

getDBTransactio n().commit();

But the values are not affecting in the database.

Kind ly guide me how to assign values to the View Attributes while doing getDBTransactio n().commit().


A.Mal ar Selvam.

0 #94 Payal 2009-02-24 11:34
Hi Anil,

I'm new to OA framework and am learning from your articles. I've a requirement in oracle configuration module to go to an external site on a click of a button. The configuration details are entered in that site and stored in an XML string. That site is in asp.
Now, I need to get the control back to oracle configurator page and read the xml string and populate the fields on oracle page from the xml string.

I've personalized the oracle page to navigate to configurator site. I also know how to read xml string and enter the specific values in text fields.
I'm looking for a way to redirect to same oracle page from asp page without asking the user to relogin.
Do you know how can this be achieved?

+1 #95 Srini 2009-03-10 21:35
I have a requirement in iproc to make the project field required based on a value in account segments. Appreciate any help in this regard
-1 #96 Keerthana 2009-03-31 16:34
Hi Anil,
Please let me know the next-part URL (s)(Vedio and Audio link) which are after the below mentioned URL.
0 #97 Malar Selvam 2009-04-20 13:39
Hi Anil,

I tried to connect with ORacle Apps Release 12.0.4 using JDeveloper 10.3.1. I have created a test page, but i was getting the below error:

oracle. apps.fnd.framew ork.OAException : Application: FND, Message Name: SECURITY_INVALI D_DBC_PARAMETER

Then i found, i have to use Patch 6908968 10G JDEVELOPER WITH OA EXTENSION ARU FOR R12 RUP4. I have downloaded that Patch also.
But, now i am getting 500 Internal Server Error while running my Custom Page.

Then I, just tried to test my Application Module (Empty one not having any View). I am getting the following Error.

JBO-300 03: The application pool (.120C3C3AD59) failed to checkout an application module due to the following exception:
orac le.jbo.JboExcep tion: JBO-29000: Unexpected exception caught: oracle.jbo.JboE xception, msg=JBO-29000: Unexpected exception caught: oracle.jbo.JboE xception, msg=JBO-25222: Unable to create application module.

I tried to run the HelloWorld Sampe Application, that also giving the same problem.

Kindl y guide me, how to configure JDeveloper for Release 12.0.4.

Regard s.

0 #98 Malar Selvam 2009-04-30 01:28
Dear Anil,

I have developed some custom pages for R12. In one of the page to read the image i am using one Servlet. I have configured the Servlet path in web.xml located in "jdevhome\jdev\ myhtml\OA_HTML\ WEB-INF" as below
--------- --------------- ------

oracle.apps.xxc ust.sshrms.CO.R eadImage


-------------- --------------- -

And it is working fine.

Now i want to deploy the pages into Apps Server. Please let me know,
1) In which file i have to include the Servlet Mapping?
2) In wich TOP the file will be there.
3) And the Path of the File.


0 #99 Malar Selvam 2009-05-05 02:24
Hi Anil,

I found that we have to place servlet mapping in orion-web.xml.


cd ora/10.1.3/j2ee /oacore/applica tion-deployment s/oacore/html/

Servlet Mapping:
------ --------------- ---------

Read Image
oracle.ap ps.xxcust.sshrm s.CO.ReadImage

/r eadimage

----- --------------- ----------

Now it is working fine.

But in some regular interval the service is stopping. After that i need to start the service again and again.

Please guide me how to resolve the issue.

Regards .

0 #100 Malar Selvam 2009-05-17 01:30
Hi Anil,

Regardin g Servlet Mapping issue for Reading Image, i got one more solution from one POST. In that instead of separate servlet class they are reading the image column and creating a temporary file as below. It is working fine locally in my JDeveloper, but once deployed into my Linux Server the image is not displaying and also there is no error.

Control ler Class:

Serializable[] param = {pageContext.ge tTemporaryImage Location()};

pageContext.get ApplicationModu le(webBean).inv okeMethod("init Img",param);
OAImageBean oaimagebean = (OAImageBean)we bBean.findIndex edChildRecursiv e("EmpImg");
if(oaimagebean != null)
oaimagebean.set AttributeValue( UIConstants.SOU RCE_ATTR, new OADataBoundValu eViewObject(oai magebean, "ImageSource")) ;
oaimagebean.set Width(100);
oaimagebean.set Height(110);
oaimagebean.set BorderWidth(2);
if(pageContext. isLoggingEnable d(1))
pageContext.wri teDiagnostics(t his, "Leaving processRequest. .", 1);

---------- ------
In AM:

public void initImg(String s2)
OAViewObjectImp l oaviewobjectimp l = getEmpProfileVO ();
oaviewobjectimp l.executeQuery();
if(oaviewobjectimp l.first() != null)
OARow oarow = (OARow)oaviewobjectimp l.first();
BlobDomain blobdomain = (BlobDomain)oar ow.getAttribute ("Image");
if(blobdomain != null)
String s3 = createFile( s2, blobdomain, "Emp"+oarow.get Attribute("Pers onId").toSt ring());
oarow.setAttrib ute("ImageSourc e", s3);

public void fromInputToOutp ut(InputStream inputstream, OutputStream outputstream) throws IOException
byte abyte0[] = new byte[255];
int i = 255;
if(i != '\377')
i = inputstream.rea d(abyte0);
if(i < 0)
outputstream.wr ite(abyte0, 0, i);
} while(true);
outputstream.cl ose();
inputstream.clo se();

public String createFile( String s, BlobDomain blobdomain, String s1)
File file = new File(s) ;
if(!file.exists ())
File file1 = new File(s, s1);
fromInputToOutp ut(blobdomain.g etBinaryStream( ), new FileOutputStrea m(file1));
catch(IOExcepti on ioexception)
ioexception.pri ntStackTrace();
return (new StringBuilder() ).append("fwk/t /").append(file 1.getName()).to String();

------------ --------------- --------------- -----



- --------------- -----------

Us ing this solution, i am able to display the image locally running from JDeveloper, but after deployed into our LINUX Server it is not displaying the image.

Can u please guide me.


0 #101 Shaswat Kumar 2009-06-17 00:51
Hi Anil,

I was going thru your OA framework tutorial and following step by step.
but While trying to connect to database thru Jdeveloper getting this error.

io exception: connection refused(descrip tion=(tmp=)(vsn num=169870080)( err=12505)(erro r_stack=(error= (code=12505)(em fi=4))))

Pleas e help.

+1 #102 Anil Passi- 2009-06-17 05:03
Try to telnet to that machine on which DB is hosted,

telnet machineNameHere PortNumberHere

Does it connect from your PC?

If not, then you have firewall issues

Anil Passi
0 #103 Malar Selvam 2009-07-21 03:38
Dear Anil,

I want to call an External Application when clicking a button. For testing I have given "http://www.yah oo.com" and it is working fine.

My Requirement is i would like to call an External Web Application like this. But i need to pass Values from OAF Pages as parameters.

Ho w can we achieve this? Please guide me.


0 #104 Malar Selvam 2009-07-22 14:08
Dear Anil,

When Clicking a button, I want to popup an external URL from my Controller Class. I need to pass some parameters (OAF Page Field Values) dynamically.

P lease guide me how to achieve this?


0 #105 Malar Selvam 2009-07-23 04:05
Dear Anil,

We need to popup an OAF Page, for that i put the following code in my ProcessFormRequ est function, but it is giving JavaScript Error:Objected Expected.

Kind ly guide us to solve the issue.
-------- -------------
String pubOrderId = param;
StringBuffer l_buffer = new StringBuffer();
StringBuffer l_buffer1 = new StringBuffer();
l_buffer.append ("[removed]mywi n = openWindow(top, '");
l_buffer1.appen d("/oracle/apps /xxcust/adec/we bui/tempPG");
l_buffer1.appen d("&retainAM=Y" );
l_buffer1.appen d("¶m="+pub OrderId);
String url = "/OA_HTML/OA.js p?page="+l_buff er1.toString();
OAUrl popupUrl = new OAUrl(url, OAWebBeanConsta nts.ADD_BREAD_C RUMB_SAVE );
String strUrl = popupUrl.create URL(pageContext );
l_buffer.append (strUrl.toStrin g());
l_buffer.append ("', 'lovWindow', {width:750, height:550},fal se,'dialog',nul l);");
pageContext.put JavaScriptFunct ion("SomeName", l_buffer.toStri ng());
-------- -----------

I paste below the javascript dynamically created.

[remo ved]mywin = openWindow(top, '/OA_HTML/OA.js p?page=/oracle/ apps/xxcust/ade c/webui/tempPG& retainAM=Y¶ m=233&addBreadC rumb=S&_ti=4993 01981&oapc=2&oa s=dtn4Te15R-JfH 2bTwjbOcQ..', 'lovWindow', {width:750, height:550},fal se,'dialog',nul l);

Kindly give us a solution.

Rega rds.

0 #106 Radhika 2009-09-11 05:08

I got the same error mentioned by chenlin on 28th April 2008. He said he got the solution but its not mentioned here. Could you please tell me the solution?

Rega rds,
0 #107 Radhika 2009-09-11 05:09
The error is

Error(68,21): method setForwardURL(j ava.lang.String , null, byte, null, java.util.HashM ap, boolean, java.lang.Strin g, byte) not found in interface oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAPageContext
0 #108 Ramya 2009-09-18 06:50
Hi Anil,

I downloaded all the files from Server.I am able to run the page in Jdev. The page which I currently run has a Drop down list which has a PPR event.So on selecting values in the drop down am able to get the respective attributes below. But whenever I select a particular value I am getting the below mentioned error. for the remaining values It is working fine.

oracle.apps.f nd.framework.OA Exception: oracle.jbo.JboE xception: JBO-29000: Unexpected exception caught: java.lang.NoSuc hMethodError, msg=oracle.apps .fnd.framework. server.OAViewDe f.addPersistent AttrDef(Ljava/l ang/String;Ljav a/lang/String;L java/lang/Strin g;ZBLjava/lang/ String;)V

Please do help me resolving the issue.

0 #109 Lakshminarayna 2009-09-22 02:03

i have created external lov but my requiremnt is user entered free text in lov.
please help me
0 #110 anithan 2009-11-05 11:15
Hi Anil,

I am doing Internet Expenses report notification customization in that I have to add each and every field name has to be with English and Chinese languages. Some profile developed to capture the Chinese characters. Can I call the profile in the prompt of the field? Or any other way is there Please give reply it is urgent requirement.
Thanks in advance

Regard s,
0 #111 Lakshminarayana 2010-01-12 01:50
Hi Anil,

I extended CO. when i click on personalization page page layout Region pencil icon is not visible. how to do the personalization particular CO

L akshminarayana
0 #112 prashanthreddy 2010-03-15 13:39
Hi Anil,

I have created a DFF item in a page. But i am facing a wiered problem. I am mentioning the steps that i have used to create the item and problem i faced at subsequent steps.

Here are the steps i followed
1)Crea te “Flex” Item at Location Level in the “Other” section on the Hire and Rehire: Person Details page (Hire & Rehire responsibility)

2)Return to Application and check that the field is being displayed correctly:

3)C ancel the Hire & Rehire transaction.
Begin a new Hire & Rehire transaction
Ent er Basic Details
Continu e to the next page (Rehire: Person Details)
Note that the field is NOT displayed

4)If I were to click “Personalize Page”, then do nothing and click “Return to Application”, the field is then displayed

Ple ase help me out in solving this issues.

0 #113 andolsi 2010-03-25 04:04
i got the some error like Radhika, and i found the solution, you have to import com.sun.java.ut il.collections. HashMap not java.utili.Hash Map.

0 #114 Harishnunna 2010-04-08 02:28
Hi Anil,

Can you please give me the link for How to build Master-Detail screen in OA Framework - Part2 and also other parts in this topic.

0 #115 Santo 2010-04-11 14:49
Hi Anil
Great job
It is very helpful
0 #116 Raghunandan 2010-04-15 02:03
I would appreciate ur work over here. This is very very use ful site for apps consultants. I'm new to OAF. Can u please provide me the step to be followed to deplooy
tha custom page into the apps instance. I need the step by step procedure.

Thanks in advance.......
0 #117 Raghunandan 2010-04-15 02:12
Please any one send me the OAF dev guide. Please u can reach me at
0 #118 Sreeram Vaskuri 2010-05-28 03:04
Hi Anil

I have one busniness requirement like LOV inside few more Serach fileds required like inside LOV region 1 LOV 2. Dropdown 3. Normal input field and TAb out should be work when enter any value in main inputlov.Could you please provide the solution on this.This is very urgent for my client business.

Than ks
Sreeram Vaskuri
0 #119 Jaime McLamb 2010-06-10 12:39
Hi Anil,

I have taken several of your training courses on JDeveloper and they are awesome! Thank you so much for putting them together and sharing them with everyone! I am new to JDeveloper and I am using JDeveloper 10g. I have a requirement to create a new tab on the SSHR Employee Self Service - Employee History View Page. I want to create a custom page in JDeveloper and create a new tab on the seeded page that links to the new custom page - I am hoping this is going to work. I have created a VO based on a custom query that I wrote to obtain the bonus information for the person logged into Oracle Apps. I created the VO with that query using View Attributes that I defined to hold the fields from my custom query, created an AM based on that VO, and I created a PG based on the AM. The issue that I am having is that I do not want to have to search to obtain the data on page load. I want the query to automatically execute on page load. Right now, no results are being returned when the page loads. I have to click on Go to execute a blind query to obtain the results. Do you know of a setting that will allow the results to be automatically queries on page load in 10g?

Thank you so much for your time!

0 #120 Anil Passi- 2010-06-10 12:46
You can create a controller for your custom region. In processRequest, use oapagecontext.g etEmployeeId() to fetch the current logged in person_id
Using that, you can dynamically set the where clause of view object and achieve auto query for that person that has logged in
0 #121 Jaime McLamb 2010-06-22 12:44

Thank you so much for your help! The Auto-Query is working great now!!! I am currently trying to embed the custom Region into a new Sub-Tab on the Employee Self Service - History Views Page. Unfortunately, the new subtab is not showing up. I completed the following steps.

1. Created sasEmpBonusHist oryVO, sasEmpBonusHist oryAM, sasEmpBonusHist oryRN, and sasEmpBonusHist oryCO in JDeveloper. The Region Type is stackLayout.
2. Deployed all files to the proper $JAVA_TOP webui and server directories
3. Imported sasEmpBonusHist oryRN into the database
4. Added the following site level customization to the \oracle\apps\pe r\selfservice\m grviews\webui\E mployeeViewsPG and imported the change into the database afterwards :

5. To enable the tab and link on the page, I added the following function level customization to the \oracle\apps\pe r\selfservice\m grviews\webui\E mployeeViewsPG and imported the change into the database afterwards :

6. Cleared all cache, logged out and back in, but the tab is not showing up. Actually, the personalization link in the upper right hand corner of the History Views Page (EmployeeViewsP G) can no longer be clicked either.

Just as a test, I removed the site and function level customizations, so that the personalization link would work again and I added the region to the main part of the EmployeeViewsPG (not within a tab) using personalization - item style of Flexible Layout and Flexible Content extending to the /sas/oracle/apps/per/selfservice/mgrviews/webui/sasEmpBonusHist oryRN per the "OA Framework Screen Extension by Embedding a Custom Page" training video you created and it worked great when adding it to the main part of the page using Flexible Layout. Unfortunately, the requirement is that the Region has to be part of a brand new subtab for Bonus information instead.

Do you know what I may be doing wrong that is preventing this sub tab from displaying on the SSHR Employee Self Service History Page in steps 1-6 above?

Thank you again for all of your help!

0 #122 Jaime McLamb 2010-06-23 08:54
Hi Anil,

Please ignore my previous comment, I figured it out last night :)

I was able to get this working by adding a new function from System Adminstrator responsibility > Application > Function and adding that new function to the menu (System Adminstrator responsibility > Application > Menu) used by the Employee - History Views Page! All is working perfectly now!

Just in case anyone needs this information for a similar task, I am going to attempt to repaste the tags that were filtered out in yesterday's request in #'s 4 and 5 :

4. Attempting to repost tags for step 4 from previous post: ' '

5. Attempting to repost tags for step 5 from previous post: ' '

If the tags still do not make it, they are also posted in forum : http://forums.oracle.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=1089860&tstart=0

Thanks again for your help with this!

0 #123 Yasser 2010-07-19 01:56
Hi Anil,

I was wondering if it would be possible to display the header record immediately followed by its child records ?

So for example:

Expense_Repor t_headers:

Rep ort_Header_ID, Total
100, 150
101, 600

Expense_R eport_Lines:
Re port_Header_ID, Line_ID, type, amount
100, 1, airfare, 100
100, 2, taxi, 50
101,1, lodging 500
101,2, meals, 100

And we'd like to see if the OAF page can display :

Report_Heade r_ID, Total
100, 150
Line_ID, type, amount
1, airfare, 100
2, taxi, 50
Report_Heade r_ID, Total
101, 600
Line_ID, type, amount
1, lodging 500
2, meals, 100

We are currently using Oracle EBS 11.5.10 RUP 7

Thanks again for all your help !
0 #124 Ken 2010-08-17 14:16
Hi Anil,

In your lesson on PPR, the application module uses 2 different approaches to get a handle for the view object....

The code that is called from the controller's processRequest method uses...
public void initializePPRPV O()
OAViewObject vo = getxxPPR01PVO() ;

...while the code that is called from the controller's processFormRequ est method uses...
public void handleUOMChange Event()
OAViewObject pVO = (OAViewObject)f indViewObject(" xxPPR01PVO");

Is there a reason for doing it like that?

Thanks for all you do,
0 #125 Ashraf Ashour 2010-09-02 05:13

I need to buy 'Building OA Framework Application' training video. Please advise.

Regard s...Ashraf
0 #126 Siddhi Dwivedi 2010-10-06 21:38

We have a responsiblity 'Self Service Work Requests' and a menu 'Work Requests' which opens Oracle Asset Management's Work Requests page.
We have got a new requirement to display all the text (like button text , field text LOV filed text) in Portuguese instead of English.

Menu for this responsibility is 'Self Service Maintenance Home View Work Request'
and function for Work Reuest is 'Work Request for Enterprise Asset Management' and the URL for this function is
'OA.jsp?akRegi onCode=EAM_WR_V IEW_REQUEST&akR egionApplicatio nId=426&OAPB=EA M_BRAND_NAME&OA HP=EAM_MAIN_SS& eAMReleaseSearc h=Y'

I tried to change the long lable in portuguese for AK Region 'EAM_WR_VIEW_RE QUEST' and bounced the Apache server but it didn't work.

I am not sure whether I need to customize the page or personalization will solve my purpose.
Could you please help me to implement this change?

Thanks & Regards,
0 #127 Md.Mofizur Rahaman 2010-12-20 04:40
Hope you are fine.
i am facing a problem to develop a application with OAF.
My scenario is :
if i select a value from e poplist named "Diivision" then another poplist named "Department"wil l show only the department of that division.
that means the value of the second poplist will be filtered depending on the value of first poplist.

pleas e reply
0 #128 Ashish Raj 2011-09-11 12:36
0 #129 Basha77 2012-03-26 07:37
Hi Anil,

I just started learning OAF by going through the OAF Tutorials provided at your site. Somehow am not able to view the OA_Framework_Tu torial_03.htm page....its just getting stuck while downloading...C an you please add the proper tutorial page...so that I can proceed further.

Thank s in advance...

Reg ards,
0 #130 rahulsharma20 2013-04-16 12:10
Hi Anil Sir,

I would like to insert a custom hyperlink on iRecruitment page linked to the Client's website. Please help me on this issue. thanx in advance. i had tried searching everywhere. i hope i will find the solution here.
0 #131 Pavan 2014-04-17 13:46

Really appreciate the effort you guys have put into this.
When I click on the links provided (Training tutorials with audio and video), its going to a new page (www.anilpassi.com), but nothing is displayed. Am I missing something here ? are these tutorials available to all ?

Thanks and Regards,
0 #132 Rakesh 2014-04-20 01:31
Even I was very disjointed to see the Training Martial does not exists . This was wonderful learning Material . Please reinstate the material .

0 #133 Sonia 2014-09-16 12:08
Hi Anil,

I have 10 years of experience in Java/j2ee and now like to learn OAF.

can you assist me on which jdeveloper version i should use.
0 #134 Manish Kumar 2014-12-26 17:09
can we negate {oa.FunctionScu rity.} in oaf personalization . as it returns false if
function is granted for read only property.
0 #135 Rohit Srivastava 2015-08-07 20:25
Thanks for your work
0 #136 Rohit Srivastava 2015-08-07 20:25
Thanks for your work

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