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A reader suggested that Apps Training Articles are quite scattered, hence suggested a single access point.

Please find a page that contains navigational links to articles on basic concepts. You will need to refer to other menu options too for training in specialised streams.

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Confusion - Should I pursue the Path of becoming a Functional Consultant or Technical Consultant or Apps DBA?
Pre-requisites for learning Oracle Apps [as a Technical Consultant]

Basics Of Oracle Apps Training Material (Step by Step Learning of Oracle Apps)

What happens when you login to Oracle Apps
Why is it called apps
What is a profile option?
What is org_id. Why is it important.
Relationship between Applications and Modules
Where to find/deploy the code (Forms tier/Middle tier or DB Tier)
The testing cycle in Oracle Apps
Difference between forms and form functions and menu
What is a Concurrent Program
What is concurrent Manager
What is a Value set
What is a lookup in oracle apps
How does lookup differ from Value Sets
Descriptive Flexfield Basics in Oracle Apps
How to make context sensitive descriptive flexfields ( step by step)
Key Flexfields Basics
Setting up your PC for development environment
Your first custom form from scratch
Your first pl/sql concurrent program from scratch
Oracle FNDLOAD Script Examples
Restart or Bounce Apache in Oracle Apps 11i
Playing with CUSTOM.pll
Read Only Schema in Oracle APPS 11i
Create Oracle FND_USER with System Administrator ( Using Script )
A New Custom Form in Oracle Apps
Forms Customization Steps in Oracle Applications
Reports Customization Steps in Oracle Applications
Your first Migration program in Apps. Migrate Customers
FNDLOAD for Oracle Web ADI
API to Update FND_USER and Add Responsibility
Forms Personalization Example 1
Various Examples of Forms Personalizations [ Everything that you wanted to know about FP ]
Oracle Fusion Development Tools
Debugging In Oracle Applications
XML Publisher Concurrent Program Report
Audit Trail in Oracle Apps
Hierarchy Profile Options in Oracle Apps
Design and Development of Open Interfaces in Oracle Apps
Customization of Reports in Oracle Apps

How to find the Request Group for Concurrent program
Smart Descriptive Flexfields

Using XML Publisher with Pre-Printed Stationary

Procure to Pay, Order to Cash, End to End Cycle Functional Documents

Release 12 related
Multi Org in Release 12
MO_GLOBAL- A deep look into R12 Multi Org Design

Oracle Workflows Training and Examples / Tutorials

Oracle Workflows Training Lesson 1
Oracle Workflows Training Lesson 2
Oracle Workflows Training Lesson 3
Oracle Account Generator Workflows Example
Workflows Notifications - Override Email address for all Notifications
Send binary attachments with Notifications in Workflows
Oracle Workflow Notifications Timeouts with Bank Holidays & Weekends
Basics of Oracle Workflows Engine
Oracle Workflows Access Protection Concepts

Interview Questions
Technical Interview Questions in Oracle Apps
iProcurement Interview Questions In oracle
Oracle HRMS Payroll Interview Questions

Oracle Framework 11.5.10 onwards { See OAF Menu for Full Listing }

XMLImporter in Oracle Applications Framework
iProcurement 11.5.10 ReBuild Charge Account
Java Concurrent Program with Example in Oracle APPS
Another usage of Java Concurrent Programs

iProcurement 11.5.10 ReBuild Charge Account
Oracle iProcurement Implementation Audio Visual Demo
iProcurement Interview Questions In oracle
iProcurement Implementation with Punchouts Step by Step approach
Load test Oracle iProcurement - XML Delivery
Scripts for iProcurement - XML Delivery load testing
Oracle Purchasing Technical Flow

Oracle Human Resources, Payroll & Migration
Forms Personalization in Oracle HRMS
Special Information Types -SIT in HRMS
Oracle Payroll Accounting Basics
Oracle HRMS API Employee People Migration
Migrate Special Information Types in HRMS
Oracle HRMS Payroll Interview Questions
HRMS Person Address Migration

Future of TCA - Fusion & Release 12
Receipt API in Oracle Receivables
Undestanding TCA and how DQM works on top of TCA

Oracle Projects, Grants & Purchasing

Encumbrance Migration to Oracle Grants for Open Purchase Orders

Oracle General Ledger
GL Interface API to Import Journals
Splitting the instance into different Set Of Books

Fusion Related

Miscellaneous Other articles

Which FND_USER is locking that table
Another usage of Java Concurrent Programs
Oracle Technical and Apps Functional Demo- Various Presentations
Switch off CUSTOM.pll programatically
Oracle Lease Management White Paper

Diagnostic Tools and Scripts in Oracle EBS
Steps to implement Function Security in Oracle Order Management
Period End dealing in Oracle Order Management
Some commonly used scripts for Oracle EBS
Data Loader Concepts and Examples
Pooled Accounts in Oracle Payables
Steps to invoke discoverer report from Oracle Applications
Basics of Accounting in Oracle ERP Part - I
Basics of Accounting in Oracle ERP Part - II
Flow of Accounting in Oracle eBusiness SUite - Primer
Forms Personalization - Best Practices
FNDLOAD - A dive into basics - A Presentation
CUSTOM.pll versus Forms Personalization - A Presentation
Debug Forms in Oracle eBusiness Suite
Email output of Concurrent Program Request

Discoverer 4i to Discoverer 10g Migration Steps
Invoke Discoverer Report from Oracle Applications
Oracle Discoverer Overview
Discoverer Installation and EUL Setup



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