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A company called popay in Belgium has built an open source tool that generates documentation for your HRMS/Payroll Setup.
This tool also generates documentation for your Flexfield Setup and Alerts.

To explain in a few simple words:
- launch a concurrent process that creates a file (an extract of the setup)
- this file should then be opened with a free editor called treepad, which can be downloaded at (www.treepad.com ), which presents data in a folder structure.


Is there a website to download this open source tool?

What are the benefits of using this tool?
- you don't need to document setup anymore and maintain changes to setup
- your documentation becomes a tool : with the search functionality of treepad you can easily find answers .i.e. : if I change the payroll global value "Percentage Family Allowance", what fast formula's are affected.
- You can compare differences between setups on two or more different instances.
- Given that this tool is used by popay consulting for their internal projects, they are enhancing the tool more and more with further "project experience":
- This tool will also indicate all elements that have a missing element Link.
- the tool shows all user defined functions that are used within the fast formula
-and much more , as this tool is enhanced ongoing basis

Anil Passi


0 #1 thierry 2008-02-08 06:08
Hi Anil,

Thanks for mentioning Documentool, but the software is no open source.

You can download, try, use Documentool for Flexfields and Alerts for free. Part of the source code is available, and you can inspect the code, modify it to your needs,... Up to you.

Documento ol for Hrms and Documentool for payroll have a commercial license.

For more details, please check the faq section at www.documentool.com

thier ry
0 #2 schand 2008-02-19 13:14
hi anil,

i want to send the PO open Receipt conversion..
co uld you please send me the pl/sql coding and
how to insert the records into the Interface tables.

Thank s

0 #3 alqadi 2008-03-22 19:01
thanks for your efforts
please if you want to help me you will make a favorite with me

im MBA student i need an article in the Human resource management like

Human resource information system if you can please, or any article


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