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ServiceNow offers training solutions designed to match customers' skill levels, Client and server-side scripting, UI policies, Glidesystems, Gliderecords, Manage Events and Business Rules.


By the end of this training you will learn to:

Determine when it is appropriate to script

Configure a ServiceNow instance for scripting

Determine User Interface (UI) policies for client scripts

Write UI scripts for client scripts

Write test and debug client-side scripts

Utilize business rules for scripting

Utilize business rules for UI and script actions

Utilize business rules for workflow scripts

Utilize business rules to schedule jobs

Develop scripting best practices Write, test and debug scripts, including on-demand functions and server side

Client vs. server side scripting Manage events 

Course Contents

Day 1

Scripting Overview

Define Scripting in ServiceNow

Determine when to use Scripting

Describe the different places

ServiceNow scripts are executed

Preparing to Script in ServiceNow


Use the scripting editor feature

Debug with the syntax checker

Personalize script lists

Customize the edge

Learn where to get scripting help? Client Scripts


Define what it means to be a client script

Know when to use a client script

Write, test, and debug client scripts

Learn to use the g_form and g_user objects and methods

Retrieve reference records from the database

Write client scripts for mobile

Compare and revert to script versions

UI Policies

Define what it means to be a UI policy

Learn when to use UI policies

Write, test, and debug UI policies

Understand the differences between client scripts and UI policies

Day 2

Business Rules

Define what it means to be a business rule

Know when to write business rules

Write, test, and debug business rules

Use dot walking to access data on related tables?  



Describe the GlideSystem

Practice with GlideSystem methods

Write, test, and debug business rules using

GlideSystem methods?



Define what it means to be a GlideRecord

Know how to write a GlideRecord query

Take action on returned GlideRecords

Determine if records are returned from a query


Managing Events

Define what it means to be an event

Know how to generate an event

Create script actions to respond to events

Determine if an event is generated

Day 3

Scheduled Jobs

Define what it means to be a scheduled job

Know how to create a script-based scheduled job

Test scheduled jobs

Determine when schedule jobs will run? Workflow Scripting


Discuss where to use scripts in the workflow

Describe and use workflow objects

Write, test and debug scripts in different workflow activities

Describe the role of workflow contexts testing


UI Actions

Describe and use client UI actions

Describe and use server UI actions

Write, test and debug UI action scripts  


Script Includes

Define script includes

Determine when to use script includes

Write, test and debug script includes

Extend the AbstractAjaxProcessor




Training Hours

Start Date:  16th July 2016

Training Schedule: 30, 31st July 2016 & 06th Aug 2016

Timing: 12:00 NOON GMT | 08:00AM EST | 5:00AM PST | 7:00AM CST | 6:00AM MST | 5:30PM IST  | 01:00PM GMT+1

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