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In this article, I would like to explain one of the least understood concepts in Oracle Workflows.
This is related to the Access Level/Customization Preservation in Oracle Workflows, and will be explained using a power point presentation.

The idea here is to help you preserve your customizations that are done to Standard Oracle Workflows.

Although doing customizations to standard products are not supported, however Oracle is somewhat relaxed when it
comes to customization made to Workflows.
In fact every implementation project involves some level of customization to the Account Generator workflow.

Please find the power point presentation that explains the Oracle Workflow customization preservation concepts.
Use this link to access the presentation

Anil Passi


0 #1 ramakrishna Ambati 2007-10-26 06:33
Thanks a lot.I learned so many things..
0 #2 Rits 2007-10-27 17:54
Great article Anil!!

Please keep the good work going. Do write something on XML Publisher and its integration with OAF. Also are we expecting articles on Fusion soon?

0 #3 chandan rajput 2007-11-13 08:31
Dear Anil,

Good articles, pls keep on going like this.
I need some help, how to customize workflow escalation process for AP Invoice workflow.
If notification is not approved in one day escalation process has to trigger notification to Supervisor/Spec ific person.

0 #4 VEENA 2007-11-22 10:46
Hi Anil,

We are not able open the customised forms thru oracle WF. the notification is rceceived but the form icon is disabled. Is there any setup or what should be done. pl suggest.

Follo wing message is seen in the notification : -

Some buttons are disabled, because your responsibility does not allow you to launch these forms.

Vee na
0 #5 Ryan Nguyen 2007-12-14 18:41
Hi, I'm currently working on the Payables Invoice workflow. I have added the custom attachment so workflow can send invoice attachment to approver's email. It's working fine with the custom attachment but the original attachment from the seeded workflow does not show attached file extension (attachment body and attachment detail). I have to right click to choose application to open it since custom attachment added to the workflow. Please advise on how do I change the seeded body attachment to open automatically in IE. Thanks, Ryan
0 #6 Sac 2008-02-05 09:24
As per the client requirement, I have customized the PO approval Workflow

For customization i did take care that only those standard workflow processes are customized which are prescribed by Oracle as customizable.

For ex: PO Approval Top Process (Protection Level 1000)

1. All other custom processes are defined and then included in the standard processes.
2. I have done all this activity at an access level of 100 in Workflow Builder.
3. For every custom object in workflow i have checked the Preserve Customization checkbox
4. Though Preserve Customization Checkbox is not checked for PO Approval Top Process.
5. After Verifying the design in Workflow Builder i tried Uploading the Workflow to the instance but it is giving Errors

First I tried to upload in FORCE mode

1. Copying the customized poxwfpoa.wft file to PO_TOP/patch/11 5/import/US directory

Comm and execurted
$FND_ TOP/bin/WFLOAD apps/simple4u 0 Y FORCE poxwfpoa.wft

A fter running this it was giving errors like

Display name conflict for ACTIVITY entitiy 'POAPPRV/APPROV E_AND_FORWARD_P O' with APPROVE_AND_FOR WARD_THE_PO:D:B estellung genehmigen und weiterleiten

a nd so on ....like this

Then i tried it in UPGRADE Mode

$FND_TOP/bin/ WFLOAD apps/simple4u 0 Y UPGRADE poxwfpoa.wft

a fter this it was giving errors like

MESSAGE 'POAPPRV/XML_NO T_SET' is protected, no changes were saved.
MESSAGE 'WFSTD/WFSTD_DE FAULT_VOTE' is protected, no changes were saved.
MESSAGE 'POAPPRV/EMAIL_ PO_PDF_SUPP' is protected, no changes were saved.
MESSAGE 'POAPPRV/EMAIL_ PO_PDF' is protected, no changes were saved.
MESSAGE 'POAPPRV/PO_PO_ APPROVE_PDF' is protected, no changes were saved.
MESSAGE 'POAPPRV/PO_EMA IL_PO_PDF_WITH_ RESPONSE' is protected, no changes were saved.
MESSAGE 'POAPPRV/NOTIFY _PDF_ERROR' is protected, no changes were saved.
ACTIVITY 'POAPPRV/ACCEPT ANCE_REQUIRED' is protected, no changes were saved.
ACTIVITY 'POAPPRV/ANY_RE QUESTER_CHANGE' is protected, no changes were saved.
ACTIVITY 'POAPPRV/ANY_SU PPLIER_CHANGE' is protected, no changes were saved.
Display name conflict for ACTIVITY entitiy 'POAPPRV/APPROV E_AND_FORWARD_P O' with APPROVE_AND_FOR WARD_THE_PO:D:B estellung genehmigen und weiterleiten
AC TIVITY 'POAPPRV/APPROV E_AND_FORWARD_T HE_PO' is protected, no changes were saved.
ACTIVITY 'POAPPRV/APPROV E_PO' is protected, no changes were saved.
Display name conflict for ACTIVITY entitiy 'POAPPRV/APPROV E_PO_SUB_PROCES S' with APPROVE_PO:D:Be stellung genehmigen
ACTI VITY 'POAPPRV/BLANKE T_PO_REAPPROVAL ' is protected, no changes were saved.

Though after this i checked, by creating a purchase order, whether the customization have been uploaded or not to my surprise they got uploaded and workflow was working fine

But my problem is that why is this error is coming and in what all scenarios the workflow can fail because of this?

Please advice as i m not getting any clue to it !!

Will request forum members to reply ASAP.

Sachin Relan
0 #7 Vineet 2008-04-02 02:55
Hi Anil,

Thanx for ur response, Now I need to customize a po requisition Approval workflow(Approv al Notification content), I need to know how can I add an extra column to the Requisition Lines table in the Notifcation sent for the approval. If you can guide it will be great help
0 #8 ravanth 2008-05-14 03:09
Hi Anil,

PPT was really helpful, very nicely explained there. Thanks a lot.

I am right now doing customization on OM Order Line Workflow. I am just going to insert two or three functions in between standard flows (as per business requirement).

It will be helpful if you can list me the steps to be followed for customizing a standard workflow independently without affecting the standard workflow (.wft) file.

Also please let me know the path where the oexwford.wft file resides in the unix box? I found one in $ONT_TOP but thats not the one which our application uses. There is one other present somewhere and I am not able to find where.

I am not clear on the flow on registering the customized workflow. Any light on this will be highly appreciated!
0 #9 PradeepM 2010-12-29 02:27

Oracle Production Instance hangs after user has approved 3-4 PO's. This is a 11.5010.2 version Instance

we are using our custom workflow for many countries, but only Malasia users have got this problem. so they need to login again and approve, then again after approving some PO's It hangs.

Anyone Please advise anyclue on this.

Thanks in advance,
Pradee p
0 #10 obd2 2012-01-31 03:00
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