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Business Requirement: Need to display organization hierarchy diagrammatically with vacant and occupied/Active positions in each organization.
Report Should display default organization hierarchy of business group associated with responsibility from which  Report is Opened.
Report Should also display active and vacant positions of whole Hierarchy  as well as for individual Divisions/Departments/Sections/Units.
Following should be format of individual Division/Department/Section/Units  of Hierarchy


Organization name : Name Of Organization
Organization Type  : Division /Department/Section /Unit
Active Positions      : No of Positions which are Occupied On Current date For
                                 Given Organization.
Vacant Positions      :No of Positions Which Are not Occupied By Employee in
                                 Given Organization.

1)In Our case All Positions are Single Incumbent.
2)We are not Considering Business Group In Hierarchy our Hierarchy starts
   from Division.

BG => Group =>Division =>Department => Section =>Units
So our hierarchy starts from Highlighted part.

The following should be Design of Report which contains one drop down list for selecting Division and Based On that Division
Report Should Be populated for selected division’s Hierarchy.

Challenges :
1)This kind of report is not possible to develop with report builder(Rtf/Rdf) or Discoverer Report.
2)Using OA Framework, you can create some charts but OA framework does not support organization charts as per our requirements..

Possible options for solutions :-
Solution Option 1) We can create Organization hierarchy using APEX(Oracle Application Express) but problem is for using Apex
we have to do whole installation of apex on production and then Integrate Apex With Oracle Apps and that process is time
consuming so we haven’t used this solution because of time limit.

Solution Option 2) We have found Google api for creating organization chart.you can check below link for Google api

Link :    http://code.google.com/apis/chart/interactive/docs/gallery/orgchart.html

In this Google api you have to give data in particular format so it will  create Hierarchy on given page. Here problem is how to give data
to Google Organization chart Api because we have to give dynamic data according to selected Division from Drop-Down List.

So I have decided to use (Solution Option 2) custom jsp page for retrieving data from database and giving that data to Google API.

Below Is the link for Source Code of Organization Chart. The jsp code below will be registered as a form function in Oracle Applications.

Deployment Steps:-

1) Open below orgcahrt.jsp file(Attached Above) and  change password of your database instance  when ever needed in page and save file.
Change Database credential in below shown Connection String whenever it is used in page.
2) Login to Putty in Your Application.
3) Execute below  command  in putty

ftp_path :  cd $COMMON_TOP/webapps/oacore/html

4) Login to ftp
5) Enter ftp_path  of step 4 in remote system
6) Transfer attached orgchart.jsp jsp file to ftp.
7) go to putty and execute command:  cd $FND_TOP/patch/115/bin
8) Execute below command in putty

perl ojspCompile.pl --compile -s orgchart.jsp

9) Create one function in application.

Function name  :  Organization Chart


html call :  orgchart.jsp           

10) Attach  function To below menu.

Function Name : Organization Chart

User Name :Organization Chart Menu


11) Create below Responsibility and attach Below Menu.

Responsibility Name : Organization Chart Responsibility

Responsibility Key    : ORG_CHART_RESP

Menu name              : Organization Chart Menu

12) Attach Responsibility created in Step 10 to your user.

13) Go to profile options and set below value of below profile option for responsibility created in step  (11).

Responsibility name :  Organization Chart Responsibility

Profile option Name :   HR: Security Profile

Profile Option value :   Vision Industries (or You can Select

                                               Other Business group Where
                                               Organization  Hierarchy Available
                                               According to Your Requirement)

14) Login to Your User for Which New Created Responsibility
      “Organization Chart Responsibility” is added.

You can Find Below Output .

Select Division From Drop Down list and Click on ok .It Will Display Below Chart.

Select All from Division DropDow List And Click on Ok , so it Will Display Organization Hierarchy  For All Divisions.

Here size of report is very big for all division so you have to use navigation of browser for complete report.

You can save report using browsers Save as Functionality.

Below is output file using save as functionality.


1) Organization Chart is secured against responsibility so it will show Organization   Hierarchy  for business group associated with
responsibility from Where  chart is   opened. Business Group Value is Taken From Profile option ‘HR: Security Profile’ so
this Profile option must Be set For Showing Organization Hierarchy if you Don’t want this kind of security then
You can change Code of orgchart.jsp file according to Your requirement.

2) This Report Is Designed For One Particular Client requirement but You can change it According to your Requirement.


0 #1 Stalin G 2011-10-29 10:51
Dear Dynamic,

It was excellent idea and especially sharing this idea. I had this kind of requiremnt with my client but i said it is not possible. Now i feel much better. i will ask my technical team to test the same.

I hope similarly we can do the same for position hierarchy. This will be helpful during manpower planning.

Stal in G
0 #2 sanjaysingh 2011-10-31 08:53

I have followed all the steps as mentioned by you and I am trying to do this on instance.

When I clik on my defined function, it opens the Oracle EBS login page and not the page which is been show in the article.

The log file at time of compiling the orgchart.jsp file is as below:

Forcibl y recompiling list:
[invalid] /d04_testapp/ap pltop/testcomn/ html/orgchart.j sp
synchro nizing dependency file:
loading deplist...15417
enumerating jsps...15417
updating dependency...1
parsing jsp...1
writing deplist...15417
initializing compilation:
enumerating jsps...0
eliminating children...0 (-0)
searching uncompiled...0
1491058 FINISHING Mon Oct 31 18:03:08 2011

Have you come across this issue, if yes then please let us know where we are going wrong.

Regards ,
0 #3 sanjaysingh 2011-11-01 02:54

I was just working on fixing the above issue and then I was receiving the following error:

Request URI:/OA_HTML/or gchart.jsp

Exc eption:
oracle. jsp.parse.JspPa rseException: Line # 1, Error: Invalid attribute: pageEncoding

To resolve the above issue in the orgchart.jsp file I replaced the first line -
and recompiled the page and now I am able to get the page but the Division LOV is showing no value and even Business group is coimg null and entire page is showing no data..

Any update on this will be really helpful. In the mean time I am working on it and will update if I get the fix.

0 #4 Dakshesh Patel 2011-11-01 06:24
Hi Sanjay,
This is because either you have not modified connection string in orgchart.jsp(as described in step1) or HR:Security Profile is not set to business Group which has organization hierarchy present in system.

Rtegar ds,
Dakshesh Patel
0 #5 Muhammad Salim 2011-12-01 07:38

Pls forward to me this document as its very good efforts by you and very usefull for all.

Muhammad Salim
0 #6 dan mason 2013-02-27 03:19
hi trying to implement this in r11i
get the following error when compiling:
[209 47] !!TRANSLATION ERROR(0) orgchart.jsp:
P arse error in orgchart.jsp:
o racle.jsp.parse .JspParseExcept ion: Line # 1,
Error: Invalid attribute: pageEncoding
0 #7 Omar Qabbani 2013-04-09 03:26
is it possible to run the jsp created on local machine under jdeveloper before load to application because in our development instance we have to stop_all start_all to check jsp affects after each code change

if yes could any one please define full steps

we use 12.0.6

thanks all
0 #8 Sowvick Sil 2013-06-04 08:41
Dear Dakshesh,

I have followed the way suggested by you and checked the output of the queries from backend. However, the problem now I am facing is, when the page is executed from the front end it is generating a blank page without any value.

Please suggest whether I am missing out any steps.


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