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Before we talk about 'People Management Templates' in Oracle HRMS let us find out about 'Forms Configurator' in HRMS which is used to create/modify suchtemplates for easy use of forms in HRMS.
You have many Forms customisation facilities in Oracle HRMS. But 'Forms Configurator' is one such tool which holds the best of all features and easy-to-useuser-friendly tool in HRMS. 

'Forms Configurator' Navigation: Oracle HRMS Manager (Responsibility) -> Security -> Forms Configurator

Using configurator we can customise most forms in the following areas:

a) add/remove fields
b) adjust field positions
c) modify field properties
d) customise tabs/windows in a form
e) map fields to oracle database columns 



People Management Templates: 
To minimise the tedious entries of various fields in the people screens in HRMS, Oracle has come up with a concept of
People Management Templates which allows the entry/editing of the most important entries needed for a new hire/existing person.
These templates help easy data entry/retrieval, with minimal navigations, for a HR Data Entry Operator.
A typical people management template consists of:
(a) tabs (b) windows - Find, Summary, Maintain windows & (c) Items
Oracle HRMS has provided a set of pre-defined people management templates as:
Navigation: Oracle HRMS Manager (Responsibility) -> People -> Maintain Using Templates 
(1) Hiring Applicants 
(2) Entering Employees 
(3) Maintaining Employees 
(4) Entering Contingent Workers 
(5) Maintaining Contingent Workers
(6) Visa Administration

These pre-defined templates can be customised as per the localisation/organisation requirements. So it is always advised to create a copy of the template and then start customising the copied one, instead of messing with the original core template.

Example on how to build a new people management template:
Step 1: Find & Copy Core template

This step is to find a core template for which we wish to make a copy and do the customisations we plan to.
Navigate to Security -> Forms Configurator using Oracle HRMS Responsibility.
You get the Find Template Window
Find a pre-defined template for e.g say the people hire template. Chose the people hire template with code: PER_HIRE_APPS
Press 'Copy' button to create a copy of this template
Enter the following in the Copy template window:
a) Template Code - PER_HIRE_APPS_CUSTOM
b) Template Name - Customisd Hire Applicants Template
c) Enabled    - enable/disable the template
d) Legislation  - if you are localising the template enter the legislation else leave it global

Step 2: Build/Customise the copied template
After the above step, you have the new template open for you to customise/edit.
You can navigate to any window/tab/item to edit/set the properties.
While you are editing the items/tabs you would have a preview of the modified template under your edit window.Each component: window/tab/window has its own configurable properties, which can be modified according to your customisations.
This is almost similar to how you build a form from a template.fmb in Forms Developer exercises.

For example, for an item/field: we can set the visible, enabled, required, insert allowed, update allowed, query allowed properties.
Also you can edit the length, width and height of a field. 

Step 3: Use the template
This custom template created by Forms Configurator can be used by creating a function with the template code of the customtemplate passed as template_name parameter.
The function created for the custom template can be used in the HRMS Navigator Menu.
These actions can be performed by a System Administrator.

Raja Palli

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People in this conversation

  • Guest - Palli

    I am pasting here the queries and the answers for queries asked by Burhan Minhaj!


    I found this article good but I had 2 queries, that are;

    1. How can we add more Tabs in Employee Maintain Templates, (actually now Personal, Checklist, Compensation Tabs are coming). If I Want to add leaves or Contact Tab in it, how it can be possible

    Answer------------------- While editing the template (after you copy and save your template), navigate to: Windows -> -> Canvases -> -> Tab Pages
    Click on the add button in the toolbar and you have additional two tabs (Page6 and Page7). You can use these two additional tabs to use it for contact/leavers tabs.
    Then you add the items in the Item navigator and assign the tab property to either of these tabs.
    Note: People Management Templates are designed for easy-to-use and to enter minimal and fast entry of people data by HR personnel. So, there is no point we clog these templates and make them similar to the People Forms.

    2. Crete item are not showing full information regarding employee, i.e Requirment is to add Contact in any of the tab, but actually no contact Items are not listed when we are creating new Property item in the Template.

    Answer------------------- Again, there are no contact items provided as these templates are provided for minimal and entry of main data for a person. These templates are not designed to enter all the data as we enter in the People Forms. We have Fastpath forms to do such activities for Absence,Contacts, etc.

    Note: People Management Templates are mainly used when you need to enter important data for a person, with minimal entries.
    Hope you understand my above mentioned queries and will update me soon for this.

    Burhan Minhaj

    Short URL:
  • Guest - Leonard Martin

    I have a requirement to modify the Enter and Maintain Contingent Workers form so that it does not display PERSON_TYPE='Contact'. Would you be able to help me out please ?


    Short URL:
  • Guest - saijay

    Can we attach workflow to Forms Configurator?

    Short URL:
  • Guest - Razz

    Can we add a field in People Enter and Maintain form to display thumbnail of picture of employee.
    Kindly reply..

    Thanks in advance...

    Short URL:
  • Guest - Christian

    A segment in the People Group KFF has Table validation that in the Core forms works perfectly. in the Create Employee Template clicking on the LOV returns the error:
    ORA-00933: SQL command not properly ended

    Any help would be appreciated.


    The value set is as per below

    Table Name
    pay_all_payrolls_f pap,per_time_periods ptp, fnd_sessions s, (select rownum-1 r_num from dual connect by level < 3)

    (ptp.start_date + (r_num * 7)) Date 11

    Where/Order By
    pap.business_group_id = :$PROFILES$.PER_BUSINESS_GROUP_ID
    and s.effective_date between pap.effective_start_date and
    andpap.payroll_id = ptp.payroll_id
    and pap.payroll_name = 'Fortnightly'
    order by ptp.start_date, r_num

    Short URL:
  • Guest - Subha P

    My requirement is to create a new tab named "Employee Qualification" and create some education qualification fields on the tab of the already existing custom template of employee from people form.<br /><br />I have created a tab in the maintenance window but when creating new items on the tab, I cannot find the item from items list. How to achieve this?

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