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Workflow Mailer Debugging Script for Debugging Emails issues

This article containts various Workflow and Business Event debugging scripts.

--Checking workflow Components status wheather are they running or stopped.
select component_type, component_name, Component_status,COMPONENT_STATUS_INFO Error
from fnd_svc_components
where component_type like 'WF%'
order by 1 desc,2,3;

--Query to get the log file of active workflow mailer and workflow agent listener Container
--Note All Workflow Agent Components logs will stored in single file ie. container log file.
select fl.meaning,fcp.process_status_code, decode(fcq.concurrent_queue_name,'WFMLRSVC', 'mailer container',
'WFALSNRSVC','listener container',fcq.concurrent_queue_name),
fcp.concurrent_process_id,os_process_id, fcp.logfile_name
from fnd_concurrent_queues fcq, fnd_concurrent_processes fcp , fnd_lookups fl
where fcq.concurrent_queue_id=fcp.concurrent_queue_id and fcp.process_status_code='A'
and fl.lookup_type='CP_PROCESS_STATUS_CODE' and fl.lookup_code=fcp.process_status_code
and concurrent_queue_name in('WFMLRSVC','WFALSNRSVC')
order by fcp.logfile_name;

--Linux Shell script Command to get outbound error in Mailer
grep -i '^\[[A-Za-z].*\(in\|out\).*boundThreadGroup.*\(UNEXPECTED\|ERROR\).*exception.*' <logfilename> | tail -10 ;
--Note: All Mailer log files starts with name FNDCPGSC prefix

--Linux Shell script Command to get inbound processing error in Mailer
grep -i '^\[[A-Za-z].*.*inboundThreadGroup.*\(UNEXPECTED\|ERROR\).*exception.*' <logfilename> | tail -10 ;

---Query to Check Workflow Mailer Backlog
--State=Ready implies that emails are not being sent & Waiting mailer to sent emails
select tab.msg_state, count(*) from applsys.aq$wf_notification_out tab group by tab.msg_state ;

--Check any particular Alert Message email has be pending by Mailer
select decode(wno.state,
0, '0 = Pending in mailer queue',
1, '1 = Pending in mailer queue',
2, '2 = Sent by mailer on '||to_char(DEQ_TIME),
3, '3 = Exception', 4,'4 = Wait', to_char(state)) State,
from wf_notification_out wno
where corrid='APPS:ALR'
and upper(wno.user_data.TEXT_VC) like '%<Subject of Alert Email>%';

--Check The Workflow notification has ben sent or not
select mail_status, status from wf_notifications where notification_id=<notification_id>
--If mail_status is MAIL , it means the email delivery is pending for workflow mailer to send the notification
--If mail_status is SENT, its means mailer has sent email
--If mail_status is Null & status is OPEN, its means that no need to send email as notification preference of user is "Don't send email"
--Notification preference of user can be set by user by loggin in application + click on preference + the notification preference

--Check Wheather workflow background Engine is workfing for given workflow or not in last 2 days
-- Note: Workflow Deferred activities are run by workflow background engine.
select a.argument1,a.phase_code, a.status_code ,a.actual_start_date,a.* from fnd_concurrent_requests a
(select concurrent_program_id from fnd_concurrent_programs where
and last_update_Date>sysdate-2 and argument1='<Workflow Item Type>'
order by last_update_date desc

-- Check wheather any business event is pending to process
-- ie. Query to get event status & parameters value of particular event in wf_deferred table.
select wd.user_Data.event_name,wd.user_Data.event_key,
rank() over ( partition by wd.user_Data.event_name, wd.user_Data.event_key order by n.name) as serial_no,
n.NAME Parameter_name, N.value Parameter_value ,
decode(state, 0, '0 = Ready', 1, '1 = Delayed', 2, '2 = Retained',
3, '3 = Exception', 4,'4 = Wait', to_char(state)) state,
from WF_DEFERRED wd , TABLE(wd.user_Data.PARAMETER_LIST) n
where lower(wd.user_data.event_name)='<event Name >'
order by wd.user_Data.event_name, wd.user_Data.event_key, n.name



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