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The XML Publisher(XMLP / BI Publisher ) requires a Template layout and Data XML to generate the report in
PDF, EXCEL, RTF or HTML format .The Data XML can be generated from Oracle Report, OA Framework and Data Template.
Using this approach, you can develop BI Publisher reports in Oracle EBS, without having to develop an RDF report.
You can specify an SQL Statement in an XML file, and results of that SQL Statement are published as XMLP Output.

In this article lets understand the usage of Data Template with a small demo. In the next article we will discuss in detail the Data Template XML Schema.

The data template is the XML document whose elements communicate the following information to the data engine.
  • Data Query : The SQL query with bind parameter specifying the data to be fetched.
  • Bind Parameters : Definition of each bind parameter defined in the query.
  • Data Structure : Definition of the Output XML Structure.
  • Data Triggers : Triggers that should be executed before or after the data query execution. Triggers are used to either do initialization or do some post query operation.


Hence Data Template is the means by which we inform the data engine to fetch the data of our interest. Apart from the these , data template also contains other elements. To make our example simple and easy to understand, lets deal with the above 4 elements.

XML Publisher Data Template Architecture

The Data engine execute the Data template to generate the Data XML file . The Data XML file is then merged with the Template layout by the XMLP engine to generate the XMLP


Lets try to build a sample XMLP report to display Employee Details. The Following are the steps involved

Step 1: Design the Data Template XML File.
Step 2: Create the Data Definition in XML Publisher and associate it with Data Template
Step 3: Define a Concurrent Program to generate the Data XML File.
Step 4: Define the RTF Template using the Generated Data XML.
Step 5: Registering the Template with XML Publisher
Step 6: Execute the concurrent program to generate the PDF report.

Step 1 : Design the Data Template XML File.
This Data Template selects the employee details from the EMP table. The select query specifies the columns of interest. It uses a bind parameter to filter the employees of a particular department.

For each bind parameter in the query , we need to define a Parameter. In this case we have defined p_DeptNo parameter.

In the data structure element, we have defined the output XML structure. He we map the columns in the select query with the data xml elements.

Step 2 : Create the Data Definition in XML Publisher and associate it with Data Template

Using Responsibility: XML Publisher Administrator --> Home --> Data Definitions --> Create Data Definition

Screen 1 : Enter the data definition Details and click on Apply. Note down the Code. The code should be used as the short name of the concurrent program.

Screen 2: Click on the "Add File" button against the "Data Template" Label.

Screen 3: Upload the Data Template XML file and Click on Apply.

Screen 4 : The Data Template is associated to the Data Definition..

Step 3: Define a Concurrent Program to generate the Data XML File.

Using Responsibility System Administrator --> Concurrent : Program --> Define.

Screen 1: Define a Concurrent Program With executable = XDODTEXE and Output Format = XML.

Screen 2: For each parameter in the Data Template, define a parameter in the concurrent program. The Data Template parameter name should match the concurrent program parameter token.
Screen 3: Associate the Concurrent Program to a request group.

Screen 4 : Execute the concurrent program "Employee Details Data Template Demo"and click on the output button get the Data XML. Save the XML file. We will use it to generate the RTF Template.

Step 4: Define the RTF Template using the Generated Data XML.
Install the Oracle XML Publisher Desktop available via patch 5887917. Open the Microsoft word. You should be able to see the following menus and toolbars.
Using the menu Data -> Load XML Data... , load the XML File generated from Jdeveloper
If the XML files gets loaded successfully, then you should get the confirmation.

Use the Table Wizard to create the 'Table Report Format' with all the columns of EMP.

Step 5: Registering the Template with XML Publisher

Responsibility: XML Publisher Administrator --> Home --> Templates --> Create Template.
Enter the Template Name and other details. The Data Definition should be the data definition defined in the above steps. Click on the apply button

Step 6 : Execute the concurrent program to
generate the PDF report.

Open the concurrent program for submission and click on the option button to specify the XML Publisher Template defined in the previous step and Output type to be used. The options specified once gets stored . Hence if open the option window again, the template name and the output type will be available. Click ok button and run the concurrent program. When the program completes. Click on the Output button to see the PDF report.

Prabhakar Somanathan


+2 #1 hari 2008-05-14 10:37
good article,I did not find the Concurrent Executable creation step. could you provide the steps to create the executable step for this.

h ari
0 #2 Gauri 2008-05-14 16:45
The XDODTEXE is a seed Executable which is provided by oracle when u install XML publisher 5.6.3 or BI Publisher. Hence u need not create a executable. The should be available by
0 #3 Ashok rayapudi 2008-05-15 08:37

Nice article. can you please explain how to do develop Multi Lingual report using XML Publisher.
0 #4 hari 2008-05-15 09:58
Hi Anil,

I am working on the 11i version, could not get the XDODTEXE while creating Concurrent program.let me know any alternative.
0 #5 Senthilkumar J 2008-05-15 10:31
Hi Prabhakar,

If I have multiple template files over a common data definition file, how will this work?
For ex, say I have 1.rtf, 2.rtf, 3.rtf and I am registering all these with the same data definition xml. While running the CP, which rtf will it pick?

- Senthil
0 #6 Gauri 2008-05-15 16:59
Hi Hari,
This feature is available in XML Publisher/BI Publisher 5.6.3 and above

0 #7 ved prakash 2008-05-16 06:53
nice articles. can you please let mew know that how can use formatting of the reports.

0 #8 kishore Ryali 2008-05-16 10:38
Hi senthil,

If there are multiple templates attached to your data definition, you can choose one template to be your default template while registering the Template in XMLP Administrator responsibility. The same template will be defaulted when we run the XMLP report from SRS. You can change the default template to you template of choice, by going to "Options" on SRS form. In the Layout frame in Options, you can select the other templates that are attached to report's data definition.

Hope it clears the question.

Rega rds.
0 #9 ruhu 2008-05-23 12:40
xdo Data Engine Fails with a exception [052208_0950459 50][][EXCEPTION ] java.lang.NullP ointerException

Oracle XML Publisher V 5.6.3
xdo Data Engine Fails with a exception [052208_0950459 50][][EXCEPTION ] java.lang.NullP ointerException

Trying to genarate XML Data File from a custom XDO Data Template using XML Publisher.

Example of the Data Template is :

The follwoing is the error on view log:
XDO Data Engine Version No: 5.6.3
Resp: 20420
Org ID : 84
Request ID: 3865200
All Parameters: p_name_like=Sha ik
Data Template Code: EMP_DETAILS
Data Template Application Short Name: EGLCUST
Debug Flag: N
{p_name_like=Sha ik}
Calling XDO Data Engine...
[052208_0950459 50][][EXCEPTION ] java.lang.NullP ointerException
at oracle.apps.xdo .dataengine.Dat aTemplateParser .GetNodeNumChil dren(DataTempla teParser.java:3 45)
at oracle.apps.xdo .dataengine.Dat aTemplateParser .templateParser (DataTemplatePa rser.java:277)
at oracle.apps.xdo .dataengine.XML PGEN.setDataTem plate(XMLPGEN.j ava:599)
at oracle.apps.xdo .dataengine.Dat aProcessor.setD ataTemplate(Dat aProcessor.java :193)
at oracle.apps.xdo .oa.util.DataTe mplate.(DataTem plate.java:136)
at oracle.apps.xdo .oa.cp.JCP4XDOD ataEngine.runPr ogram(JCP4XDODa taEngine.java:2 82)
at oracle.apps.fnd .cp.request.Run .main(Run.java: 161)

java.lang.Ind exOutOfBoundsEx ception: Index: 0, Size: 0
at com.sun.java.ut il.collections. ArrayList.Range Check(ArrayList .java:492)
at com.sun.java.ut il.collections. ArrayList.get(A rrayList.java:3 06)
at oracle.apps.xdo .dataengine.Dat aTemplateParser .getParentDataS ource(DataTempl ateParser.java: 1737)
at oracle.apps.xdo .dataengine.XML PGEN.writeDefau ltGroup(XMLPGEN .java:320)
at oracle.apps.xdo .dataengine.XML PGEN.writeGroup Structure(XMLPG EN.java:279)
at oracle.apps.xdo .dataengine.XML PGEN.processDat a(XMLPGEN.java: 266)
at oracle.apps.xdo .dataengine.XML PGEN.processXML (XMLPGEN.java:2 05)
at oracle.apps.xdo .dataengine.XML PGEN.writeXML(X MLPGEN.java:237 )
at oracle.apps.xdo .dataengine.Dat aProcessor.proc essData(DataPro cessor.java:364 )
at oracle.apps.xdo .oa.util.DataTe mplate.processD ata(DataTemplat e.java:236)
at oracle.apps.xdo .oa.cp.JCP4XDOD ataEngine.runPr ogram(JCP4XDODa taEngine.java:2 93)
at oracle.apps.fnd .cp.request.Run .main(Run.java: 161)
+1 #10 ruhu 2008-05-27 10:12

0 #11 Sumit Modi 2008-05-28 06:17
This article is really good!
Can u help me for the following scenario
I have to include the Bind parameters in the xml output so that I can display them in the rtf file. But I have already created the report with sql query.
Now, I have to display the bind parameters in rtf but i could not found any place where I can specify to include the parameters.
Wit h Data Template, it can be done by specifying the include_in_outp ut attribute to true.
waiting for ur reply.......... ..........
0 #12 ruhu 2008-05-28 12:03
I tired it some many times but i still get the same error. Am i on a different version or something is not enabled on our system for this. Did some see this king of an error.
0 #13 ruhu 2008-05-29 15:47

This artcle is very good.

Actually i was using word to create the data template...whic h was sending a lot of junk.
I tired it with notepad, it worked perfectly.

Th anks Ruhu
+1 #14 ruhu 2008-06-04 13:25
Can we make use of the busrting cconcept of XML here. I fso how can that be done.

0 #15 Anil Passi 2008-06-04 13:55
Hi Ruhu

Indeed you can use bursting. Simply follow the Bursting article.
Bursti ng file will parse the XML Output generated, regardless of how you generate that XML.

A nil Passi
0 #16 ruhu 2008-06-04 17:06
Thanks Anil.
I figured that out. But I wanted to know, on how to make use of the trigger in SQL Query procedure. The last step of the Bursting article - Oracle rdf -AFTER REPORT TRIGGER. The same thing where should that be defined on the Data Template Definition is my question.

You all are doing great work....and helping us...
its always pleasure to read all the articles posted on this site..

Hope some answer from you.
0 #17 ved prakash 2008-06-13 16:37
Hi anil,

i generated reports through XMLP, it is working fine, but Excel reports is not opening. it is giving errors like data not found, while other types of report is running fine. please help me.

0 #18 ramkumar1981 2008-06-16 23:15

we are developing the xml publisher reports using report builder.First we are creating the data definition in oracle report builder and
placed in sever registered it as a concurrent program and taking the output as xml.And we design the template in MSword and
loaded the xml data and we registered the template in xml publisher responsibility all are working fine.but my question we developed this reports in Development instance how to move this xml publisher report to production using FNDLOAD.i know how to move the
concurrent program request group using FNDLOAD.But how to move this XML Publisher report because it is having xml file,RTF file,
RDF file.Using Fndload we can upload concurrent program along with rdf but how can i move the xml and rtf file.

099 40651244
0 #19 Gauri 2008-06-18 19:49
The FNDLOAD utility is used to upload and download the data definition and Data template created via XML Publisher Administrator responsibility.
The XDOLoader utility is used to upload and download the physical files (RTF, PDF, XSL-FO, XML, and XSD).

Use the following commands to
1) Download all the data definitions and corresponding templates in an instance.
FNDLO AD apps/apps_pwd@d b 0 Y DOWNLOAD $XDO_TOP/patch/ 115/import/xdot mpl.lct
targetl dtfile.ldt XDO_DS_DEFINITI ONS

2) Download all the data definitions and the corresponding Templates in a specific product.
FNDLOA D apps/apps_pwd@d b 0 Y DOWNLOAD $XDO_TOP/patch/ 115/import/xdot mpl.lct

3) Download a particular data definitions and its corresponding Templates.
FNDL OAD apps/apps_pwd@d b 0 Y DOWNLOAD $XDO_TOP/patch/ 115/import/xdot mpl.lct

4) Upload the data definitions and its corresponding Templates to an instance.
FNDLO AD apps/apps_pwd@d b 0 Y UPLOAD $XDO_TOP/patch/ 115/import/xdot mpl.lct
targetl dtfile.ldt

To download the RTF template and other files use
java oracle.apps.xdo .oa.util.XDOLoa der DOWNLOAD \

Use the below command to upload the rft template and other files
java oracle.apps.xdo .oa.util.XDOLoa der UPLOAD \

I will prepare an article on this with sample by end of this week.

Hope this helps you at this moment.

Prabh akar.S
0 #20 Rajesh211983 2008-07-10 10:00

Really very good article.

have some doubts please clarify

1)whet her we need to put the .xml file any where on the server like we will be putting rdf.
2)while creating Executable what we have to give for Executable File name

Ra jesh
0 #21 Gauri 2008-07-11 02:26

You need to upload the xml file to the Data definition. Please see the data definition creation part.
There is no need to create executable. Oracle provides XDODTEXE named executable that u need to use.

P rabhakar.S
0 #22 Rajesh.badsha 2008-07-14 02:55

Thanks For Reply.

please clarify on this

whether we can use SQL*plus Statements like DEFINE, set serveroutput off,..
in the Data Template XML

i have tried bus it showing error.

0 #23 Sameer Darbha 2008-08-19 18:33

How can we generate Master-Detail data in the same XML file using a Data Template ?
Suppose for each Master row, I need to get all the Details rows and show the XML in a heirarchical format,
how can we achieve that using a Data Template ?

Thanks and Regards
0 #24 sivaiah gowni 2008-09-16 14:16
hi hari

this is siva your article is good but i want to know how to instal xml publisher admin

thanks & regards

siva g
0 #25 Mitzi 2008-10-14 02:39
In relation to this article, is it possible to protect the documents by section only like in MSword documents where you can easily set the section break and protect only that section? I hope xml publsiher has this kind of properties
Beca use this is one of the requirements on most of our letters.
Thanks in advance
0 #26 joe 2008-10-20 12:41
good explination
0 #27 Ratan24 2008-12-04 08:08
Good Article, Thanks a lot, :)
-1 #28 Raju Kakarlapudi 2008-12-23 13:34
This one is (Mr. Pabhakar's "XML Publisher and Data Template - SQL Query to develop BI Publisher Reports ") very nice article. I got some problem with import style sheet into RTF Template. We are in Oracle Apps 12. We are implementing Contracts Core Module. Our Contracts clauses data embeded with html tags like for bold , for italics like that. Some reason we are getting the output same as data stored in database, that means not converting html tags. I am using OKCCOMRTE subtemplate to convert these html tags for formatting.
Please let me know, is it bug? or configuration issues?. Same xsl style sheet is working fine, if run this with generated xml from my computer.
Thank you
0 #29 Shireen 2009-01-09 16:22
How can we attach dynamically generated Data Template XML File with the Data Definition in XML Publisher, when we are Defining a Concurrent Program With executable = XDODTEXE. Do we have to create a executable which generates the desire output at runtime using sql and attach this to the concurrent program and attach this conc program to the Data template? Or is there any other way to attach dynamic XML output to the Data defintion using the executable XDODTEXE?

Than ks and Regards,
0 #30 Sandeep_KG 2009-01-14 09:17
How to execute a package/procedu re by passing parameters under the data template and using commit at the end ?

Sand eep
0 #31 Sergey 2009-03-03 03:43
Good article!. Could you tell me how can I default output format not to PDF but to EXCEL type when submitting request?
Thanks in advance,
-1 #32 nirav shah 2009-03-09 15:48

below is the xml code.

now when i load xml data in world by pressing data tab then it shows data loaded successfully.

but when i press field under insert tab then it does not shows me filed which i written in xml query.

do you have any suggestion.

pl s let me know.

e-Mail :
0 #33 Gollu 2009-04-01 10:51

I have created a report in the similar way.
Now If i want to burst the report to customer.
How can i do that.
Is there any setups for this.

0 #34 srivardhan 2009-04-06 14:48
Excellent article, did the same exact stpes and it went like a charm, thanks prabhakar for the education,
things I messed, and which would of interest to others are
1) the executable used it a java concurrent program; and it uses token to pass parameters; and like reports, the token name on the conc program definition should be exactly same as the one used in the data template.
0 #35 Pam 2009-04-13 15:46
Thanks for taking the time to post this information. I am struggling with creating a parameter and wondering if you have any tips that might be tripping me up. I have the parameter defined in the data template as well as the concurrent program

called in the sql:

Toke n used in Concurrent Program Parameter is EMP_NAME

The program runs and returns results; however, the parameter never seems to limit the query.

Any ideas? I'm stumped.

Thank s
0 #36 HemaTri 2009-04-22 10:11

It is my usual practice to use oracle report to generate the XML data and then design the template for XML Publisher Reports. In the process I end up with 2 concurrent program definitions.

Question : Is it possible to make these concurrent program definitions redundant? IF not could you elaborate on the reason behind this.

0 #37 Madan Mohan 2009-05-07 07:07
I am unable to see the screenshots. Only X mark is avaiable. Could you pls let me know how shall I go with this?

0 #38 sheena 2009-06-23 00:56
Hi, wondering if some on this blog used a dymanic image url in their template. my problem is:
i am trying to use a dynamic url on a dummy image field in the RTF. I inserted the actual URL on the web tab. this url is an element in my xml file.
if the value in the 'url:{}' is static, it works, but i cannot get this to work:
url:{imag e_url} as per the oracle documentation.
the preview in word does not show the image, and neither does it show in the concurrent prog o/p.
Need help!! Please.
0 #39 Rahman 2009-06-24 03:24
Hi Prabhakar,
This is good article. I just want to know how can we generate data template for any XML reports?
Is there any tool for it?
0 #40 sheena 2009-06-24 12:16
Rahman, Look there is utility on Ike Wiggins web site/blog for creating the data template. Works great!

0 #41 tmilowski 2009-06-24 18:04
All looks good but how do I enable bursting?
0 #42 Pratul 2009-06-30 07:17

I've a requirement where I need to print template "T1" based on certain condition otherwise template "T2". Both the template have common data definitions. Is there a way where user need not to select template and we can do it programmaticall y based on value of some tag from data definitions??

Pratu l
0 #43 seo company 2009-07-01 09:23

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0 #44 George Joseph 2009-07-23 00:51
Its a fantastic article and explained well. Keep it up.!!
0 #45 Chithambaram Perumal 2009-08-03 01:52
Hello Sir,

I want to show my RTF's last page as different..In that i have used ""
tag with 'Continuous' break...It shows double of each page.
If The file wants to print 2 pages,It shows 4 pages with One Blank pages...
Plz Kelp me to solve this problem..Its Urgent...

Than x in Advance,
Chitha mbaram Perumal
+1 #46 Stephen Campbell 2009-08-13 05:37
Thanks for your excellent article.

I have some parameters in my report that I need to derive the value of before the report runs. I tried setting the values by calling a trigger, but the values remain null after the trigger is called.
The trigger seems to be running OK, and returns the correct true/false status.
Do you know what I need to do to pass the parameter values from the trigger back to the report. (They are defined as package variables in the Oracle package associated with the report).
Many thanks,
I'm wondering how to have a parameter value updated by a trigger. I have some
0 #47 Anil@maverick 2009-08-21 09:59

Is it possible to drill through from one RTF template to another RTF template . I want to navigate from one report to another report through a hyperlink.Pleas e suggest how can I achieve this

Thanks in advance

Regard s
-1 #48 DJ 2009-09-22 05:46
Thanks..this helped me solve my problem.
My HRMS letters are now ready without RDF.

--------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ------

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0 #49 Artigg 2009-09-22 05:49
This is called fine arts of Apps programming...t hanks for sharing
0 #50 Joe 2009-09-30 15:59
Very nice article and site.

Thanks for sharing your oracle knowledge.

f lower delivery
0 #51 jithender goud 2009-10-26 09:40
When i am running concurrent program of xml reports in the option buton i could not attach my rtf template as the fields are in disabled mode can i know is there any profile need to be set to enable that fields.Plz repond to it immediately as it is urgent for me

Jit hen
0 #52 mohan12 2009-10-29 09:01

I tried the BI publisher in 11i using the executable XDODTEXE.
But i got the following error.

java.la ng.ClassNotFoun dException: oracle.apps.xdo .oa.cp.JCP4XDOD ataEngine
at java.net.URLCla ssLoader$1.run( URLClassLoader. java:199)
at java.security.A ccessController .doPrivileged(N ative Method)
at java.net.URLCla ssLoader.findCl ass(URLClassLoa der.java:187)
a t java.lang.Class Loader.loadClas s(ClassLoader.j ava:289)
at sun.misc.Launch er$AppClassLoad er.loadClass(La uncher.java:274 )
at java.lang.Class Loader.loadClas s(ClassLoader.j ava:235)
at java.lang.Class Loader.loadClas sInternal(Class Loader.java:302 )
at java.lang.Class .forName0(Nativ e Method)
at java.lang.Class .forName(Class. java:141)
at oracle.apps.fnd .cp.request.Run .main(Run.java: 144)

when i checked for the class file JCP4XDODataEngi ne.class in unix, the file was missing.
in other instances also the file was not there.
I'm now wondering whether we can do this BI publisher in 11i.
some help please.

Regard s,
0 #53 Thomas_isc 2009-12-29 11:34

This is a very important information. I cannot see the pictures in each step. Since I am new to this, could you please email me the article with pictures. Thank you for your help.

t homas
0 #54 Anil- 2009-12-29 13:19
Perhaps your firewall blocks http://docs.google.com
Images are on google docs server
0 #55 jack_saji 2009-12-31 02:10
Hi Sheena,

I also faced issues with dynamic images in the template. My issue was something similar, that I had the image URL in my xml file, but when I gave url:{IMAGE_URL} it dint work. I resolved it by giving the exact path to the image url element in the XML file. Something like this,
url:{ROOT /IMAGE_URL}. It worked, but I have issues with its size, as it was displaying the image in the size of the dummy image I have placed in y template. I am stil looking for an answer for that.

S ajith
0 #56 sheena 2009-12-31 09:12
Sajith, not sure about what the issue is with teh size. Can you please rephrase your question. Iwill try my best to answer.

0 #57 Varun Mittal1 2010-01-05 05:09
I tried to create the report as suggested but I am facing the date format problem.

2008- 01-01T00:00:00. 000+04:00

this date format is coming. Please let me know how to extract date from this.
0 #58 sheena 2010-01-05 19:22
Varun, is this the date in the report? try converting to date to a char in the sql. i dont see a reason why it should not display as is. pls provide more info and maybe i can help.
+1 #59 Varun Mittal1 2010-01-06 00:05
Hi Sheena,

Thanks a lot for quick reply. When I running the sql query on toad, I am getting date in correct format but when running concurrent program, I am getting date in format 2008-01-01T00:0 0:00.000+04:00 in XML.... In the example above also, date is printed in same format.... I tried to do some operation in sql considering it as string.... I mean first substr then to_date.. but in that case date is coming as null in XML file..

I tried this in sql... but in this case date comes null.....
to_da te(substr(pps.d ate_start,0,10) ,'YYYY-MM-DD')

You can check the example above... in pdf output screen shot (just above starting of comment).. date is in format 2008-01-01T00:0 0:00.000+04:00.
0 #60 Neena 2010-02-01 06:02
I have created data defination and later I deleted the definations from backend tables ,when I try to create data defination now and when I click on Apply its throwing me an error .Error:Pls conatct system administrator.
After deleting only I'm not able to create data defination.Any help ?????
0 #61 Sheena Sidhu 2010-02-01 08:18
hi neena, did you try creating a data definition with a different name or are you using the same name? if nothing works, try and see if u can create the data in the backend tables once again..
0 #62 HST 2010-02-11 10:45
Could you tell me how can I default output format not to PDF but to EXCEL type when submitting request?
is it possible to set it by default rather than changing it each time when submitting the request??

than ks for the great site
+1 #63 HST 2010-02-11 13:42
Actually what i need is to change the output format to RTF, so it could be opened using word processer
how can i achieve that??

thnx alot
0 #64 sheena 2010-02-11 18:48
i would recommned looking on metalink for that. i believe there is a patch, but not sure..

She ena
0 #65 jack_saji 2010-02-16 11:57
Hi Sheena,

Sorry, I did not check this forum after that. The issue is like this.
Suppose I have 2 photographs. One of size 100 X 100 and another one 1000 X 500. I have made my RTF in such a way that it has a 100 X 100 picture loaded in it, and I have setit up to take the photograph from a url which I will be passing in the XML. Now the issue is, if I am passing the URL to the 100 X 100 picture, it is fine. But when I give the URL to the 1000 X 500 picture, what happens it, it will try to fit it in the 100 X 100 space, and it will look distorted. I was actually looking for a way to pass the dimentions of the size in the XML so that I can tell it to display the second photograph with the dimention 100 X 50 so that it doesn't look distorted.

Saj ith

Sa jith
0 #66 Sheena Sidhu 2010-02-16 21:49
there is a way within the url tag of the picture in ur word doc that you can specify the size of the image. i was under the impression that the picture will format based on what gets passed in.
i have not tried with the size you mentioned, but if you look at the xml or bi publisher document, i believe, it has the details on how to specify the size.

good luck
0 #67 Sarfraz R Ramay 2010-02-26 10:19
can someone please tell me whats wrong with this template and why is application erroring out when i run this as a concurrent

request.I have made a concurrent program with XML as the output and XDODTEXE as the executable....p lease help

and the error generated is
+------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --+
Human Resources: Version : 11.5.0

Copyrig ht (c) 1979, 1999, Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.

+---------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- -----+

Current system time is 26-FEB-2010 16:03:39

+---- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- -----------+

X DO Data Engine Version No: 5.6.3
Resp: 53838
Org ID : 1041
Request ID: 38224060
All Parameters: review_id=
Data Template Code: TDP_BLOB_CLOB
D ata Template Application Short Name: PER
Debug Flag: N
Calling XDO Data Engine...
--SQL Exception
java. sql.SQLExceptio n: ORA-00911: invalid character

at oracle.jdbc.dba ccess.DBError.t hrowSqlExceptio n(DBError.java: 134)
at oracle.jdbc.ttc 7.TTIoer.proces sError(TTIoer.j ava:289)
at oracle.jdbc.ttc 7.Oall7.receive (Oall7.java:590 )
at oracle.jdbc.ttc 7.TTC7Protocol. doOall7(TTC7Pro tocol.java:1973 )
at oracle.jdbc.ttc 7.TTC7Protocol. parseExecuteDes cribe(TTC7Proto col.java:850)
a t oracle.jdbc.dri ver.OracleState ment.doExecuteQ uery(OracleStat ement.java:2599 )
at oracle.jdbc.dri ver.OracleState ment.doExecuteW ithTimeout(Orac leStatement.jav a:2963)
at oracle.jdbc.dri ver.OraclePrepa redStatement.ex ecuteUpdate(Ora clePreparedStat ement.java:658)
at oracle.jdbc.dri ver.OraclePrepa redStatement.ex ecuteQuery(Orac lePreparedState ment.java:584)
at oracle.apps.xdo .dataengine.XML PGEN.processSQL DataSource(XMLP GEN.java:515)
a t oracle.apps.xdo .dataengine.XML PGEN.writeData( XMLPGEN.java:42 9)
at oracle.apps.xdo .dataengine.XML PGEN.writeGroup Structure(XMLPG EN.java:300)
at oracle.apps.xdo .dataengine.XML PGEN.processDat a(XMLPGEN.java: 266)
at oracle.apps.xdo .dataengine.XML PGEN.processXML (XMLPGEN.java:2 05)
at oracle.apps.xdo .dataengine.XML PGEN.writeXML(X MLPGEN.java:237 )
at oracle.apps.xdo .dataengine.Dat aProcessor.proc essData(DataPro cessor.java:364 )
at oracle.apps.xdo .oa.util.DataTe mplate.processD ata(DataTemplat e.java:236)
at oracle.apps.xdo .oa.cp.JCP4XDOD ataEngine.runPr ogram(JCP4XDODa taEngine.java:2 93)
at oracle.apps.fnd .cp.request.Run .main(Run.java: 161)

+-------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- -------+
Start of log messages from FND_FILE
+----- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ----------+
+-- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- -------------+
End of log messages from FND_FILE
+----- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- ----------+

+ --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- +
Executing request completion options...

+-- ----------- 1) PUBLISH -------------+
Beginning post-processing of request 38224060 on node TLNT09 at 26-FEB-2010 16:03:45.
Post- processing of request 38224060 failed at 26-FEB-2010 16:03:45 with the error message:
One or more post-processing actions failed. Consult the OPP service log for details.
+----- --------------- --------------- ---+

Finished executing request completion options.

+---- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- -----------+
Co ncurrent request completed
Curre nt system time is 26-FEB-2010 16:03:45

+---- --------------- --------------- --------------- --------------- -----------+

i am working on
Database Server
-------- --------------- --------------- --
Orac le Applications :
0 #68 Sarfraz R Ramay 2010-02-26 11:33
?xml version="1.0" encoding="WINDO WS-1252"?>

0 #69 Sheena Sidhu 2010-02-26 13:42
sarfaraz, is this o/p from the OPP error log? if not, then i recommend you look there pls..
0 #70 jean carlos 2010-03-05 07:06
Hi my friends,

I created Data Definition and Template on XML Published, but when I started the Concurrent Process this finished with "WARNING" status and create log with the following message:

Template code: XLAACCPB01
Temp late app: XLA
Language: pt
Territory: BR
Output type: PDF
[2/27/10 8:29:08 PM] [UNEXPECTED] [546478:RT12955 480] java.io.FileNot FoundException: /arch/xdoTX5kEk MOL8022710_0829 083004.fo (No such file or directory)
at java.io.FileOut putStream.open( Native Method)
at java.io.FileOut putStream.(File OutputStream.ja va:179)
at java.io.FileOut putStream.(File OutputStream.ja va:131)
at oracle.apps.xdo .common.tmp.Tmp File.createTmpF ileJDK118(TmpFi le.java:146)
at oracle.apps.xdo .common.tmp.Tmp File.createTmpF ile(TmpFile .java:113)
at oracle.apps.xdo .template.fo.ut il.FOUtility.ge nerateFO(FOUtil ity.java:987)
a t oracle.apps.xdo .template.fo.ut il.FOUtility.ge nerateFO(FOUtil ity.java:212)
a t oracle.apps.xdo .template.FOPro cessor.createFO (FOProcessor.ja va:1659)
at oracle.apps.xdo .template.FOPro cessor.generate (FOProcessor.ja va:969)
at oracle.apps.xdo .oa.schema.serv er.TemplateHelp er.runProcessTe mplate(Template Helper.java:592 6)
at oracle.apps.xdo .oa.schema.serv er.TemplateHelp er.processTempl ate(TemplateHel per.java:3458)
at oracle.apps.xdo .oa.schema.serv er.TemplateHelp er.processTempl ate(TemplateHel per.java:3547)
at oracle.apps.fnd .cp.opp.XMLPubl isherProcessor. process(XMLPubl isherProcessor. java:259)
at oracle.apps.fnd .cp.opp.OPPRequ estThread.run(O PPRequestThread .java:172)

Cou ld anybody help me with this issue ?

Thanks a lot,

Jean Antunes.
0 #71 Sarfraz 2010-03-06 14:26
Hi sheena,
What is OPP Error Log and where can i find it? Please provide navigation to avoid confusion. Thanks. Btw i sent you email might wanna check that please.
0 #72 Sheena Sidhu 2010-03-06 18:43
pls google the opp error log like i did. google is an excellent tool and if you are really looking to learn (and theres nothing like self learning believe me!) I would recommned using it before posting ur question here pls.

check OOP file as follows:
sysadmin -> Concurrent -> Manager -> administer -> Output Post Processor -> processes -> manager log

or better way is from find request window , choose concurrent program -> Diagnostics -> view XML
Check the xml file in the end for error.

link : http://www.oracleappsblog.com/index.php/forum/viewthread/831/#1726
0 #73 Anil80 2010-03-09 01:30
HI There,

Kindly let me know if there is any way where when we generate BIP Reports in Siebel(8.1.1) Logo(any company's logo image) should get assigned to the Report Dynamically. I mean we don't want to put the image in the .RTF templates Report Header but the image should come automatically by accessing a particular location while generating it. Please help me in achieving this.

A nil
0 #74 milwell 2010-03-25 04:08
I'm customizing one of the standard data definition file namely "Sales Order Acknowledgement (XML)".
I added a parameter for Transaction number named "P_TRX_NUMBER"
this will filter the sales order item to match transaction items.
when i run the concurrent request, it says
PLS-00302: component 'P_TRX_NUMBER' must be declared.
0 #75 DD 2010-03-25 10:41

I am also trying to show an image based on a criteria. I am using this in the Alternative Text of the dummy image.
url:{con cat('/11.5/comm on/java/oracle/ apps/media/','' )}

IMAGE_FILE is one of the elements on the template.

I am not getting the image to be shown on the page.

Anybody with a solution to this ?

Sheena: Did you get a soluion to this ?

Deep ak.
0 #76 Beena 2010-03-25 14:10
I am using WORD 2007 with BI Publisher and trying to create a chart in the RTF document. I added a dummy image using Insert Picture -> Link to File, Right click on the picture and select size and then alt text to add the code for the chart but I only get the picture in the image. I have a very simple XML data file for this. How do you get a dummy image added.

I am also trying to use the CHART object Bi Publisher in word but the Preview and Ok button are always disabled. I am using the same XML dat file. Any ideas?

Thanks for any help.

0 #77 K 2010-03-27 02:33
Hi, How can I run a BI publisher report other than using the concurrent program. How to use JCP4XDODataEngi ne from a PL/SQL?? Thanks K
0 #78 Sheena Sidhu 2010-03-27 09:40
deepak, pls see my blog on xml publisher with blob/image on the same site.

if that does not help, feel free to post a note on that blog.

0 #79 V123 2010-04-19 11:52
Could you please let us know if there is any chance to add attribute to the XML elements that are generated by the Data template concept in oracle.

0 #80 4future 2010-05-04 01:54
Is there a template sort of thing, similar to Template.fmb for creating Data Templates coming into R12? If so, please let me know regarding that.
Also, what is the best editor, for creating these xml files? Is JDeveloper a convenient tool to develop these? If so, which version would do? I would like to have a lighter version of JDeveloper not the Studio.
0 #81 Amity Scott 2010-05-05 17:31

I am looking for a code sample to achiever master/detail data in a single data template. Similar to this person's question below:

How can we generate Master-Detail data in the same XML file using a Data Template ?
Suppose for each Master row, I need to get all the Details rows and show the XML in a heirarchical format,
how can we achieve that using a Data Template ?

Please advise.
Amity Scott
-1 #82 Ashish Raj 2010-08-05 09:57
Hi Amity,
There is one example in following blog on how the achieve Master detail Data Template hierarchy in Data Template. Please check it out.


0 #83 Hemant Daiya 2010-08-27 08:12
Could you explain me how we canget the tamplate name of a current running request, when user selects the template using option button.

0 #84 Derrick 2010-09-08 05:06
Good article! Thanks!
But I noticed, BI Publisher was not used in any of the steps. There's a data model section in BIP where you can create a data template. Can it help in this case?

0 #85 anupam_shiv 2010-09-14 10:14
Hi All

I have a requirement where i need to create three tables in a same rtf whihc should populate the data from a single data template.
I have created a single data template with three and 3 groups in the . All the 3 qeries are independent
and mapped to 3 seperate groups inthe data sttucture sections.
But When running the reprot i am not getting the correct result . the query displays the result from onyl one query only. but whn i run the 3 queres in the backend i am getting data. Any help will be great.
0 #86 Róbert Temesi 2010-10-01 05:41
Hi Prabhakar,

Tha nks for the tutorial. This was extremely useful for me. I had little time and you have everything here. Thanks alot.
0 #87 henry 2011-01-07 11:46
hello i have the data template XML as :
name of the file XMLPDF.xml

Date Definition:
Applicat ion Receivables Start Date 07-Jan-2011 Concurrent Program
registe red the report output xml and used the seeded executable XDODTEXE



i do not see my query in the data template getting executed. i am expecting my 3 columns that i have defined in the query to be shown up in the output xml file.
I'd really appreciate if someone can help me here. also my query gives out around 200 records so there is no problem of no data found.

Thanks a lot
0 #88 Kiranmayi 2011-01-14 02:52

In step 6, for concurrent program submission, we need to select the layout from options screen manually. If I am submitting the job from backend/plsql script, how can provide this layout value. I am using the API call Fnd_Request.sub mit_request. Please help.
0 #89 kerrycsc 2011-01-25 16:44
Using Oracle EBS R12
Creating report for XML and data def.
I created a query in SQL Developer
Inita lized variables
execu te fnd_global.apps _initialize(&us er_id,&resp_id, &resp_appl_id);
execute mo_global.init( 'SQLAP');

Then ran the query
(select amount_remainin g from ap_payment_sche dules APS WHERE API.INVOICE_id = APS.INVOICE_id ) AS REMAINING_aps,
(select DUE_DATE from ap_payment_sche dules APS WHERE API.INVOICE_id = APS.INVOICE_id ) AS INVOICE_terms_D ATE_aps,
invoic e_date,
invoice _amount,
nvl(am ount_paid,0),
n vl(discount_amo unt_taken,0),
n vl(invoice_amou nt-(nvl(amount_ paid,0) + nvl(discount_am ount_taken,0)), 0) as remaining,
disc ount_amount_tak en,
cancelled_d ate
from ap_invoices API
--inv oice_amount amount_paid
can celled_date is null
and nvl(invoice_amo unt-(nvl(amount _paid,0) + nvl(discount_am ount_taken,0)), 0) 0

G ot my data
Now I usually move the query to the report builder save it as a rdf run it through the report coverter by IKE wiggins
And take the files move them into Oracle and create word template for the xml template and it works except this time I'm having an issue and I think it's due to the execute fnd_global.apps _initialize(&us er_id,&resp_id, &resp_appl_id);
execute mo_global.init( 'SQLAP');

1)I' m not sure how to get my query to work in the report builder? I believe I need to do something about the id's so I can see the data
2) After I get that working I presume when I run it through the converter it will create the needed files?
0 #90 Sheena Sidhu 2011-01-25 21:26
Hi- can you not add that piece of code that accepts IDs in a trigger in the report. I believe it should work when you convert the report...
0 #91 None123 2011-03-16 16:29
Im trying to add the signature of an employee based on the employee id. I have build the query to fetch all the other data to be displayed in the template but to get the URL of the image how do i insert the image server details etc in the xml generated
0 #92 Sheena Sidhu 2011-03-16 18:21
you will have to add the image as a blob. there is an article posted on this site that explains that..
0 #93 Nivedita 2011-04-01 05:54

I have the xml shema alone to develop a bi publisher report.. Can u pls tel how to convert xml schema to xml data.. So that i can proceed further..

Than ks
0 #94 Venkatraman 2011-05-31 04:24
Thanks! you saved my Day


0 #95 Kausik 2011-07-22 09:17
My data template looks like this:

On running the program I am gettingnullpoin ter exception :
Calling XDO Data Engine...
java. lang.NullPointe rException
at oracle.apps.xdo .oa.util.DataTe mplate.getDataT emplate(DataTem plate.java:379)
at oracle.apps.xdo .oa.util.DataTe mplate.(DataTem plate.java:226)
at oracle.apps.xdo .oa.cp.JCP4XDOD ataEngine.runPr ogram(JCP4XDODa taEngine.java:2 83)
at oracle.apps.fnd .cp.request.Run .main(Run.java: 157)

I am not able to find the cause of this issue.

Can anyone tell me what may be causing this issue. and how to debug these kind of java exceptions?

Th anks,
0 #96 Roy Meron 2011-08-18 04:48
I have the parameter defined in the data template as well as in the concurrent program

called in the sql:
AND MP.organization _code = nvl(:p_org_code ,MP.organization _code )
Token used in Concurrent Program Parameter is p_org_code
The program runs and returns results; however, the parameter never seems to limit the query.

Any ideas?
0 #97 rsyed 2011-09-05 00:32
Hi Gurus,
Excellent job you are doing.Thanks for sharing valuable knowledge.I have requirement of passing parameters to the xml data template file.But those parameters are optional.User may pass or may not pass the parameters if the parameter value is null then how to use this in xml data template file.
I am using like this msib.segment1=n vl(:p_item,msib .segment1)
and pha.segment1=nv l(:p_po_num,pha .segment1)
but while i am submitting the program with null values to the parameters the result is empty even though there are records with null values.
Please gurus provide me the solution as early as possible u can.
Thanks in advance.
+1 #98 Bhushan Shinde 2011-09-07 03:41
I am trying to preview the Report after loding XML file with RTF , but got the following mention error.
Please Help me out to rectify on this ?

ConfFile: C:\Program Files\Oracle\BI Publisher\BI Publisher Desktop\Templat e Builder for Word\config\xdo config.xml
Font Dir: C:\Program Files\Oracle\BI Publisher\BI Publisher Desktop\Templat e Builder for Word onts
Run XDO Start
Template: C:\Documents and Settings\uswmad 80\Desktop\Acti vity_Sort_Solut ion_Options\Opt ion 1\BIP_Loss Report123.rtf
R TFProcessor setLocale: en-us
FOProcess or setData: C:\Documents and Settings\uswmad 80\Desktop\Acti vity_Sort_Solut ion_Options\Opt ion 1\BIP CRN INS Claims3.xml
FOP rocessor setLocale: en-us
java.lang .reflect.Invoca tionTargetExcep tion
at sun.reflect.Nat iveMethodAccess orImpl.invoke0( Native Method)
at sun.reflect.Nat iveMethodAccess orImpl.invoke(N ativeMethodAcce ssorImpl.java:3 9)
at sun.reflect.Del egatingMethodAc cessorImpl.invo ke(DelegatingMe thodAccessorImp l.java:25)
at java.lang.refle ct.Method.invok e(Method.java:5 97)
at oracle.apps.xdo .common.xml.XSL T10gR1.invokePr ocessXSL(Unknow n Source)
at oracle.apps.xdo .common.xml.XSL T10gR1.transfor m(Unknown Source)
at oracle.apps.xdo .common.xml.XSL T10gR1.transfor m(Unknown Source)
at oracle.apps.xdo .common.xml.XSL TWrapper.transf orm(Unknown Source)
at oracle.apps.xdo .template.fo.ut il.FOUtility.ge nerateFO(Unknow n Source)
at oracle.apps.xdo .template.fo.ut il.FOUtility.ge nerateFO(Unknow n Source)
at oracle.apps.xdo .template.FOPro cessor.createFO (Unknown Source)
at oracle.apps.xdo .template.FOPro cessor.generate (Unknown Source)
at RTF2PDF.runRTFt o(RTF2PDF.java: 629)
at RTF2PDF.runXDO( RTF2PDF.java:43 9)
at RTF2PDF.main(RT F2PDF.java:289)
Caused by: oracle.xdo.pars er.v2.XPathExce ption: Extension function error: Class not found 'com.siebel.xml publisher.repor ts.XSLFunctions '
at oracle.xdo.pars er.v2.XSLStyles heet.flushError s(XSLStylesheet .java:1534)
at oracle.xdo.pars er.v2.XSLStyles heet.execute(XS LStylesheet.jav a:521)
at oracle.xdo.pars er.v2.XSLStyles heet.execute(XS LStylesheet.jav a:489)
at oracle.xdo.pars er.v2.XSLProces sor.processXSL( XSLProcessor.ja va:271)
at oracle.xdo.pars er.v2.XSLProces sor.processXSL( XSLProcessor.ja va:155)
at oracle.xdo.pars er.v2.XSLProces sor.processXSL( XSLProcessor.ja va:192)
... 15 more
+2 #99 Bal 2011-09-18 03:09
Is there a way to remove the added Data Template in Data Definition?
-1 #100 Jusuf-I 2011-09-22 05:06
Hi expert,

Need advise here. How can I add field/column which not listed in the data definition? For example in Customer Open Balance Report (XML), how can I add the due date of invoice into the template? Second question will be, how to add a column which base on formula? For example I want to add number of days base calculation of Invoice Date and Print Date.
Appreciate your help. Thank you.
0 #101 rajeshkumar 2011-11-08 00:13
hi freinds...
0 #102 rajeshkumar 2011-11-08 00:18
From Date:To Date:
the above coding i used for date .
Now i want to know what parameter is used for product or location ?

I am new to BI publisher ...i searched but couldnt find ...can any one help ...

Ra jesh
+1 #103 Anugrah 2012-01-03 06:23
Hi Prabhakar,

Tha nks for the valuable input on this topic. I need one help on the same topic ( Xml publisher report).

I have one requirement like need to print the xml publisher report based on the language from one concurrent program. I have 2 seperate template in 2 regional language ( Spanins and Portuguise) and it should print based on the input parameter ( Language parameter). If i pass langauage like spanish then report should print in the spanish and vive versa.

Please help if you have any idea how to handle this issue.

Many many thanks in advance.

Regar ds
0 #104 nitin a 2012-01-04 00:09

I m getting this error while running xml report o/p in excel

cn anybody help..

Erro r

java.sql.SQL Exception: No corresponding LOB data found : SELECT FILE_DATA, DBMS_LOB.GETLEN GTH(FILE_DATA), FILE_NAME FROM XDO_LOBS WHERE LOB_TYPE = :1 AND APPLICATION_SHO RT_NAME = :2 AND LOB_CODE = :3 AND LANGUAGE = :4 AND TERRITORY = :5 at oracle.apps.xdo .oa.schema.serv er.XdoLobsInput Stream.(XdoLobs InputStream.jav a:105) at oracle.apps.xdo .oa.schema.serv er.LobHelper.ge tLob(LobHelper. java:873) at oracle.apps.xdo .oa.schema.serv er.LobHelper.ge tBlobDomain(Lob Helper.java:908 ) at oracle.apps.xdo .oa.template.se rver.TemplatesA MImpl.processTe mplate(Template sAMImpl.java:20 56) at sun.reflect.Nat iveMethodAccess orImpl.invoke0( Native Method) at sun.reflect.Nat iveMethodAccess orImpl.invoke(N ativeMethodAcce ssorImpl.java:3 9) at sun.reflect.Del egatingMethodAc cessorImpl.invo ke(DelegatingMe thodAccessorImp l.java:25) at java.lang.refle ct.Method.invok e(Method.java:3 24) at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.serv er.OAUtility.in vokeMethod(OAUt ility.java:190) at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.serv er.OAUtility.in vokeMethod(OAUt ility.java:153) at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.serv er.OAApplicatio nModuleImpl.inv okeMethod(OAApp licationModuleI mpl.java:728) at oracle.apps.xdo .oa.template.we bui.TemplateGen eralCO.previewT emplate(Templat eGeneralCO.java :735) at oracle.apps.xdo .oa.template.we bui.TemplateGen eralCO.processR equest(Template GeneralCO.java: 158) at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAWebBeanHelp er.processReque st(OAWebBeanHel per.java:581) at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAWebBeanCont ainerHelper.pro cessRequest(OAW ebBeanContainer Helper.java:247 ) at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAPageLayoutH elper.processRe quest(OAPageLay outHelper.java: 1134) at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.beans.layout. OAPageLayoutBea n.processReques t(OAPageLayoutB ean.java:1569) at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAWebBeanHelp er.processReque stChildren(OAWe bBeanHelper.jav a:937) at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAWebBeanHelp er.processReque stChildren(OAWe bBeanHelper.jav a:904) at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAWebBeanHelp er.processReque st(OAWebBeanHel per.java:640) at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAWebBeanCont ainerHelper.pro cessRequest(OAW ebBeanContainer Helper.java:247 ) at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.beans.form.OA FormBean.proces sRequest(OAForm Bean.java:385) at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAWebBeanHelp er.processReque stChildren(OAWe bBeanHelper.jav a:937) at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAWebBeanHelp er.processReque stChildren(OAWe bBeanHelper.jav a:904) at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAWebBeanHelp er.processReque st(OAWebBeanHel per.java:640) at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAWebBeanCont ainerHelper.pro cessRequest(OAW ebBeanContainer Helper.java:247 ) at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.beans.OABodyB ean.processRequ est(OABodyBean. java:353) at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAPageBean.pr ocessRequest(OA PageBean.java:2 297) at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAPageBean.pr eparePage(OAPag eBean.java:1710 ) at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAPageBean.pr eparePage(OAPag eBean.java:501) at oracle.apps.fnd .framework.webu i.OAPageBean.pr eparePage(OAPag eBean.java:422) at _oa__html._OA._ jspService(_OA. java:88) at oracle.jsp.runt ime.HttpJsp.ser vice(HttpJsp.ja va:119) at oracle.jsp.app. JspApplication. dispatchRequest (JspApplication .java:417) at oracle.jsp.JspS ervlet.doDispat ch(JspServlet.j ava:267) at oracle.jsp.JspS ervlet.internal Service(JspServ let.java:186) at oracle.jsp.JspS ervlet.service( JspServlet.java :156) at javax.servlet.h ttp.HttpServlet .service(HttpSe rvlet.java:588) at oracle.jsp.prov ider.Jsp20Reque stDispatcher.fo rward(Jsp20Requ estDispatcher.j ava:162) at oracle.jsp.runt ime.OraclePageC ontext.forward( OraclePageConte xt.java:187) at _oa__html._RF._ jspService(_RF. java:102) at oracle.jsp.runt ime.HttpJsp.ser vice(HttpJsp.ja va:119) at oracle.jsp.app. JspApplication. dispatchRequest (JspApplication .java:417) at oracle.jsp.JspS ervlet.doDispat ch(JspServlet.j ava:267) at oracle.jsp.JspS ervlet.internal Service(JspServ let.java:186) at oracle.jsp.JspS ervlet.service( JspServlet.java :156) at javax.servlet.h ttp.HttpServlet .service(HttpSe rvlet.java:588) at org.apache.jser v.JServConnecti on.processReque st(JServConnect ion.java:456) at org.apache.jser v.JServConnecti on.run(JServCon nection.java:29 4) at java.lang.Threa d.run(Thread.ja va:534)
0 #105 RK 2012-01-19 14:00
Excellent Article!!
0 #106 Mohammadi 2012-01-31 17:13
We have to build one report which retrieves the invoices which has crossed their past due date. This report has to be in excel. We are planning to put this report in XML Pubnlisher designing template and data definition (.xdo file). We will be using bursting feature to send the report to mail to Distribution List. Now when the report query doesn't pull any records, the user should be thrown a message "Please refine your search criteria, the current search criteria doesn't pull up any records". Can you please let us know how to throw this message in case the data definition query doesn't fetch any records.

Thank s,
0 #107 venu p 2012-02-06 00:45
Please send me the xml tags what ever we are using in RTF file design.i searched in many portals but i didn't get that tags.

0 #108 Mohammadi 2012-02-07 16:44
I am not sure which tags you are looking for?

M ohammadi
0 #109 Abel Rosas 2012-02-22 13:29
Hi, I read your article and it's great, good for that.
I have a question about the Data Template, I want to know if it is possible to put a if condition at the XML - output structure ( dataStructure ).
I read that i can use XSD, but i'm not so sure about it.
Can you tell me a little bite about it and I will appreciate if you show how to do it.
Thank so much for you help
0 #110 Gadiraju 2012-03-06 10:56
Thanks for the wonderful articles.
Can we use pl/sql packages and develop BI publisher reports?
Reason is we have couple of complicated rdf reports(some 17queries in it) which we want to rewrite and publish using BIPublisher.
Wh at is the best way to do?

Appreciate your help!!
+1 #111 Raviraj's 2012-03-12 08:57
Hi Prabhakar,

I have done One report as Data Template,
Here the problem is when we run the Report in the xml output '' is shown as >
and '&' as & like this.

But In XSL formatting the html tags we require < and > insted of < and >

Can you please suggest me how can we handle the issue.
Can we restrict the decoding of < to < ?
Can we handle the tags like <UL> ,<P> in XSL Formatting?

Ca n you Please help me on this as early as possible. I am working on this report morethan a month.
0 #112 Sumit B. 2012-05-18 02:32
Greatfull thanks to shared study doc.
you did use sql query with xml code at template file.
I analyse, without XML language isn't possible.
is it mandatory to learn/understan d xml language to every oracle developer?

Tha nks,
Sumit B
0 #113 prasadbabu 2012-07-20 06:27
could you please forward the documents to
Thanks in Advance
-1 #114 Kamalakar 2012-10-14 21:52

When report main query fetches zero records my Bursting control file is erroed out.
For Email adrres and etc Email related fileds I am using another group. Pls help me out.
I am not getting email with report attachment..

T hanks,
KAmalaka r
0 #115 vijay oraapps 2013-01-08 06:31
Greatefull artical because I didn't know that how to customize for the same execution method. Request you to pls one thing that if i create new report for the same execution method then we shall use same executable (XDODTEXE). Sorry don't mind because I have not much experience.

Vija y
0 #116 Tanu 2013-03-20 17:38
I am getting issue while generating the XML output in Bi pib.
•When I run it on SQL developer, I am getting the actual output.
•But when I run it on BI publisher, I am getting some selected columns value only
•Also, it will take around 18 min to run in SQL developer and around 40-50 mins to run in BI publisher.
•Need help to get the output for each column and also to speed up the time to get the report output.
0 #117 yassine 2013-05-21 11:40
Hi, i would like to thank you for your great effort.

my issue is that im unable see the page sreenshots

thx ,
+1 #118 user729369821 2014-02-20 13:49
Useless article unless you resolve the hosting issues you're having with whoever seems to be loading your pictures.
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+1 #121 Vimal Iyer 2014-05-06 12:29
Hi Gurus

I have a query on XML report. I am using RTF template and wanted to bring in a field which is not available during the >Insert >Field. How do I bring a column which is not there in the list (the window contains the fields). Can any gurus help...which is a real need to my knowlledge


0 #122 Unknown 2014-06-11 17:50
Quoting Kausik:
When running the program I am gettingnullpointer exception :
Calling XDO Data Engine...
at oracle.apps.xdo.oa.util.DataTemplate.getDataTemplate(DataTemplate.java:379)
at oracle.apps.xdo.oa.util.DataTemplate.(DataTemplate.java:226)
at oracle.apps.xdo.oa.cp.JCP4XDODataEngine.runProgram(JCP4XDODataEngine.java:283)
at oracle.apps.fnd.cp.request.Run.main(Run.java:157)



I was getting this error too. When I debugged I found that the applications with which I registered the Data definition and concurrent propgram, were different. The application should be same 'Internal Controls Manager' for the conc prog, data definition and template definition.

0 #123 Nandhakumar 2014-11-18 03:53
:P_INVOICE_NO is my bind Variable.
will it be fetch data in RTF?
0 #124 Tony 2014-11-18 17:21
Pics no showing
0 #125 Krishna11 2014-12-15 10:37
Pics are not visible
0 #126 Lakshman 2015-06-25 06:03
how can I handle exception block in EML publisher reports ?
0 #127 rahul3899 2015-07-27 06:27
data is not showing in output but it is in XML(diagnostics ). only a single row is coming as in output.
0 #128 rahul3899 2015-07-27 06:30

While developing report the data is not showing in output properly but it is showing in XML(diagnostics ). Only a single row is coming as in output.

Why it is happening?? Help me guys.
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