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When designing OA Framework Pages we commonly come across situation when we need to show data in the form of master detail. To do this we use the Show/Hide, Detail Disclosure Table-in-Table and Advance table-In-Advance Table Regions.

The most common issue faced with the master details implementation is the data inconsistency. The details region will show same child data for all master records. In this article i will be discussing about the mandatory steps to be performed to avoid this data inconsistency with Master-Details region.

To create a master details region we need
1) Master View Object.
2) Detail View Object.
3) View Link Between Master View Object and Detail View Object.

In most cases the view link between the master view object and detail view object created based on the attributes that form the unique keys of view objects. In this cases, the master details shows consistent data.

In some cases the view link might not be on the unique key columns. In this case the view link is not able to get the detail records properly and shows incorrect data.

In order to avoid this we will have to mark the attributes used to create the view link as Key Attribute.

For example,

If you want to create a master detail between supplier and supplier site, then your view object will be based on PO_VENDORS and PO_VENDOR_SITES_ALL. The viewlink will be based on PO_VENDORS.Vendor_Id and PO_VENDOR_SITES_ALL.vendor_Id. Yow will have to mark the VendorId attribute in both the view object as Key Attribute.


Prabhakar Somanathan


0 #1 ado22 2009-03-10 11:05

Thanks for sharing the information above. Could you please shed more light on how to link the VL object created form the above process to a Table-in-Table or Advance table-In-Advanc e Table Regions.
0 #2 Saratheas@gmail.com 2011-12-18 10:22
Thanks a lot for excellent articles
0 #3 bhuvanm 2013-10-18 02:13
My Mater - Detail design is as below :

1. Master Region :

------------ --

Region : Advanced Table

VO : Mater table

Boolean : DetailFlag ( this is for show/Hide , at each master record) { passivation enabled on the item attrbute }

Detail records

------ -----------

1a . Created Advance Table Component of 'Detail ' under 1 , Having an 'Header Region' and under this an 'Advanced Table Rn' .

This advance table region carries all the detail block records and this linked to Master region based on View Link.

Problem I am facing :

The show hide only works for one record at a time for a master record.

So if I have 20 master records, I have to click 20 time on 'Show' , to get the detail.

I need to show all the 20 master with detail ( expanded).

or by default when ever the master-detail executes, I need to have the records displayed 'expanded' by default

Please throw some light on this as I am qt new to OAF

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