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Ranu Srivastava
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Please find an article from Ranu Srivastava.
This article gives a demonstration of how you can build Workflow Approval Dashboards.
Additionally, you will learn how to create Declarative components using CRM HTML Administration responsibility.

-> End user should be able to Track who has the workflow they requested for approval & implement
this change with out changing anything on workflow itself.
->Approval Dashboard (on user home page) can be plugged-in to display any pending workflow
requested by the users & who need to approve them.
->User can also click on Approver name & send a follow-up email to the approver reminding them
of the pending approval.

Please click on this link to access this article.

Ranu Srivastava

About the Author

Ranu Srivastava

Ranu Srivastava

-Providing leadership and guidance to Oracle customers and System Integrators implementing Fusion solutions across all pillars (Financials,CRM) across multiple industry sectors.
-Recommends and provides guidance on the Oracle Best Practices for the lifecycle of the implementation programs.



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  • Guest - Anil Passi

    Hi Ranu

    Thanks for a great white paper, its very interesting, as I learnt something new today.

    Anil Passi

    Short URL:
  • Guest - shaik sheru


    We implemented Oracle iRecruitment and land up with one issue. The issue goes like this
    Client have two groups at India and England both have different websites login to the Oracle iRecruitment.The issue comes here when they login from England web sites they want to view company logo and when login through India website they don’t want to see the logo.

    Let me sum of the issue with example:

    We have to web sites one is ABCD.COM and 1234.COM and one Oracle iRecruitment home page.

    Case 1:

    When they login from ABCD.COM can view company LOGO and

    When they login from 1234.COM cannot view company LOGO.

    Please let me is it possible.

    Fazlullah Shaik

    Short URL:
  • Guest - Pavithara R

    Hi Ranu,
    I would like know the list of tables in Oracle11i CRM - Service Modules (Depot Repair, Teleservice & Field Service).

    If possible i would like have a list of APIs too

    Thanks & Regards,
    Pavithara R

    Short URL:

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