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Dependent getting rolled of when processing life event

(Oracle Advance Benefits)

Issue – In oracle advance benefits dependents are getting wiped out when processing the life event. 

Example- We have a person enrolled in a Medical plan and having all his dependents also enrolled in the plan. Now there is a salary change happening for the employee, which is captured as a life event in OAB (Oracle Advance Benefits) and becomes part of a potential life event with the status of ‘Detected Life Event’ by using triggers. Now when processing that life event list of dependents got wiped off from the plan..



Step1- As the list of dependents getting wiped off from the plan so we need to focus on “Designation Requirements” Setting in the plan. For that we can go to Program/Plan Configuration and click on navigator. Below setting for life event make the changes when particular life event got process. In this example setting of life event is “Can either add or remove dependents' ' which will remove the dependents when life event got processed.


Step2- By default also the setting is “Can either add or remove dependents” and system will remove the dependents when processing the life event even than it’s not part of the setting at plan type level. In my case Salary change life event is getting processed and deleting all the dependents from the list of all the plan type. To avoid this we have to add life event ‘Salary Change’ and make the setting to “Can neither add nor remove dependents” so that it will not remove the dependents when processed the life events.



Step3- Now if any change in salary of any employee happen it will generate the potential life event which can be processed to make the changes in the system. Post processing the life event will see the dependents are still showing in the list.

Nitin Maheshwari

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Nitin Maheshwari

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