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Supplier Merge in Oracle EBS R12 Accounts payables

Supplier Merge:

In Oracle E-Business Suite R12

Normally in any business, there is a chance to merge between few suppliers due to take over of ownership. In that case how to merge two suppliers and make it one supplier, and also provides functionality to merge two supplier sites amongst each other. It allows you to merge duplicate suppliers into one as a part of data cleansing activity also.

We can merge sites of the same suppliers into one or you can even merge two suppliers into one supplier. While merging two suppliers into one, you have an option to merge the source supplier and site into an existing supplier site

And also add the source supplier site into the destination supplier and create a new supplier site in the destination supplier.


How to Merge Suppliers in Oracle EBS R12 accounts payables?


Let us explain more with the below process

There are 2 Suppliers named as ABC LLC and Supplier ABC Inc

Supplier ABC LLC merged with ABC Inc and all invoices will be received in the name of ABC Inc. Create two invoices for ABC LLC as shown in the below snapshot.

After entering the invoice follow the below steps to merge the ABC LLC with ABC Inc.

Navigation> Payables Vision Operations (USA)>Suppliers>Supplier merge



Supplier merge form opens

Observe the form and enter the required data.

  • Select the option as what invoices have to be merged as a part of the process


  • We can merge all the available invoices, only open or none of the invoices as a part of this activity. Select the required options from the list of values.


  • We also have an option to transfer all the purchase orders from the old supplier (supplier with site combination) to the new supplier. Select the checkbox if you want to transfer the Purchase orders.


  • Provide the old supplier name and site from the list of values in the “From Supplier” “Name” and “Site”. This should be source supplier and site.


  • If you want to create the old suppliers’ site as a new site in the destination supplier, select the “Copy Site” checkbox and do not provide the Site name in “To Supplier”. Accordingly, provide the destination supplier and site (if not creating a new site) in the “To Supplier” “Name” and “Site” fields.


  • Click on the “Merge” button.


  • You can check the report status and completion in View > Requests > Submit a New Request > Find


  • Concurrent requests will be submitted by the application.



  • Check output of Supplier merge program as it shows below output
  • Under which supplier the site and invoices got created.

  • Check the invoices under ABC incor

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