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This article is in continuation with the previous article where-in we defined how to create one HCM Extract which might be used for all Outbound Integrations. The complete article may be found at: ONE EXTRACT FOR ALL HCM OUTBOUND INTEGRATIONS

In this article we would have a look on how-to extract only incremental data instead of the entire full extract from the system. For this we would need to have an existing HCM Extracts.

For this example we would use ‘XX Worker Extract’ referred to in previous example.

So now without further delay we would start with the same.

Step1: Filter Criteria

I am able to recall that during the last article we had used a filter criteria where-in we have used one filter criteria as shown below:

Login to Fusion Applications -> Provide appropriate login credentials

Once on homepage, click on the Icon (Navigator Icon) and a new popup window appears. Click on Data Exchange under My Workforce option

Navigator->Data Exchange-> Manage HCM Extract Definitions -> Search for (‘XX Worker Extract’)


Once you click on ‘XX Worker Extract’ next point the cursor to the Design block and that would take you to the next screen

Next click on the Filter Criteria (Filter Icon)


Once we click on the Filter Criteria as displayed above it opens up the filter condition


For this example we would need to alter the filter condition to ensure that there are two Worker Records whose details would be fetched in Full Extract. Afterwards we would make changes in the worker record for one of them and would expect details of only the worker (whose details have been changed) to reflect in the HCM Extract.

We have verified previously that there does exist a worker whose Person# is 123

The modified version of the criteria is

Extract Person Number = 1826 Or Extract Person Number = 123


Save the changes


Step2: Run Full Extract

Navigate to the Payroll Checklists in the Navigator menu and submit the Full Extract. Click on Payroll Checklists under Payroll option


Then you need to click on ‘Submit a Process or Report’


Provide input parameters as below and submit


We would next look at the results (Yes! We need to use the ‘OK and View Checklist’)


XML File is Generated


The generated file holds details for both Person# 123 (as shown below)

As well as for Person# 1826 (as shown below)

Step3: Make changes to Person Record

We would change the details of Person# 123

First we will search for the Person# from Person Management


For this example we will make following changes in Name Details:


Submit the changes


Step4: Running the Extract in Incremental Mode


This brings us to the next screen.( Click on Go To Task and this takes you to new screen )


View Results


XML Link comes up


If we now open the XML file and try to search for Person# 1826 it would yield no matches


Also one more point to note is that since we only modified the Name Record for Person# 123 only details pertaining to that section is displayed in the XML all other sections are empty.


Associated XML Files:



And with this I would conclude this article with the hope that I was able to help all of you in some way or other.

Thank you for your time and have a nice day ahead!


Ashish Harbhajanka

About the Author

Ashish Harbhajanka


Oracle Fusion HCM Techno Functional Consultant with overall 10 years of Experience in software industry with 5 years in EBS HRMS and rest 5 in Fusion HCM.

My areas of intesrest in Fusion HCM include :

a) Inbound Outbound Integration using FBL/HDL or BIP/HCM Extracts.

b) Fast Formula

c) BIP Reports

d) OTBI Reports

e) RESTFUL API / Web Service Call

f) Functional Setup

g) End to End Testing

h) Regression Testing

i) Preparing COnfiguration Workbooks

j) Creating Speed Solutions

k) Preparing User Guides

l) UPK


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