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So, what is all the fuss about FAH? At the end of the day, all you want to do is to create a journal. The truth is that indeed its just a journal. But there are a lots n lots of design decisions involved before you get to that journal. Wrong decisions will cost you in tens or hundreds of millions over a period of time for maintenance & storage & backup costs. The support costs can be massive for a poorly designed FAH if you have to keep SME’s available 365 days a year to resolve the day to day issues. A large bank will typically process anything between 5 to 40 million accounting events every day. 


A good design in FAH is rock solid that does not require manual interventions. A good design ensures FAH configuration or code delivered to production remains unaltered because it is adaptive to the data governance needs. 

Oracle FAH ( Both R12 and Fusion ) give you a good solid platform, but you have to build a framework around it to squeeze the best out of it. The framework itself can vary from one client to another, depending on their data warehousing strategy, their data modelling strategy, global reference data systems, and integration across the entire landscape.

Fusion Accounting Hub High Level Design  

A good design with rock solid framework...

is what we deliver for our clients here at apps2fusion. We build systems optimised to various needs for clients, to help them achieve Financial Transformation successfully.


Let's have a look at Fusion Accounting Hub at a very high level. 

Journal line rule set is where it all comes together for the accounting rules. Do you want to build an accounting rule in Fusion Accounting Hub whenever an Insurance Policy is sold or cancelled? Or do you want to account for Market to Market valuation? Or do you wish to account for any trading event that takes place in any investment management system across your bank globally? You can do it all from a central place, in Fusion Accounting Hub. 

The configuration performed in Journal Line Rule Set represents the journal itself.

For an object oriented programmer, Journal Line Rule Set in Fusion Accounting Hub is an abstract class. But FAH is not object oriented, although it has some components that can be shared across rules, such as Account Rules, supporting references.


Coming back to high level design in Fusion Accounting Hub, Journal Line Rule Set, you create it to encompass Journal Header and therefore you attach to it a rule for constructing Journal Header description. But more importantly, is a canvas containing Journal Line Rules that create credit debit lines. As name suggests, Journal Line Rule Set is a….set of rules that create journal lines. Therefore when you attach a journal line rule to a journal line rule set, you also specify the Account rules for each segment. 


Anil Passi

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