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Oracle Fusion Transaction Business intelligence (OTBI) is a real time, self-service reporting solution offered to all Oracle Fusion application users with valid roles to create ad hoc analysis and analysis to help them make their decisions on a daily basis. 

2015-05-09 23-37-25

  • Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) is fully integrated with Fusion HCM and requires no additional system or security configuration. Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) is ready for use once Fusion HCM is provisioned and data is available for reporting. Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) inherits Fusion HCM user roles and security profiles. What OTBI subject areas you can access to create analyses is determined by your Fusion user role. When you run an OTBI analysis, what data you can see is automatically filtered based on your security profile. 
  • Fusion HCM uses trees to manage employee and organizational structure. Trees are flattened and propagated to Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) as reporting hierarchies so you can easily analyze data by rolling up or drilling the various hierarchies i.e. supervisor, department or position hierarchy, etc.
  • Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) supports multi-language translation. The reporting user interface and metadata can switch to your chosen local language. The same report or dashboard built in English can be deployed globally to non-English users.
  • You can easily embed an Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) report or dashboard in a Fusion page through Personalization.

In the next few blogs, we will be looking into the key features associated with OTBI, the various terminologies that are used in OTBI, the various options that are involved in creation of Reports using OTBI, embedding OTBI reports into Fusion Applications, creating dashboards using OTBI and how to create dashboard prompts and the various features that the dashboard prompts.
Oracle business intelligence semantic layer that is built using OBIEE. It means that there are multiple layers to form it. The bottom-most layer would be the Oracle Transactional Database, which is the transactional database. On top of it the Physical Layer, captures information from the Oracle Transaction Database. On top of it is the final Layer call the Presentatiion Layer.
In a typical Oracle Cloud Implementation, no customization is possible on the Presentation Layer. Within the Presentation Layer, you have subject areas. There is no way that a user can go ahead and make customizations to the Presentation Layer. However, in an On-premise Implementation, there is a very high possibility and there is an option of having the BI administration tool which caters to the customization of Presentation Layer.
In Oracle Fusion HCM (V8), there are 39 Subject Areas. OTBI Subject Areas are always suffixed with "Real Time". Each subject area has one Fact Folder and a number of Dimension Folders. Fusion HCM has 181 distinct folders. Some folders appear in more than one subject area, All subject ares are secured by Fusion Application Security because it is integrated with Fusion Applications.
Fact folders are usually at the bottom of the list of folders. A fact folder contains attributes that can be measured, meaning that they are numeric values like headcount, salary, FTE. Each Dimension Folder is joined to the Fact Folder within a Subject Area. 

The next article will cover the demo on high level on  the topic - how to create reports using OTBI.. To learn more in depth on Business Intellegence, please click the following link



Jayashree Prakash

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Jayashree Prakash

Jayashree Prakash

Jayashree is a Oracle Fusion HCM certified consultant who has over fifteen years' experience with Oracle. She has worked as a consultant with several of Alberta's energy companies. She lives in Edmonton and her interests include staying active in the warmer months and vacationing in the Caribbean in the winter

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