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As i mentioned in my previous blog, Part-1 , Oracle Fusion Transactional Business Intelligence is a real-time, self-service reporting solution offered to all Oracle Fusion application. Constructed queries are executed in real-time against the transactional schema supported by a layer of view objects. OTBI comes with hundreds of pre-developed reports that users can customize further. OTBI inherits all the application and data security features of Fusion Applications.
Describe Subject Areas, Folders & Attributes
Subject Areas:
Subject areas are based around a business object or fact. OTBI subject areas always have a suffix of Real Time. In Version 8, Fusion HCM has a total of 39 subject areas and it may change in each release. The number of subject areas in each products are as follows:

  • Benefits: 5
  • Compensation: 4
  • Payroll: 6
  • Goals:4
  • Workforce Management: 9
  • Performance: 4
  • Profiles: 3
  • Succession: 3
  • Talent Review: 1

Each subject area has one fact folder and a number of dimension folders. Fusion HCM has 181 distinct folders. Fact folders contain attributes that can be measured, meaning that they are numeric values like head count and salary. A special folder, called a Degenerate Dimension, is also associated with the fact folder. Each dimension folder is joined to the fact folder within a subject area.
Some folders appear in more than one subject area, such as Grade, Department, and Job. These are referred to as common folders or common dimensions. Fact folders are usually at the bottom of the list of folders and are usually named after the subject area.
Finally, each dimension folder contains attributes, such as job name, worker gender, and so on.
FHE 200

Extending the Presentation Layer

The physical layer is created by the following
1. Fusion HCM Creates view objects
2. Oracle BI brings the view object into the physical layer using the BI Administrative Tools. However this tool requires downloading and it not available to Oracle HCM Cloud service customers. Additionally, you can create joins in the business model layer and then bring them into the presentation layer.
To extend the presentation layer, consider the following:

  • In a typical Oracle cloud implementation, absolutely no customization is possible on the presentation layer, you have a fixed set of presentation layers and within the presentation layer, you have subject areas. The only change in Oracle HCM Cloud Services customer can make are to the presentation layer in OTBI is to add flexfields.
  • On-premise customer can extend the presentation layer by downloading the BI Administration Tools and then adding new object to the physical layer joining them to the existing objects where appropriate and eventually pulling them into the presentation layer so that end user can access them.
  • Upgrades may impact any customizations to the presentation layer. Flexfields customization is not impacted by upgrades

The following are the layers of the BI Catalog

  1. Presentation
  2. Business Model
  3. Physical Layer

Jayashree Prakash

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Jayashree Prakash

Jayashree Prakash

Jayashree is a Oracle Fusion HCM certified consultant who has over fifteen years' experience with Oracle. She has worked as a consultant with several of Alberta's energy companies. She lives in Edmonton and her interests include staying active in the warmer months and vacationing in the Caribbean in the winter

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