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As i mentioned earlier in my previous article Part-2 , OTBI comes with hundreds of pre-developed reports that users can customize further. The predefined analyses, dashboards, and reports help you meet business intelligence requirements. You might want to edit them or create new ones for your own purposes. If you have the appropriate roles, you can customize analytics and reports and make them available for use by others.

Saving Analytics and Reports

You save analyses, dashboards, and reports in the business intelligence (BI) catalog, along with other objects. The catalog has a hierarchy of folders, with My Folders and Shared Folders at the top. One important folder is Custom, which you find under Shared Folders.

FHE 225

My Folders
If you are able to author a report, you can save it under 'My Folder' area within the Oracle BI Presentation Catalog which means that only you have access to it.
Shared Folders
If you have the appropriate roles, you can also save in Shared Folders so that your custom analytics or reports are available to anyone with the appropriate access. It's best practice to save under the Custom subfolder, which has subfolders organized by product family.
Custom Folder
Keeping all custom objects in the Custom folder has the following benefits:
• While patches can update predefined analytics and reports outside the Custom folder, you ensure that customized versions of those objects are not affected. You might lose customizations saved outside the Custom folder during upgrades.
• You can easily locate and identify customized objects.
• You can edit objects in the Custom folder without compromising security on the original objects. All custom analytics and reports are preserved if you save them in the Custom subfolder within Shared Folders, or in My Folders in the business intelligence (BI) catalog.


Security for Analytics and Reports
All Oracle HCM Cloud service application users with appropriate roles can use Oracle Fusion Transactional Business Intelligence to create analyses that support decision-making.


Oracle Fusion Transactional Business Intelligence Security:
Subject Areas
Subject areas are functionally secured using duty roles. The names of duty roles that grant access to subject areas include the words Transaction Analysis Duty (for example, Workforce Transaction Analysis Duty).
FHE 222
Business Intelligence Catalog Folders
Business Intelligence Catalog folders are functionally secured using the same duty roles that secure access to the subject areas. Therefore, a user who inherits the Workforce Transaction Analysis Duty can access both the Workforce Management folder in the Business Intelligence Catalog and the Workforce Management subject areas. This table identifies the Oracle Fusion Transactional Business Intelligence folders that predefined HCM job roles can access.
FHE 223
Business Intelligence Reports
Analyses are secured based on the folders in which they are stored. If you haven't secured Business Intelligence reports using the report privileges, then they're secured at the folder level by default. You can set permissions against folders and reports for Application Roles, Catalog Groups, or Users.  You can set permissions to:
• Read, Execute, Write, or Delete
• Change Permissions
• Set Ownership
• Run Publisher Report
• Schedule Publisher Report
• View Publisher Output
Reporting Data Duty Roles:
The data that's returned in Oracle Fusion Transactional Business Intelligence (OTBI) reports is secured in a similar way to the data that's returned in Oracle Fusion HCM pages. Data access is granted by roles that are linked to security profiles. This topic describes the part played by Reporting Data Duty Roles in securing access to data in OTBI reports. It also describes how to enable this access in custom job roles.
Business Intelligence Roles:
Business Intelligence roles apply to both Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher (Oracle BI Publisher) and Oracle Fusion
Transactional Business Intelligence. They grant access to Business Intelligence functionality, such as the ability to run or
author reports. Users need one or more of these roles in addition to the roles that grant access to reports, subject areas,
Business Intelligence catalog folders, and Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management data. This topic describes the Business Intelligence roles. Business Intelligence roles are defined as application roles in Oracle Entitlements Server. This table identifies those roles.
FHE 224
BI Consumer Role
The predefined Oracle Fusion Transactional Business Intelligence Transaction Analysis Duty roles inherit BI Consumer Role. You can configure custom roles to inherit BI Consumer Role so that they can run reports but not author them.
BI Author Role
BI Author Role inherits BI Consumer Role. Users with BI Author Role can create, edit, and run Oracle Fusion Transactional
Business Intelligence reports.
BI Administrator Role
BI Administrator Role is a superuser role. It inherits BI Author Role, which inherits BI Consumer Role. You're recommended to provision this role to users in a test environment only. None of the predefined HCM job roles has BI Administrator Role access.
BI Publisher Data Model Developer Role
BI Publisher Data Model Developer Role is inherited by the Application Developer role, which is inherited by the Application Implementation Consultant role. Therefore, users with either of these predefined job roles can manage BI Publisher data

Jayashree Prakash

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Jayashree Prakash

Jayashree is a Oracle Fusion HCM certified consultant who has over fifteen years' experience with Oracle. She has worked as a consultant with several of Alberta's energy companies. She lives in Edmonton and her interests include staying active in the warmer months and vacationing in the Caribbean in the winter

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