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This article will show the installation steps of OBIEE 11g on windows 7 64 bits

Download Software

Oracle Database 11g


You can find the database installation steps at apps2fsion_database


OBIEE 11g( & Oracle RCU (

Download OBIEE 11g(  and RCU




Configuring RCU

Extract the downloaded file

Go to folder rcuHome\BIN

Double click on rcu.bat file


Click Next to continue


Select create option and click on Next


Here enter the database details, use sys user to create schemas



Here we have to select Business Intelligence Platform



Here I am keeping same password for all schemas.


Click on next



Finally click on create and it will start creating schemas on database


Once it is done click on close


Install a Loopback Adapter before OBIEE Insatallation

1.) Go to run and type hdwwiz.exe then press enter. This will launch Add hardware wizard.Click Next.

2.) Now Select “Install the hardware that I manually select from a list (Advanced)”. Click next.

3.) Choose “Network adapters” from list and click next.

4.) In left pane under Manufacturer select Microsoft then in right pane select “Microsoft

KM-TEST Loopback Adapters”. In Windows 7 it will be listed as “Microsoft Loopback Adapter” Select it and then click next.

5.) Just hit next and it will start installation. Click Finish when the installation completes.

6.) Now to confirm installation right click Computer, select Properties. Click Device

Manager and expand Network Adapter. Now you can see the Loopback Adapter listed there.Installing OBIEE 11g


Installing OBIEE

Go to bishiphome\Disk1 folder

Double click on setup.exe file

Click next to start the installation


Select Simple install and click next



Now give the patch for Middleware home


Here give the weblogic password


Select  Oracle business Intelligence


Here we have to provide the connection string ie  Database hostname:port:servicename

My database is on same system so I am using localhost the port is default 1521 port of Oracle database and my service name is orcl

Also give the schema password that we have given while configuring rcu.



Follow the above step again for next schema


Uncheck I wish to receive security updates via My Oracle Support

Click on Next


The above step will prompt a warning just click on yes


Now we are at summary part click on install


It will take time to install


Once installation is done click on finish it will open the BI Dashboard


Step to Load BISAMPLE Data:

Connect to database with sys user

$ sqlplus / as sysdba

Create a USER BISAMPLE in your Database also grant him dba privilege

SQL> grant dba to BISAMPLE identified by bisample;

Grant succeeded.

Steps to import:

Place the DMP files in any Drive on your machine and

copy the path with file name.

Connect with BISAMPLE user

Open command prompt

And follow the command



It will ask for username and password

Use BISAMPLE user here

Just enter

Now give the complete path along with name of DMP file and press enter it will load the tables


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