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As mentioned in the previous article Oracle site has only OBIA to download for installation. Though the steps are similar to both, there are some additional steps of patches in And again both the versions have the same components with having some enhancements and bug fixes of the original release.

Pre-requisites and downloads:

Audience: System Administrators and Developers (Who are keen to understand behind the scenes implementation).

Documents to download

First step is to download:Oracle Business Intelligence Applications Certification Matrix – Infrastructure.

http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/bi/biapps-11-1-1-8-1-cert-matrix-1943413.xls (Please note the requirement for on the database)

This XLS spreadsheet has

  • Infrastructure Pre-requisites
  • System Certification
  • Client Support
  • Supported Source Applications

It is very important to make sure all the Infrastructure pre-requisites are met before starting the installation steps.

As next step the documents that needed to be downloaded are:


The above link would download all the OBIA documents .The key document to refer for installation is

Oracle® Business Intelligence Applications Installation Guide has the architecture and road map for installation of OBIA.

BI components downloads for installation are available from:        



Architecture Diagram:

When you refer to the installation document you would come across the architecture diagram. It would help to understand the OBIA architecture before starting the installation.




The Database layer has

  • Source System
  • OBAW
  • Business Analytics Warehouse                                                                                                                                                 
  • Business Intelligence Applications Components Repository
  • Business Intelligence Applications I/O Schema
  • Oracle Data Integrator Repository for BI Applications

Components Deployed into Manager Server "bi_server1"

  • Oracle BI Applications Configuration Manager
  • Functional set up manager
  • Load plan generator
  • ATG Lite

Components deployed into Managed serer “Odi_Server1” are

  • ODI Console
  • ODI agent

Client tier

Console accessed through Web browsers.

ODI Studio is installed on a developer client machine. For BI Applications usage, ODI SDK must be installed along with ODI Studio.


Installation Pre-Requisites

JDK Version for Installation

The Business Analytics Applications Suite installer, which you run to install Oracle BI Applications, requires JDK version 1.6.0_35 or higher or JRockit version 6u37R28.2.5 or higher.

Weblogic version for Installation:

The installation guide provides a choice of software only install or enterprise install for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition

  • Software Only Install mode requires Weblogic Server 10.3.6 as a prerequisite
  • Enterprise Install mode installs Weblogic Server 10.3.5 and then later on you can upgrade WebLogic to 10.3.6.

As per oracle release note there is an issue with Software only installation. Below is the link to the proactive support notification that document installing Software only has problems.

So starting from the next article I will go over the installation steps in 3 parts:

  • Installation of prerequisites Part 1(Fusion Middleware RCU/OBIEE Installation)
  • Installation of prerequisites Part 2(Weblogic upgrade/ODI install)
  • RCU/Installation of OBIA and Patches
  • Configuration of OBIA


Srimathi Badri

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About the Author

Srimathi Badri

Srimathi Badri has over fifteen years of experience as an Applications Developer, and has worked in different technologies and E-business Applications during this time. 
Her specific focus and expertise is in RICE, OAF pages, XML publisher, Java and BI stack of technologies including OBIEE/OBIA with functional domain expertise in Financials, HR, Order Management, and Supply Chain & Warehouse Management. She has a strong desire to keep pace with new technologies which has helped her implement numerous cost saving projects. 
She was a speaker at Oracle Open World -2014 to discuss the implementation phases of OBIA with ODI. The topic was "Improve profitability and Cash Flow with Oracle Financia Analytics"

She can be reached at srimathi.badri@yahoo.com

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