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ODI Console

The purpose of this article is to show the components available in ODI console and the schemas where this information is stored. Log in to ODI console using the OBIA Admin credentials. You can login into either work repository or master repository.Master repository holds the security and topology information. The work repository holds the models, data servers, scenarios, load plans and run time execution information.

Let us login to work repository.Once you login on the left side you can see the different ODI components available.



Load plans

Load Plans list all the pre-built load plans available in OBIA.  A load plan is  an executable object in Oracle Data Integrator that can contain a hierarchy of steps that can be executed conditionally in parallel or series.The leaves of this hierarchy are scenarios.The sessions/Load plan executions are used to monitor your run time scenarios and load plans.




The  scenarios lists all pre built scenarios available in OBIA. OBIA is a pre-built data warehouse package so it comes with pre built scenarios. Scenarios are generated for finished components that is packages, procedures, interfaces. The scenario is stored in work repository and becomes a frozen piece of the code(package,interface,scneario) which is added to a load plan.



Data Servers

When you expand data servers you can see the different OBIA data servers  These data serversare  already defined within the Oracle Data Integrator topology. You can also see the two sources we added in BIACM(previous article). That is ebsfilesource and  ebssource. You do not need to edit this.

While installing OBIA , OBIA-ODI repository schema was created. If you expand that schema on the schema browser you will see all the ODI related tables “SNP_”. For example: SNP_CONNECT stores the data server information.In this screen shot, row 10 and 11 show the source system that was added to SNP_CONNECT . .

Lesson Learned

I would like to share one lesson  learned here. In one of the instances, I went ahead and added a new data server for the source system here in ODI console and also in BIACM. It let me add them, but during load plan execution, it showed an error of having duplicate source system. You need to define the source systems only in BIACM.You do not need to define in ODI console.Understanding OBIA_ODIREPO schema and the key tables underneath it helps debug such issues.SNP_CONNECT,SNP_CONTEXT,SNP_AGENT etc.


 The SNP_CONTEXT stores the ODI context information. Here we have only one context that is global context.


Next expand the schemas. You can see the list of the physical schemas and the two ebs source schemas . Click on ebsfilesource and click the edit icon on the top, the edit window will open on the right side . The work table  prefixes lists the prefixes for  error tables, integration table and temporary tables that will be created during execution of a load plan. And these work tables will be stored in DEV_DW schema.


When you expand the logical schema you can notice all the different logical schemas. This screen shot shows the logical schema of the EBS source file and on the right side how it is mapped to the physical schema.




The ODI run time Agent is a Java EE agent which handles schedules and orchestrate ETL sessions. It connects the code in the scenario to the data servers and executes on these servers. We have one agent the ODI Agent. The agent information is stored in SNP_AGENT.




SNP_AGENT stores the agent information

In the next article I will explain the different components of Functional setup manager (FSM)

Srimathi Badri

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Srimathi Badri

Srimathi Badri has over fifteen years of experience as an Applications Developer, and has worked in different technologies and E-business Applications during this time. 
Her specific focus and expertise is in RICE, OAF pages, XML publisher, Java and BI stack of technologies including OBIEE/OBIA with functional domain expertise in Financials, HR, Order Management, and Supply Chain & Warehouse Management. She has a strong desire to keep pace with new technologies which has helped her implement numerous cost saving projects. 
She was a speaker at Oracle Open World -2014 to discuss the implementation phases of OBIA with ODI. The topic was "Improve profitability and Cash Flow with Oracle Financia Analytics"

She can be reached at srimathi.badri@yahoo.com

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