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Oracle BPEL Tables in the perspective of Oracle Workflow Tables.

In this article you will learn about the main tables used by the BPEL Server/Engine. For these tables, you will also see the corresponding tables in good old Oracle Workflow.

The reason I write this article is because I believe in next 5 Years time , many of the current Oracle Workflow Consultants will be working on Oracle BPEL Instead.

PROCESS_LOG [ Similar to wf_item_types in Oracle Workflows ]

This is the table in BPEL where the any activity related to changes to the process are stored.

For example, if you wish to know how many time the BPEL process was deployed onto server or revised, then this is the table to look into.


A higher level that this table are tables PROCESS and PROCESS_DEFAULT.

These table contain the BPEL Process name and their revision information.

CUBE_INSTANCE [ Similar to wf_items in Oracle Workflows ]

For each BPEL process instance an entry gets created in this table.

This will tell you the data on which this instance started, and the last updated date of the instance.

To purge records from this table, you can use collaxa.delete_ci, using primary key value from cikey.

State 5 or more means that the process instance is complete.

If state is less than 5, then it means that process instance is ongoing.



Stores the information regarding the message that invoke a BPEL Process.

For example a Business Event can invoke a BPEL Process via WebService, as shown in image below.

Of course this table will also tell you the timestamp at which the BPEL process was invoked.

WORK_ITEM [ Similar to WF_ACTIVITIES in Oracle Workflow ]

This table contains the activities against the BPEL Process Instance.



If a variable with XML document has size bigger than 5MB[configurable], then variables XML data gets stored into this table.



This is the table that gets used to display the audit flow from BPEL Console.

This has a column named LOG which is a Large Object RAW Column, each step in BPEL process gets logged into LOG Column in XML zipped form.


Anil Passi


0 #1 Ajay Kunde 2008-06-02 01:21
Hi Anil,
Thank you for sharing the tables in BPEL. This is very useful to every one. I am new to BPEL, please let me know what are the prerequisite for learning BPEL. I am good knowledge in workflows.
Rega rds,
Ajay Kunde
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0 #4 Naveed 2010-03-24 14:34
In our production env, the AUDIT Trail Table has grown to 15 Million Rows and causing performance issues. Is it possible to purge or truncate this table periodically?


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