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WebLogic Server provides a complete set of services for those modules and handles many details of application behavior automatically, without requiring programming.


Course Contents

Day 1

WebLogic Server Overview

Defining WebLogic Server Terms
Listing WebLogic Server Tools
Describing Basic WebLogic Server Architecture

Installing and Patching WebLogic Server

Determining Supported Configurations
Installing WebLogic Server 12c
Applying a Patch to WebLogic Server

Day 2

Creating Domains

Describing a Domain Configuration
Creating a Domain with the Configuration Wizard
Configuring Domain Resources While Creating a Domain
Moving a Domain to Another Computer

Day 3

Starting Servers

Starting and Stopping Server with Standard Scripts
Dealing with Startup Problems
Customizing Standard Start Scripts

The Administration Console

Accessing the Administration Console
Creating and Configuring Servers by using the Admin Console

Configuring JDBC

Configuring JDBC Generic Data Sources
Configuring GridLink Data Sources
Performing Basic Data Source Connection Pool Tuning

Day 4

Monitoring a Domain

Configuring and Accessing Server Logs
Enabling Debugging Output
Monitoring Server Health and Performance
Monitoring JDBC Data Sources
Viewing Diagnostic Charts by using the Monitoring Dashboard

Node Manager

Describing the WebLogic Server Node Manager Utility
Configuring WebLogic Server Machines
Setting Up and Configuring Node Manager
Starting WebLogic Server through Node Manager


Deploying Applications

Deploying Applications to WebLogic Server
Testing Deployed Applications
Monitoring Deployed Applications
Stress Testing WebLogic Server

Day 5


Planning for a WebLogic Server Cluster
Creating and Configuring a WebLogic Server Cluster
Creating and Configuring a WebLogic Server Dynamic Cluster
Configuring Oracle HTTP Server as a WebLogic Server Cluster Proxy
Debugging Cluster Errors


Describing the WebLogic Server Transaction Architecture
Configuring a Database as the Persistent Store for WebLogic Server Transactions

WebLogic Server Security

Describing the WebLogic Server Security Architecture
Configuring an External LDAP Product as the WebLogic Server Authentication Provider

Backing Up and Restoring a Domain

Backing Up a WebLogic Server Domain
Restoring a WebLogic Server Domain




Training Hours

Start Date: 22nd December 2018

Duration: 5 Days

Training Schedule: 22, 23, 29, 30 Dec 2018 & 05th Jan 2019

Timing: 12:00 NOON GMT | 07:00AM EST | 4:00AM PST | 6:00AM CST | 5:00AM MST | 5:30PM IST  | 01:00PM GMT+1



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