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OATS training helps you to learn how to test functionality and load performance of Web, Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA),and packaged applications and manage the testing process. You will also know how to use three components of Oracle Application Testing Suite to test the quality, performance, and reliability of Web applications and Oracle packagedapplications.


By the end of this training you will learn to:

Create simple functional and load test scripts in OpenScript
Customize scripts in OpenScript
Correlate load test scripts in OpenScript
Analyze the data
Manage and run tests with Oracle Test Manager
Create and run functional test scripts in OpenScript.
Create load test scripts in OpenScript and run them in Oracle Load Testing.
Manage the overall testing process with Oracle Test Manager.
Administer Oracle Application Testing Suite.

Course Contents

Day 1

Product Orientation

About Oracle Enterprise Manager
Oracle Application Quality Management Products
Oracle Application Testing Suite Products
About Oracle OpenScript
Testing Accelerators for Oracle Applications
Testing Accelerators for Non-UI-Based Applications
Course Schedule
Classroom Environment

Installing Oracle Application Testing Suite

Obtaining Software
System Requirements
Running the Installer
Verifying Installed Components
Setting Your Default Browser
Starting the Avitek Medical Sample Application
Accessing Oracle Application Testing Suite Components

Getting Started with Oracle OpenScript

About Scripts
Starting New Projects
Selecting Perspectives
Navigating the Workbench
Managing Script Assets
Managing Repositories and Workspaces
Managing Scripts
Setting General Preferences for OpenScript

About Oracle Functional Testing


Day 2

Recording Web Functional Test Scripts

About the Web Functional Test Module
Creating Web Functional Test Projects
Recording and Playing Back Web Functional Test Scripts
Verifying Client Software
Examining the Script Pane After Recording
Examining Common Node Commands
Viewing and Modifying Node Properties
Analyzing Playback Results and Setting Preferences

Customizing Web Functional Test Scripts

Ignoring Think Times During Playbacks
Validating Results
Parameterizing Inputs with Databanks
Adding Command Nodes to Scripts
Embedding Functions in Nodes
Passing Lists and Key/Value Pairs to Functions

About Oracle Load Testing

Oracle Load Testing Architecture
System Requirements
Load Test Scripts
HTTP Transactions
Data Parameterization
Data Validations

Recording HTTP Load Test Scripts

About the HTTP Module
Creating HTTP Load Test Projects
Recording HTTP Load Test Scripts
Examining the Script Pane After Recording
Viewing Recorded Server Responses
Playing Back HTTP Load Test Scripts
Setting General Playback Preferences
Setting HTTP Preferences

Day 3

Correlating Data in HTTP Load Test Scripts

OpenScript's Correlation Process
Creating Manual Correlations for Web/HTTP Scripts
Viewing the HTTP Correlation Library
Enabling Libraries and Rules
Adding Libraries and Rules
Testing New Correlation Rules

Customizing Load Test Scripts

Adding Command Nodes
Validating Results
Parameterizing Inputs with Databanks
Adding Custom Functions
Debugging Scripts in Tree View
Importing RUEI Session Logs

Running Load Tests in Oracle Load Testing

About Oracle Load Testing
Navigating Oracle Load Testing
Creating Repositories
Creating and Editing Scenarios
Adding Scenario Profiles to the Autopilot
Starting and Stopping Load Tests
Monitoring the Virtual User Grid
Configuring Oracle Load Testing Defaults

Adding ServerStats Configurations to Load Tests

About ServerStats Configurations
Monitor Types
Data Collector Process
Naming ServerStats Configurations
Adding Monitors to ServerStats Configurations
Running Load Tests with a ServerStats Configuration

Day 4

Analyzing Load Test Data

About Analyzing Load Test Data
View Run Graphs Tab
Viewing Default Runtime Graphs
Creating Runtime Graphs
Viewing the Performance Statistics Report
Create Reports Tab
Viewing Session Performance Reports
Creating Post-Run Graphs

Managing Test Plans, Requirements, and Tests with Oracle Test Manager

About Oracle Test Manager
Logging On to Oracle Test Manager
Managing Test Plans
Managing Requirements
Managing Tests
Managing Test Sets

Running Tests and Managing Issues and Reports with Oracle Test Manager

Running Tests
Managing Issues
Managing Reports and Dashboards
Configuring Oracle Test Manager
Configuring Remote Systems

Administering Oracle Load Testing and Oracle Test Manager

About Administrator
Logging On to Administrator
Administering Oracle Load Testing
Administering Oracle Test Manager
Administering the Databases





Training Hours

Start Date: 15th Dec 2018

Training Schedule: 15, 16, 22 & 23 Dec 2018

Timing: 12:00 NOON GMT | 07:00 AM EST | 4:00 AM PST | 6:00 AM CST | 5:00 AM MST | 5:30 PM IST | 01:00 PM GMT+1


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