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Oracle ADF is a part in the framework of Fusion middleware. ADF is used for building Fusion applications and standalone applications. Learn to work with ADF Architecture, ADF business components, ADF task flows, and essential ADF components. ADF training is comprehensive and designed to suit the needs of all - beginners and experts.


By the end of this training you will Learn To:

  • Apply company standards to the data model
  • Provide Lists of Values (LOV)
  • Display dynamically changing data
  • Use skins to control the look-and-feel
  • Integrate ADF with SOA and WebCenter

Course Contents

Day 1

Basics of Java and ADF architecture 

Java for ADF Developers,
ADF Architecture explained, Benefits of using ADF.

ADF business components

Overview of ADF business domain components like
Managing database transactions like insert, update and delete using Entity objects ( EO )
Understand relationship between objects through Associations
Understand business logic through Domains

ADF application demonstration

Demonstration on building simple ADF application

Day 2

ADF business components - continued

Overview of ADF business data model components like
Datasource concepts using View Object ( VO )
Link two VO result sets using View links (VL)
Application module to assemble all the core components together

Setting up and using JDeveloper

Setting up JDeveloper IDE, editing java files, test business logic and debug ADF forms usingJDeveloper 

Using ADF business components through sample exercise 

Build a simple search form using ADF business components, Handle events using Controller (CO)
Perform database transactions using ADF business components VO and EO and synchronize EO with data changes in tables

Day 3

Manage ADF business components

Learn creating updatable VO, create Master detail relationship between 2 VOs using VLs
Handle transactions happening through ADF business components
Programmatically modify VO and EO and customize their behaviour

Extensions and Personalizations

Extend business components like AM, EO and VO and customize the behaviour of your ADF page
Learn personalizing ADF page you created

ADF faces, ADF mobiles and User Interface

Overview on ADF faces components, ADF mobiles concepts, UI technologies and binding data to UI components, Validating User input

Day 4

Hands on exercises

Implement ADF faces components using partial page rendering
Create modal dialog windows using ADF faces components, Single and multi-selection tables etc.,

UI components

Building static and dynamic page layouts, Understand HTML, Servlets, Java Server Pages (JSP) JavaServer Faces (JSF) technologies

Day 5

Validate User Input

Learn validating data across User Interface, Database and Data models using ADF
Trigger validation execution and handle validation errors
Validate programmatically and by using Groovy expressions

Hands on exercise on the same

Day 6

Using Web services

Building and consuming web services in ADF applications

ADF Task Flows and ADF Security

Purpose of task flow
Concepts of activities, bounded and unbounded task flows
Concepts of Authentication and authorization framework in ADF

Demonstration to show functionality

Day 7

Hands on and Deployment

Hands on exercise on ADF topics covered so far.
Deployment of ADF application

Walk through the real time requirements and scenarios


Training Hours


Start Date: 15th December 2018

Duration:7 Days

Training Schedule: 15, 16, 22, 23, 29, 30 Dec 2018 & 05th Jan 2019

Timing: 12:00 NOON GMT | 07:00AM EST | 4:00AM PST | 6:00AM CST | 5:00AM MST | 5:30PM IST  | 01:00PM GMT+1

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