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Learn Basic and Advanced features of OA Framework. Train in practical exercises for Development, Extensions and Personalizations in OA Framework.


By the end of this training you will Learn To :

  • Describe the concepts and details of the MVC design pattern
  • Create a query, drill-down, create, delete, and update to an E-Business Suite instance
  • Use E-Business Suite security in conjunction with OA Framework applications
  • Describe OA Framework development standards

Course Contents

Day 1

Concepts of Java explained

How is object oriented programming different than PL/SQL

Class, Objects, Inheritance, polymorphism, interface & packages in Java

How Jdeveloper is organised for Java Development in OA Framework

OAF Architecure explained

Events handing in OAF

Handle events like button click in OAF using Controller (CO) - a java file

Manage OAF Database Transactions

Concepts of how data is sourced from database using View Object ( VO )

How transactions are created using Entity objects ( EO ) 

How state of transactions lifecycle is managed using Application Module ( AM )

Day 2

Interaction of OAF Screen with Database Tables

Build a simple OAF search form that queries database tables

Create search forms using just VO and with both VO and EO without programming.

Insert and delete records on tables entirely through OAF concepts - Understand the importance of VO and EO

Learn overwriting query in VO, programmatically in CO

Complete your exercises

Day 3

Trasaction updates in OAF

Search and Update that record using OAF

Exception Management and Troubleshooting

Handle exceptions while inserting, deleting and updating records on table using OAF

Prevent page from crashing at runtime - Various tips and techniques

Debug created OAF page using jDeveloper.

Manipulate variables & conditions at runtime using debugger

Complete your exercises

Day 4

Advanced OA Framework Development

Create OAF advanced table and also learn adding a new column to your existing advanced table.

Show results from two tables (A Master table and a Detail table)

Master Details Screen in OAF

Building a Master-Detail relationship in advanced table.

Using Hide/Show link in Master table result to show or hide the detail table result

Partial Page Rendering

Demo of  Partial page rendering. Refreshing only portion of the page instead of an entire page.

Complete your exercises.


Day 5

Conceptions of OA Framework Personlization and Extensibility

Learn concepts of OAF extensions to Customize existing OAF page by adding or modifying functionalities

Learn enabling personalizations and delete defined personalizations at Site, Function, Responsibility and User levels by choosing contexts

Personalize page to Add or remove UI elements to an existing page by using OAF personalizations

Complete your exercises.

Day 6

Extensions and Customizations in OA Framework

Hands on exercise on OAF extensions and customizations - Learn performing extensions on BC4J components like Application Module (AM), EO and VO, and Controller (CO).

Exetending Standard Oracle Products

Demonstration on customizations & extensions done to iExpenses, Self Service HRMS etc. using OA Framework

Complete your exercises.

Day 7

Real life examples

OA Framework extensions - walk through the real time requirements and scenarios

Complete your exercises.


Training Hours

Start Date: 20th April 2019

Duration:    7 Days

Training Schedule: 20, 21, 27, 28 Apr, 04, 05 & 11 May 2019

Timing:  12:00 NOON GMT | 08:00AM EST | 5:00AM PST | 7:00AM CST | 6:00AM MST | 5:30PM IST | 01:00PM GMT+1



  • Application Developers
  • Java Developers
  • Developer
  • J2EE Developer
  • Sales Consultants
  • Technical Consultant

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