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This training is for engineers who will be responsible for data related tasks that include ingesting, egressing and transforming data from multiple sources using various services and tools.

Course Duration – 24 Hours

Course Contents

Day 1

Implement Data Storage Solutions (40-45%)

Implement non-relational data stores

· Implement a solution that uses Cosmos DB, Data Lake Storage Gen2, or Blob storage

· Implement data distribution and partitions

· Implement a consistency model in Cosmos DB·provision a non-relational data store

· Provide access to data to meet security requirements

· Implement for high availability, disaster recovery, and global distribution

Day 2

Implement relational data stores

· Provide access to data to meet security requirements

· Implement for high availability and disaster recovery

· Implement data distribution and partitions for Azure Synapse Analytics

· Implement Poly Base

Manage data security

· Implement data masking

· Encrypt data at rest and in motion

Day 3

Manage and Develop Data Processing (25-30%)

Develop batch processing solutions

· Develop batch processing solutions by using Data Factory and Azure Data bricks

· ingest data by using Poly Base

· Implement the integration runtime for Data Factory

· Create linked services and datasets·create pipelines and activities

· Create and schedule triggers

· Implement Azure Databricks clusters, notebooks, jobs, and autoscaling

· Ingest data into Azure Databricks

Day 4

Develop streaming solutions

· Configure input and output

· Select the appropriate built-in functions

Implement event processing by using Stream Analytics

Monitor and Optimize Data Solutions (30-35%)

Monitor data storage

· Monitor relational and non-relational data sources

· Implement Blob storage monitoring

· Implement Data Lake Storage monitoring

· Implement Azure Synapse Analytics monitoring

· Implement Cosmos DB monitoring

· Configure Azure Monitor alerts

· Implement auditing by using Azure Log Analytics


Day 5

Monitor data processing

· Monitor Data Factory pipelines

· Monitor Azure Databricks

· Monitor Stream Analytics

· Configure Azure Monitor alerts

· Implement auditing by using Azure Log Analytic

Optimize of Azure data solutions

· Troubleshoot data partitioning bottlenecks

· Optimize Data Lake Storage

· Optimize Stream Analytics

· Optimize Azure Synapse Analytics

· Manage the data lifecycle


Training Hours

Start Date: 

Training Schedule: 

Timing: 12:00 NOON GMT | 07:00 AM EST | 4:00 AM PST | 6:00 AM CST | 5:00 AM MST | 5:30 PM IST | 01:00 PM GMT+1


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