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In this article you will learn about the Oracle Self Service HRMS workflow, and how this Workflow fits into Self Service Human Resource architecture. This knowledge  is required for any technical or functional HRMS person to troubleshoot the common issues that might get reported during Self Service HRMS implementation. First  and foremost thing to remember is that a Workflow with item type named HRSSA is instantiated whenever a screen in Self Service HRMS is invoked. If you open  this workflow in workflow builder, you will notice that there exists one single "Runnable Workflow Process" for each Employee Self Service HRMS AOL Function. Therefore, there is a  direct connection between the AOL Function and HRSSA workflow. Given that the AOL Function is attached to a menu item in SSHR, therefore it is safe to say that there  exists a relationship between SSHR menu item and a process within this workflow. Effectively whenever an employee opens a screen in Self Service HRMS it then creates a new instance of the workflow process. Infact the name/path of the OA Framework page that gets opened is configured within the HRSSA workflow itself. By reading this article, you will be able to understand these relationships. However you must read the preceding article linked here, to understand the context of this article.
As seen in the previous article, the custom AOL function named XXapps2fusion_SIT_COMPL_FUNC instantiates a Workflow process named HR_SIT_JSP_PRC
The relationship between the AOL Function and HRSSA workflow is explained in the picture as shown below.

If you recollect, the WF Process name entered in our AOL definition for function XXapps2fusion_SIT_COMPL_FUNC was HR_SIT_JSP_PRC
This matches the short name of the WF Process "Change Special Information" as shown below

In the previous article you learnt the steps to create a self service HRMS data entry screen using Special Information Types, i.e SIT. This screens leverages OA Framework, however this was achieved without writing any program. 
It must be noted that the data entered in this screen is applied to the base tables directly. This is because, by default, the data entered in Special Information Types is not routed via AME Approval. It is important to understand the HRMS Self Service Workflow concepts before we take a dive into AME integration with Self Service HRMS. 

Therefore in this article, we will concentrate on the integration of Self Service HRMS workflow with overall Self Service processes in Oracle HRMS. Understanding of this workflow and HR_API_TRANSACTIONS is a pre-requisite before proceeding with AME config for SSHR. 

I will try to address the following questions in this context 
1. What is the purpose of this workflow in Self Service HRMS 
2. How does this workflow dictate the navigation of the user to a specific OA Framework page. 
3. How does this workflow control whether AME will be invoked 

Firstly, what is the purpose of this workflow in Self Service HRMS ?
There is a historic reason for usage of Workflow named HRSSA in Self Service HRMS. Self Service HRMS product development was done slightly ahead of OA Framework. In the early days of Self Service HRMS, OA Framework did not exist in its current form, and therefore PL/SQL web Cartridges were used for developing the initial set of pages in SSHR. Thereafter AK Developer was used to configure the components of the pages in SSHR. However, Self Service HRMS team was looking for a framework that could give State Management for the data in Web Application. OA Framework was not quite ready by then, therefore Oracle Workflow was hooked onto the Self Service HRMS screens to manage user sessions. Given that workflow instance is persistent in the database tables, therefore the HRMS team was able to leverage the persistency offered by Oracle Workflow for managing the state of Web Pages in Self Service HRMS. 

The powerpoint presentation in this link will give you a good idea about how OA Framework evolved in eBusiness Suite. 

What is the name of this workflow? 
select  name, DISPLAY_NAME from wf_item_types_vl where 
name ='HRSSA' 
-------- -------------------------------------------------------- 

These screenshots below are from HRSSA Workflow as opened from Workflow Builder, for WF Process named "Change Special Information". This WF Process was attached to the AOL function definition in previous article[Part2]

If you double click on activity "SIT 4.0" in the workflow builder[shown in above picture] and navigate to Node Attributes tab[shown in image below], you will notice that this Workflow Activity calls a JSP page. The page in reality is an OA Framework page. The mapping between the "jsp page name" and the actual "OA Framework page" exists in $PER_TOP/mds/regionMap.xml.  regionMap.xml is used to map the legacy[pre-OAF] page name with the OA Framework page name. This mapping file is loaded to the MDS tables during the patching/installation process.

The image below shows the contents of $PER_TOP/mds/regionMap.xml. This file contains the mapping between the "JSP page name in WF Activity" and the OA Framework Page name.

In this article, you learnt how the workflow is integrated within SSHR.

In the next article, we will see the integration points of this Workflow with AME.

Anil Passi


0 #1 Murugesh 2009-11-02 10:10
Hi anil,

I have instantiated the workflow process HR_SIT_JSP_PRC and created a new process called XXSNI_HR_SIT_JS P_PRC I have created the copy of the function XXSNI_HR_SIT_SS I have changed the process name to XXSNI_HR_SIT_JS P_PRC I have attached the fucntion to a menu when I was trying to opne the function in
the self service responsibility I am getting an error. The select action is not available. The cause may be related to security. Contact your system administrator to verify the permission level for this action.
Please advise me in this regard

Regards ,
0 #2 Anil Passi- 2009-11-02 14:13
Ensure that you have entry for this function in HR Global Menu
Also, doublecheck your functional definition WEB HTML Call and Parameter fields

Clear the cache too from functional administrator
0 #3 Murugesh 2009-11-03 23:02
thanks anil for the reply. I have missed out the step in HR Global Menu. So is the the issue

Thanks for the advise

Regards ,
0 #4 Kishore Ryali 2009-11-06 16:22
Thanks for insight into HRSSA. Interesting.

K ishore
0 #5 Gupta Nagubandi 2009-11-19 15:58

Thanks a lot for giving a nice explanation about the SSHR pages. All these I was wondering how they are linked and now it is crystal clear.
I wanted to look at the New Hire Page in JDeveloper to understand how it was developed. I went to the HR workflow and opened the
"Hire Or Placement" process and clicked on "Enter Person Details V4.0" to see what is the underlying OAF page. The HR Activity type
The mapping file shows the corresponding OAF page is NewhirePersonPG under /oracle/apps/pe r/selfservice/p ersonalinformat ion/webui/.

But, interestignly, the NewhirePersonPG .xml is not available under $JAVA_TOP/oracl e/apps/selfserv ice/personinfor mation/webui. But, it is available under $PER_TOP/mds/se lfservice/perso nalinformation/ webui. Is this the right file or am I missing something here?

Could you please clarify.

Also, my client has the requirement that they want to re-hire the terminated employees using Manager Self Service in the similar way as New Hire.
Oracle has not provided this seeded functionality. Infact, I've started learning OAF recently. I joined the ongoing OAF batch in Focus Thread,
so I have no idea how to go forward on it. Could you please help me in how to approach on this requirement.

B est Regards
0 #6 Anil Passi- 2009-11-20 04:38
Hi Gupta

The pages are always loaded in database.
The OAF Page definitions in XML are stored in PRODUCT_TOP/mds just for reference

Just google on jdr_utils and it will clarify your concepts even further.

Thank you for taking OAF Training with apps2fusion. I hope you really liked it.

An il Passi
0 #7 Gupta Nagubandi 2009-11-20 15:47
Hi Anil,

Thanks for your quick reply.
Could you also please provide your comment on the requirement of the re-hiring the terminated employees using Manager Self Service.

Best Regards
0 #8 Abu 2009-12-27 01:17
Hi Anil,
I have created two different SIT's functions and then created two different SIT's processes and links with the cusomize functions and it worked fine but the problem that each function open the two Sit's not only one, I need to know how to let the SIT open each function Separatly.
0 #9 Tshepho Kekana 2010-03-01 04:19
I just wanna say thank you for this well detailed explanation, it helped me a lot.
0 #10 zamora 2011-01-23 05:49
Why Oracle makes it so confuse , by putting a name called HR_SIT_PERSON_T OP_SS and to get the value, we need to go to the xml files etc.
why don't they put directly into the nod attribute value.

any way, Anil you have been doing great work.
0 #11 Guru Narayanan 2011-02-26 00:52

Thanks for your great contribution,
W e have an issue in SSHR Notification,
W henver an employee adds or updates his education & qualification details.,
the notifications is sent to HR Manager, but now the client wants the first approver has his/her Supervisor and
after supervisor's approval, it has to go to HR Manager's final approval.

Can you please help me out in this regard, how to change the workflow??

Gur u Narayanan
0 #12 ruud kienhuis 2011-03-17 05:33

we would like to add ad hoc approver at the SSHR SIT workflow process. We are not able to do this. In our Leave of Absence screen we do have the possibility to add hoc approver. Who knows what to do to get also the possibility in our SIT process?
0 #13 Ruth 2011-12-14 09:49
We have a need to add a link to an Extra Information Page in SSHR that will link an employee to a PDF document showing their specific wages, rate of pay, etc. We've saved these PDFs individually, but we're not sure how to add the link to point to each individual PDF. We need to turn this around quickly as we have a legislative deadline to meet. We would appreciate any help.
0 #14 Kartik Shukla 2012-05-24 12:43
Hi Anil,

I am new to SSHR and need some help to setup one function from Manager Self-Service.
T here is a seeded function 'PAY_EMP_PAYMEN TS_SS' exist in Employee Self-Service with the name of 'Manage Payroll Payments'.
Now we have a requirement that Same function needs to be available through Manager Self-Service, so Manager can search their direct sub-ordinate and change their Bank information based on request.

Can you please help me with Above.

I tried below steps but didn't worked:

Create a custom Function - XXHR_TEST_MANAG E_PAY

Set Parameter:

pA METranType=SSHR MS&pAMEAppId=80 0&pProcessName= PAY_PAYMENTS_JS P_PRC&pItemType =HRSSA&pCalledF rom=HR_EPP_SEAR CH

Set Web HTML Call:

OA.jsp?a kRegionCode=PAY _MPP_TOP_REGION &akRegionApplic ationId=801&OAF unc=HR_EPP_SEAR CH

HR_EPP_SEAR CH function provides search / Action functionality.

Kartik Shukla
0 #15 Syed Ali Shah 2012-09-09 08:56
Since the copy/paste of Process is not supported by Oracle. i have created a new transaction type and I'm using Personal Information Process(HR_SIT_ JSP_PRC) and I use this Process in multiple Transaction Type so I cant change the name or display name .

Everything is setup. And approvals show as per the requirements.

But I can see that in Notifications the subject line will show up Change Special Information for all my approvals. How can I get subjects according to my need for same process in different transaction type.

Please help.

Syed Ali
0 #16 guru 2014-10-01 05:16
Hi Anil,

Thank you for your article. I am new to workflow. In Absence management when applying leave the notification is send to user who applied and also to the approver.

I need to change the subject of the notification.
Can you suggest me how to do?

Thank you.

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