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There are two ways of creating reports in OTBI, one is using BI Composer and the other one is BI Answers. BI Composer keeps you within the Fusion UI and is a guided process, but has some limited features. In today’s blog, let see how to create a basic analysis in OTBI using BI Composer.  You will see step by step instructions to create a simple report listing basic Employee Details.

1. Navigate to the Reports and Analytics work area.

2. Click Create and select Analysis <


3. In the Select Subject Area window, select the Workforce Management - Person Real Time subject area.

4. Expand the Workforce Management - Person Real Time

5. Expand the Person Names folder.

6. Select Full Name and click the Add button to move the column to the Selected Columns area.

7. Select Last Name, Country to the selected column area by clicking the Add Button

8. Expand the Person Address folder and select Address Line 1, Address Line 2, and City by clicking the Add button.

9. Click Next.

10. On the Create Analysis: Select Views page, enter Emp Info in the Title field.

11. Next to the Table field, click None to open the Table menu.

13. Use the default layout value of Table above Graph.
14. Select the Preview option.
15. After viewing the results, click Next.
16. On the Create Analysis: Edit Table page, click Country in the Columns region and move it to the bottom and click Next

17. On the Create Analysis: Sort and Filter page, click Add Sort and choose column Full Name and click Next

18. On the Create Highlights: click Next.
19. On the Create Analysis: Save page, Save In region, enter Employee Information in the Analysis Name field, enter a description, and then select My Folders.

20. Click Submit.
21. In the Confirmation window, click OK.
22. Expand My Folders to locate your analysis.
23. Select your report and click View.

24. Review your analysis.
This is how a typical report would look like in a composite wizard.

Jayashree Prakash


0 #1 BINAYAK BHATTACHARYYA 2015-05-28 07:00
Hi Jayashree,

Above all Lessions are basic OTBI stuff. Can you please explain about Cross/Hybrid - Subject area joining and related activities. I have idea about Cross Subject area joining and working with multiple subject areas but need some more info to explore.

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Jayashree Prakash

Jayashree Prakash

Jayashree is a Oracle Fusion HCM certified consultant who has over fifteen years' experience with Oracle. She has worked as a consultant with several of Alberta's energy companies. She lives in Edmonton and her interests include staying active in the warmer months and vacationing in the Caribbean in the winter

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